Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 19

Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 19

Episode begins with Arjun n Radhika leaving auditorium.
Arjun: I will drop you even Neil is not their, so u have to go alone, it’s better if you accompany me..!!
Radhika was little shy but didn’t have any objection going with Arjun. She nodded acting hesitation. Both walked towards parking area but stopped suddenly recalling something.
Arjun: u please wait here,I will be back in few minutes..!! He left n called Akhil, he lifted.
Akhil: haa Aruu..!! He is with pooja.
Arjun: Arey yaar..!! I’m going out with Radhika..!! I mean I need to drop her.
Akhil: good..!! Go..!!
Arjun: I had car… please take my car n give ur bike…!!
Akhil: no…!! Even we planned a romantic drive.
Arjun: please yaar…!! Please… ur love story had a green signal, mere love story is still at Orange light..plz..!! Pooja hearing the conversation.
Pooja: accept naa Akku..!! For love, please…!!
Akhil: Okay..!! I will keep the keys on car, will going replace the keys with car okay..???
Arjun: thank you bhabi…!! Okay Bhai…!!
Akhil: wait for 15 mins..!! Both ended the calls.

Neil n Sam on bike riding here n there. They didn’t speak much, but enjoyed the ride silently. It’s afternoon, both are hungry. They stopped at big shopping mall. Both choose table in corner n sat looking at menu card, it’s food court actually. She chooses some stuff n Neil stood up to bring them. He was leaving when collided with a girl.
Neil: I’m sorry… I got lost in ur beauty. She stared him sharply.
Girl: it’s okay… he walked to food counter, that girl stared him until he left. She smiled seeing him.
He took the tray n walked to table. Sam thinking “what happen Sam..?? Y r u spending so much time with him, n even enjoying his company. Wait wait… u went to meet Arjun n ended up with him. What’s going on ..?? He’s having something which is bothering me..!!”
Neil: here is ur food..!! Have it.
Sam: ohh..!! Thank you. Both enjoyed food n laughed cracking jokes on each other. Both coming out of mall when chota bheem n chutki interrupted,I mean cartoons. They were dancing n cheering kids, they stopped Sam n pulled her to dance. She danced with them happily like kids. She became kid among kids dancing, swinging, twirling, laughing n enjoying. Here, Neil stood in corner staring Sam. He is smiling continuously seeing her happiness. He loved to see her. His stare was distributed when chutki danced between them covering her from his eyes. He moved here n there to see her but now his thoughts interrupted him.
Neil to himself: Arey yaar..!! Kya kariyu tum..?? What’s the Neil..!! Y r u so desperate to stare her. I flirt many but didn’t felt strange with this girl. Is she special..??(just then i love you song from bodyguard plays…) He sees Sam dancing with bheem n thinks ” is it that So called love…!! No no…!! It’s impossible Neil can never fall in love, chal.. let me avoid her from next time onwards”.
Neil n Sam finally say bye to cartoons n leaves. Both are thinking about each other while riding but didn’t express it.

