Mere Angne Mein 13th February 2016 –

Mere Angne Mein 13th February 2016 –

Mere Angne Mein 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with tula daan going on. Riya gives money to Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks her to see Shanti’s magic. Sarla thinks Dadda ji did not give anything to me till now. Pari calls Sarla and asks her to come. Sarla says I can’t come, I did not get anything. She says I will come seeing right chance, and ends call. Pandit says all the things are equal to Raghav’s weight now, now this tula daan is completed. Dadda ji asks Shanti to come, he has to tell something very important. She goes with him.

Dadda ji says I heard what happened with Preeti, people will say something, its not small thing, people take fun from such topics. No need to give me explanation, I understand, I have done tula daan, see Raghav, he is bearing all this, Preeti should have everything as per her wish, this is rice from the puja I did with my wife, tell Preeti keep this rice under the tree, its auspicious day today, just tell her that no one should stop her when she goes to keep the rice.

Mama waits for Preeti outside that big bungalow. Sharmili calls him and asks him to be there and find Preeti. Mama stays there and gets bored. Dadda ji blesses everyone and is leaving. Kaushalya asks him to say greetings to Tai ji. Riya greets Dadda ji and says I know I did mistake, I m sorry, forgive me. He says such person is forgiven who apologizes by heart, you have hurt Raghav, you want to become like Shanti and rule here, you want to force your decision on others, tell me our time thinking is wrong. He says I know you will do same mistake again, why to forgive then, I m not happy with you.
He tells Sarla that Rani is better than Riya. He calls Riya a zero, and tells Shanti that Riya should have change in her. Sarla gets glad that Dadda ji is praising Rani and asks for blessings. She asks for nek. Dadda ji smiles and says you are very naughty, your habit to make story did not go. He leaves from there.

Sarla says Rani I will keep this earrings, I have right on it. Shanti asks Sarla not to do anything, I m here to see things, sit quiet, let Preeti go. Nimmi goes to Kaushalya and asks where did Dadi send Preeti. Kaushalya says I don’t know, why are you asking me, go and ask Shanti. She asks whats cooking here. Kaushalya says clean the things, go and do your work. Nimmi asks her whats going on and stops her. Kaushalya tells Shanti that Nimmi is troubling her. Nimmi says you are scaring me by Dadi’s name, I will ask Dadi.

Shanti comes to room and prays, while Riya is counting money. Riya thanks her. Shanti says I don’t want your thanks. Shanti says when I managed home, I used to ask everyone about expenses, they had problem, but when are asking, they have no problem. Riya says don’t know. Shanti scolds her for creating problem n Raghav’s tula daan, if you do this again, don’t know what I will do.

Preeti keeps the rice in the temple soil and prays. Mama says I don’t think I will find that girl now and leaves from that bungalow. Sarla asks Rani to get food parcels for home. Pari calls Sarla and asks her to do something, Sharmili should not know Preeti is my sister. Sarla says its okay, if Sharmilu knows this, I will do something to fix Preeti and Vyom’s marriage. Rani asks Sarla does she need any help. Sarla asks her idea to kick her out of home. Rani goes to get food. Mama sees Preeti going in rickshaw and follows her. Mama tells Sharmili that he has seen Preeti is market, and asks her to come soon. Sharmili asks Vyom to come with her, and they leave. Pari looks on and worries, thinking if she reaches there, don’t know what will she do. She goes to see. Sharmili and Vyom leave from home. Pari takes rickshaw to follow them. Mama meets Sharmili and asks her to leave car, the lane is short. Pari thinks did Sharmili go to Shanti Sadan and worries.

Preeti reaches home. Sharmili and Mama come there and see Preeti. Sharmili says Ae ladki… Nimmi gets angry on them and asks did they come here also. Preeti gets scared. Sarla gets shocked seeing Sharmili. Nimmi says this woman is mad, get lost, she always follows Preeti, we should beat her. Sarla says calm down Nimmi. Sharmili and Mama see Sarla. Sarla asks how did they come here. Sarla says Sharmili is Pari’s mum in law and asks Nimmi to stop it. Kaushalya says sorry, Nimmi does not know you, come inside.

