Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 15)

Twinkle opens her eyes. She finds herself in the hospital bed. There was no one except the nurse in the room. As soon as twinkle regained her consciousness the nurse called kunj. He came inside running. He hugged twinkle passionately. But twinkle didn’t hug him back.. she was still in a great shock. She released herself from his arms. Kunj leaves her , he helds her face and then tells her… “ twinkle are u okay?? U know i was so worried when i saw u in that state..i know twinkle i have greatly wronged u but trust me………..
The dr. comes and tells nothing to worry it was just a fall in pressure..she is fine.
Kunj bring home twinkle. He brings her to the room and makes her lie on bed. Twinkle looks at kunj.
K: u take rest .. i will bring soup for u..
Twinkle is thinking something. Kunj comes with the soup. He makes her eat that. Twinkle looks on.
K: what happened??
Twinkle moves her eyes from him.
Kunj keeps the bowl and holds her hand…
K: twinkle i know that u r very angry wid me and u should can i do such a thing.. i mean i don’t understand…………………………….
Twinkle doesn’t listen to him…

T: kunj…..
K: yes..
T: do u remember y we got married??
K: yeah..
T: for what?
K: for our mother’s sake..
T: good that u remember…and i thought u might have forgotten…
K: i don’t get it y are u asking such thing??
T: kunj all these days after our marriage i thought that we are friends at least … if not an idle couple…then i thought we might overcome our past bt..
K: what are u telling twinkle??
T: kunj plzzz let me speak today…u r a very nice guy, a responsible husband..u do all ur duties..and may be u ll do this for the rest of ur life.. bt tashan-e- marriage can’t stay for long. Where there is no relation of love..that bond can’t stay. I was only foolish that i thought even our marriage can be how can i be so selfish?? U also have a life…kunj we have never loved each other..instead we hated each now that we are friends i have a demand….wil u fulfil it??
K: twinkle i don’t know what u r telling..all these are past and now i really…..
T: kunj plzz answer me first will u keep my request…??
K: u know that i can do anything for u….tell
T: (smiles) not now..i will tell u later. ( in her mind “ kunj now everything will be sorted don’t worry”)

Kunj wonders what is twinkle thinking…
Later that day:
Kunj is in the garden..walking and thinking something..maya arrives.
K: maya …u here??
M: kunj actually….
Twinkle comes and says “ i have called her”
K: u…y did u come down??
T: relax, m fine…….
M: bt y did u call me??
T: i ll tell..first you come inside..
They all get inside….
T: maya…..kunj…u need to do smthng which m telling u..
M: yeah sure what??
T: kunj u promised to keep my request…
K: yeah i remember..
T: Okay then…kunj i want u to marry Maya!!
Kunj and maya together: WHAT???/????????
T: Relax…
K: twinkle have u gone mad??
T: no kunj m perfectly fine..nd u can’t break the promise..
M: but twinkle we decided to abort the child…
T: no maya..thats a crime..and i don’t want to kill sme innocent life….
Kunj gets angry..

K: twinkle u come with me..u have gone crazy..maya i’ll talk to u later ..
M: yeah..
Kunj holds twinkle’s hand and starts leaving….
T: leave me kunj…( she leaves her hand with a jerk) kunj what ever u had to do..u had done now its my time..( he voice was loud and firm)
Kunj is surprised to see twinkle like that..
T: u have no more right on me…
She comes to maya …takes her hand and puts it on kunj’s hand.
T: now its time that u two be together..u r childhood friends and m sure u ll make a better couple…
She leaves by running..
Maya and kunj stands there…

PRECAP: twinkle comes to her room and cries bitterly…kunj comes behind her. He is even sad to look her like that….

Thank u so much guys..for u support. And sorry that i acted stupid..but i was very sad. But a big thanks to all of u specially “ esha”..thanks for consoling u.. others like simi, aakanksha, sudha di, thanks a lot for taking my stand…love u all..and all others who commented..thank u guys thank u so much..i won’t end my ff as long as u all keep showering ur love…thanks once again. The next epi will be posted on Sunday…

Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 15)


Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 15)


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