Arjun replace the keys n unlock the bike beside car. Radhika stares bike shockingly because she thought car.
Radhika: on bike..???
Arjun: y u won’t accompany if it’s bike..?? She convinced herself as it is Arjun only, her better half.
Radhika: no no problem.. bcuz it’s u only naa..!! She bit her tongue, as she said her thought. Arjun heard it n smiled happily internally but ignored out for Radhika. Radhika saw him unaffected n gave a sigh of relief. She sat back with little distance.
Arjun: I doesn’t have any skin disease, u can hold me..!! She hesitatingly held his shoulder, he can feel it. Both rid through college roads, slowly Radhika’s hesitation turns to comfort n she holds him freely now. Arjun is thinking an idea to spend some time with her, he thinking about excuse but, he didn’t find any. Radhika thinking the same, how to make excuse, what if he thinks I excuse purposefUlly.Just then his bike stops with jerk, both look at each other.(God: it’s like I have seen this in every movie, so routine)
Arjun in mind “how can it stop suddenly, oh no petrol down, what if she thinks that I did this purposefully.offo.. what to do now.??” Both got down.
Radhika in mind ” I think God heard me n done it purposefully, Ohhh..!! I’m feeling lucky”.(God: nope,I didn’t heard any, now a days girls r getting fast than boys)
Arjun: SORRY…I didn’t check petrol..!! Radhu nodded in okay manner. Arjun took his phone angrily n dailed Akhil walking few steps away from Radhika.
Arjun: Arey yaar..!! Petrol went down raa.. u didn’t check it.?
Akhil: I checked it that’s why it went low..!! Laughing.
Arjun: what..?? I didn’t get you..??
Akhil: I removed few petrol from tank that’s why it took 15 mins..!! Still laughing.
Arjun: it’s not right Akhil, u planned revenge for asking ur bike..!! He said innocently.
Akhil: Ohio Bhai..!! I didn’t took revenge instead I helped you,turn right n walk few steps there,u can see a restaurant,now end the call n enjoy lunch with her,I will come with petrol in 1 hr..(God: waah..!! What a Frd..!! I wish I could one such)
Arjun: what….so it’s preplanned.??before he could speak anymore Akhil ended the call n smiled at Arjun’s innocence. Arjun smiled n walked to Radhika.
Arjun: Radhika, I informed Akhil n it’s already afternoon shall we have some lunch, I’m hungry..!!
Radhika: but sir, it seems it’s a deserted place..??
Arjun: no…!! Their is restaurant few steps ahead, we will have lunch there..?? He said with little excitement.
Radhika: how u know..?? She shooted it with confusion.
Arjun: I’m familiar with this route, so I know.. he covered.. Both walked to a new by restaurant. As soon as they entered, waiter directed them to a reserved table. Radhika saw reserved board on table..
Radhika: reserved table for us..??
Arjun to himself: Ehhh..!! This Akhil completely booking me infront of Radhika. What to say now..?? Instead he gave a “I DON’T KNOW” look. Arjun called waiter, he arrived.
Waiter: ur order is arriving sir..!! He said politely.
Arjun: we didn’t order yet..!! He exclaimed.
Waiter: SORRY sir..!! U r order has been placed 30 mins, back. He left leaving them in confusion, Arjun understood it’s Akhil work n turned his gaze to Radhika, who questioned raising her eyebrows. Arjun decided to smash Akhil n excuses leaving to washroom. He took his phone n dailed Akhil.
Arjun: u know what you have done..??He literally shouted, others stared him awkwardly n he calmed himself seeing others.
Akhil: what happen Bhai…?? Sounding cool.
Arjun: u booking table before we reached n even ordered 30 mins before we enter here, n does it sound coincidence..?? N what about radhika, what she will think.? She will think that I did purposefully for her.
Akhil: cool Bhai…!! Let her think that only..??
Arjun: what..?? What the…. Akhil cuts him off.
Akhil: what she will think..!! She doesn’t know that you know her so,She thinks that you made this for radhika n not for ur jaan.!! So now, she will get frustrated n will spell her beans… so, now u got it..right..??
Arjun: wow…!! Ur really love guru, god of my life. (God: what about me then.??) He happily walked towards table.

Radhika to herself: did you he done it purposefully..?? It’s impossible to be coincidence, bike stopping at restaurant, reserved table, lunch already ordered. Seems he planned it before.?? Wow…. I’m feeling lucky,so sweet of my dear Arjun sir..!! Wait wait.. he did this for me not for his radhika. He loved me n now after another girl..!! She hits table with frustration. She behaved normal seeing Arjun arriving. He watched her with curiosity, somewhere a corner he can feel her frustration. Lunch arrived n he started enjoying lunch, cracking jokes, he maintained some closeness with her, which annoyed radhika alot. She gave a fake laugh at his jokes but fumes internally. She made excuse n left.

She dailed Arjun from private number. His phone displayed it n he smiled looking at washroom door n lifted.
Radhika: hello…
Arjun: hy jaan, how r u.??
Radhika: where are you..??
Arjun: having lunch at restaurant..
Radhika: with whom..??
Arjun: with radhika.. I was dropping her at her home, bike break down,so…
Radhika: how can bike break down at restaurant exactly n reserved table, already ordered lunch, all these are coincidence, do you think I will believe you, u…. He cuts off
Arjun: wait wait..!! I said only bike,how do know all these… She bits her tongue, he smirked…. means you are seeing me, around here, wait, don’t end call, I will find u, be on the line…. She ended call being tensed n then hits her head realising she is in washroom n he can’t enter. He looked him seeing call ended, he felt like he wanna see her face right now. Both calmly walked out of restaurant.
Outside the restaurant both saw a board indicated oil bunk few steps ahead, Radhika looked at Arjun n he looked here n there to avoid her questioning eyes. Both walked their n filled the tank n continued their journey. He dropped her at her hostel. While leaving, both look at each other n leaves.

