She and Her Kidnapper (4)

She and Her Kidnapper (4)

:-( he is having breakfast without ME !!! :'( how cruel he!!! literally tears formed in my eyes coz I was in love with foods. I grabbed the sandwich from his mouth and pushed it in mouth.I sat next to him.


I heard him saying. I don’t know what was his expression. I wasn’t that state to watch his I only care about my stomach. I put another sandwich in my mouth but he grabbed it from me

“this is my breakfast” he put it in his mouth.didn’t he know that I am in his home. so he should serve me food.

“I am hungry. ..I want my breakfast” I yelled

“make for ur own. I ain’t making for u” he is so mean.

“I don’t know cooking” I felt bad..I never felt bad when I say I don’t know cooking. in fact I was proud of I am feeling bad coz my kidnapper know how to make sandwich and I don’t know :( he will make fun of me.

he smirked at me.beautiful smirk I have ever why I am finding everything beautiful related to him when he is such a monster.

“so sad of u..if u can’t make then stU hungry” he took his breakfast and juice and went to living room.

WHAT THE….this is how someone treats their kidnapped girl..he is really a monster. I kicked the kitchen door.

“ouch!!! I screamed in pain..his door is also like him.

“don’t break the things..if u break anything I will give u punishment” he shouted from living room.

punishment. foot…he is punishing me without giving food and saying he will punish.I went to living room. he was watching tv while having breakfast. I sat beside him.

I extend my hand to take sandwich. but he took the kidnapper.

“pweees” I made a pout

“okey. .” I was like I got a big chocolate bar..he continued “but in one condition” this word made me sad.

“what condition, kid… (I bit my tongue) I mean SIR..”

“u will wash the dishes” he furrowed his eyebrows

why r u doing this with me kidnapper? ?? did u brought me to make ur maid. :(

“I can’t do this” I denied

“okey then stay hungry” he continued his eating

I looked at him.he was busy with his sandwich, my love. .

“okey. .I will do the dishes” I said frustrated

he gave me a smile then handover me the plate.I ate like a monkey.

“clean the sofa too” he ordered and went to kitchen.

as I finished my breakfast I went to kitchen.I put the utensils in sink.I washed all utensils. he was making lunch.why he is making lunch so is only 10’O clock…

I was tired.I sat on the counter.he put a glass of juice in front of me.I wanted to drink that but I didn’t touch it.if I drink this he will make me do some other work.

“drink the juice. .u must be tired” listening him I grabbed the glass and drank it in one.

“don’t u feel cold now?” he asked with a smirk on his face

“what” why I feel cold

“u r not ‘wearing’ ur duvet” he air quoted the word wearing

my eyes popped out.when did I let go off my Minnie? ?yeah I remember when I rushed to snatch his sandwich I let my Minnie in living room. I jumped from my seat to run for my Minnie.

“I already saw u in this clothes. now what’s the need of covering it” he gave a victorious smile.

so… understood why I was wrapping my Minnie around me :( RIP Zahra

he come close to back hit the counter as I moved back.

“u was with me the whole night ” he was saying like he did something to no..he is swt..he can’t do anything. .

‘he is ur kidnapper and look at u, u r beautiful any1 will wants u to be with them’ my mind was playing with me.I slapped on my head.

NOOO I screamed. it come out.he turned to me with what-on-earth-is-this look.I shook my shoulder and went to living room. I took my Minnie from floor..

“I am soo sorry Minnie” I placed her on sofa..

“crazy woman u r talking to ur duvet as if it is listening to u” he made joke of me

“my minnie can hear me” who the hell is he to talk about my minnie?

“Minnie? ”

“yeah my duvet”

he laughed at me and said crazy woman..why he is always calls me crazy woman? ?? monster kidnapper.


that mad girl snatched my breakfast from me!! how can I let her to have my breakfast. I snatched it from her and told her to make her own..poor crazy woman sge don’t know how to make sandwich. I told her if she want to eat then she should wash dishes. finally she agreed..she washed all dishes after breakfast. I made lunch for us and for rabeeh..he will wait for my handmade lunch.

I looked at her.she wasn’t wrapping her duvet around her.maybe she forgot in hungry.

I asked her “don’t u feel cold now”
“what” she was like what this man is talking about

“u r not wearing ur duvet” I air quoted the word wearing. she looked pale as I saw her in shorts. she was looking modern.then why she feeling shy in wearing shorts in front of me??

she was about to run for her duvet. .I stepped close to her and told that she was witg me whole I think she over thinked about my sentence.

when I came to living room for taking my phone she was talking to her duvet!!!! whom earth on talk to their duvet..only this crazy girl can do this..and she named her duvet as Minnie. .very funny.I will die out of laughing. .

I filled the Tiffin box .now I have to take shower and get ready.

“come with me” I grabbed her hand anf went to my room. I locked the bedroom door.her face was like a rat who caught by a cat.I am enjoying this..

“stay here..I will be back after taking shower” I told her and went to take shower.

when he take me to his room, the same room where I slept last night I was afraid. ..I thought he will do something to me.but he didn’t :-) ? he went to take shower.

one Idea popped in my mind..I started searching for his phone. my eyes stuck on a box.I opened it.there was an iPhone six plus! !!! now I am sure he is he didn’t came to steal my anklet.he came for some other reason. .reminding anklet I looked at my ankle…still, my anklet was there.he didn’t take it even I was with him the whole night.

I took the phone from the box and dialled my dad’s number.

“there is no sim card in thar iPhone” a sharp voice hited my ear.I looked at him.his hair was wet.he was wearing only a bath towel.his well developed muscles. .everything give him a s*xy look.I stared at him without blinking my eyes.

he came near me..his mint breath hit my nose..I was like I am losing my control. he took the phone from me and put it in back.

“this iPhone is for someone. . I am warn u crazy woman don’t touch my things”

I was still staring me.he came near me.only an inch gap is between us bt I didn’t move from my place.he leaned to my face level…


To be continued….

wait for more craziness. .

signing off urs crazy writer Ruby. .

anu, lachu, hayu, richu, jwalu, nive, vivi, devu, roma, rose, zayn,
sindu, faikutty. love u tooooo ?

hey my malayalies…(ellarum pedum keto) thnx for liking my story buddies. .

ameena deary thnx for ur comment dear..

She and Her Kidnapper (4)


She and Her Kidnapper (4)

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