Kaushalya asks Nimmi to apologize. Nimmi asks why. Sarla scolds her and asks her to apologize. Sharmili and Mama look at Preeti. Sarla says Preeti is elder sister of Nimmi, she is very beautiful and opposite of Nimmi. Preeti is like Gau, she does what we say. She asks Nimmi to say sorry. Nimmi gets angry and says no. Sarla says see, I want to fix Preeti’s marriage with Pari’s brother in law. Its Lord’s leela that they have come here, control Nimmi. Kaushalya says both sisters are opposite, and asks Nimmi to say sorry. She pinches Nimmi and makes her apologize. Kaushalya takes Nimmi. Sarla praises Preeti and asks Preeti to impress Sharmili, you will be happy with Vyom, they are rich people, your fate will change, come, smile.

Sarla tries to show good image of Preeti. Kaushalya wishes this proposal gets fixed. Nimmi says listen to me, that woman is very sharp. Kaushalya says Sarla has got this proposal, Preeti will be happy with Vyom. Riya asks did you see the guy. Kaushalya says yes, I went to their home, Pari also told her brother in law is good. Riya asks whats the problem then. Nimmi says problem is Bua got the relation, she is selfish, she will have some motive in this. Kaushalya says Sarla did not bring this proposal for Sonal. Nimmi says there is some big plan of her. Sarla says what can it be. Kaushalya asks her to be quiet. Nimmi says you are Buddu and does not understand anything. Kaushalya asks her to be in limits.

Sharmili tells Sarla that we will go, I did not know Preeti is your brother’s daughter. Sarla says yes, she is my niece. Raghav comes there and looks at them. Sharmili greets him and he signs Kaushalya asking about them. Kaushalya says they are our Samdhan, she is Sharmili ji, Pari’s mum in law. Raghav greets Sharmili. Kaushalya says Preeti’s proposal with Sharmili’s younger son is going on, they came to see Preeti. Sharmili says we will leave. Raghav says you came for first time, give us chance to treat you well. Shanti thinks why is Sharmili running if she came to see Preeti. Shanti asks Sarla to come with her.

Pari calls Mama and asks where are they. Mama says we are away, tell me if any girl come to meet me, I will come in 5mins. Sharmili stares at Mama. Raghav looks at them. Shanti asks Sarla why is Sharmili leaving so soon. Sarla says whatever I do is in Sarla style, you just pray Preeti married in that house. Shanti says yes, what are you trying to do. Sarla says I have showed Preeti from far, I did not say Preeti and Pari are sisters, sometimes Sharmili does not like Pari, they will not like two sisters to become two bahus in their house and confuses Shanti. Shanti tells her not to repeat Shivam and Amit’s marriage issue. Sarla says nothing like this will happen, but you just pray that Preeti gets married there. Shanti warns her. Sarla asks don’t you trust me. Shanti says no. Sarla asks for some money to fix Preeti’s marriage.

Shivam and Nandu come home. Shivam sees Sharmili and Mama. Nandu looks at Preeti. Pari calls Sarla and asks whats happenings, relation will break is they know Preeti is my sister, what to do now. Sarla asks are you following Sharmili, don’t come here, when Sharmili says she will choose Preeti, then refuse to her. Pari says understood and ends call. Sharmili says we will leave now. Sarla says yes, you go. Mama asks why are you in hurry, we will have some sweets. Raghav asks them to have some snacks. He asks Sarla to give them sweets. Sarla thinks Raghav is making them stay more, something wrong can happen. Sarla says its special sweets and feeds Sharmili. Raghav wishes Preeti’s proposal gets fixed. Raghav asks what does the guy do.

Kaushalya tells Raghav that Preeti’s doings can create hurdle. Raghav says no, I told Sarla to tell the truth to them, else you tell them.

Update Credit to: Amena

Mere Angne Mein 13th February 2016 –


Mere Angne Mein 13th February 2016 –

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