Sarojini 13th February 2016 –

Sarojini 13th February 2016 –

Sarojini 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini praying tulsi plant to either show her a way or take her life and starts hitting her head on pot. A news paper cutout falls down. She picks it and is shocked to see Munna’s news in it. She thanks god and takes out phone to call when Munna comes and snatches phone and breaks it. He says she would have known by now that her husband will be hanged soon and he is Munna and not Soumendra. She cries thinking how her Soumendra is.

Jailer says Soumendra that he has only 2 days left and can describe his last wish. He says he wants to be hanged in Pratapgarh. Jailer says it cannot be. Somendra says if he tries, it can happen. Jailer says he will fix his wish on board and see how good his fate is.

Sarojini fixes camera on Munna’s dog’s neck band and thinks she will give the recording to police and save Soumendra.

Nirjhara tells family she does not know how to perform basant panchami pooja without Sarojini. Tarika says she will speak to Soumendra. Munna enters and shouts no need to pamper servants and says Sarojini to go and work in neighbor’s house an get money for pooja. Dadaji says she is working at home already. Sarojini accepts his condition.

Sarojini and Indira prepare garlands for pooja. Samar comes to help them. Nirjhara says he has changed a lot. Indira says yes and once soumendra gets well, she will leave with Samar to his home.

Sarojini calls inspector and informs everything. He asks her to keep an eye on Munna till he brings Soumendra to Pratapgarh. Munna comes and slaps her and shouts how dare she is to call police. She forgot that he is more intelligent than her. His men already killed inspector and blamed murder on Soumendra.

Jailer throws soumendra behind bars and shouts how dare he is to kill inspector, he will be hanged anyways in 2 days. Soumendra pleads that he did not do anything and then thinks he will elope somehow.

Sarojini thinks she has to reach police at any cost with recording. She goes near Soumendra’s room and sees Tarika talking to Munna and laughing and realized that Tarika is the master planner. She throws biscuit in front of dog. Dog follows her. She triesto remove camera from dog belt when Munna and Tarika come.

Precap: Pandit performs pooja. Tarika tells Sarojini that Soumendra will be hanged tomorrow morning. Sarojini holding camera thinks she will prove Soumendra’s innocence now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Sarojini 13th February 2016 –


Sarojini 13th February 2016 –

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