Sam is in thoughts in her room. She is thinking about Neil n their day.She smiled unknowingly, Ritvik who passing caught this. He observed her for few minutes n walked to her n sat infront her. She is not aware of this due her thoughts. He placed his hand under his chin n observed her smiling n smiled. He tapped her which made her come back to this world.
Sam: Bhai…. when did you came..??
Ritvik: when ur dreaming n smiling..
Sam blushed which pushed Ritvik into surprise.
Ritvik: Is this true..?? My sister is blushing..!!
Sam: Bhai….. nothing like that.
Ritvik: u said nothing so their is something.. tell me who is he…??
Sam: Vo…. no no… noone Bhai…!!
Ritvik: so u don’t want to share anything with ur Bhai, OkAy leave it, I’m going…!!
Sam: Bhai…!!(caught his hand) I don’t what exactly it is.. Ritvik smiled n sat beside her.
Sam: I loved his company a lot Bhai, I forgot the world in his presence, I felt pain when he is in pain, don’t know why I felt so.. I never felt it bhai.. tell me why..??
Ritvik: that’s called love… u know what dad said “u felt like he is enough to spend ur entire life, u feels pain seeing them in pain, u will feel restless until you are sure he is fine, that’s what love”… He said that he felt that after seeing mom. So, my dear lovely sister ur in love now tell me who he is..??
Sam(smiled): let me tell him first Bhai..!! Wow… I’m in love, come on we have to celebrate it tomorrow…
Ritvik: nope… I’m busy tomorrow…
Sam: what..?? Important than ur Sam… seems their is something going on (teasing) ritvik blushes recalling radhika…. Is it true..?? My Bhai too blushing..?? She imitated Ritvik. He hits her playfully n both hugs each other.

Sunday morning:
Radhika: Arey faltoos…. please get up naa,plzz… pulling his blanket n trying to wake him.
Neil: mrng mrng… what yaar…?? Let me sleep.still closing eyes.
Radhika: today is Sunday, u forgot our routine program..??
Neil lowered his bedsheet n with much difficulty opened his eyes. He smiled seeing radhika as usual every Sunday in white Saree with golden border. His eyelids immediately forced him to close,a splash water made his eyes open again. He is not surprised as even that is routine for him. He got up n walked to washroom. He got ready n both leaves.

Janki is in hurry getting ready. She is packing some stuff n shouted rushing to arjun’s room.
Janki: Aruu…. get up, we have to go out.
Arjun: please maa.. don’t torture me on Sunday,plzz..
Janki: Okay.. I think you will participate in Puja for my DIL.. it has to be performed by u only, if you don’t want to come,OkAy leave it… Arjun stormed to washroom pushing Janki hearing the word DIL.(daughter-in-law) Janki smiled. He got ready as his mom him to get ready in traditional wear blackmailing under the name of DIL. Both leave to temple.

Radhika n Neil reached temple. Radhika walked in some stuff in her hands n Neil rubbing his hands to maintain warm due to cold surroundings. It’s very early for that sun just started rising. They see pandit unlocking the temple doors.
Neil: see…. even God is sleeping.(God:(yawns)uff came.. even my mom leaves me on Sunday but this radhu didn’t let me sleep.. oh God.. save someone)
Radhika: chup… God won’t sleep, he will watching us.(God: how can you think like that..??what to watch when you are sleeping. I have to make this humans realize that even I sleep)
Both walked into the temple. Pandit who is familiar with them gave a pleasant mrng smile.
Pandit: Radhika beta, make circumambulations around temple n thentake 3 dips in pond n come, meanwhile I will clean here n start Puja. Radhika nodded n walked.
Neil: pandit ji…. what’s the use of circumambulations around temple..?? Their will be some benefit if we circumambulates around any girl naa…!!(God: u didn’t leave pandit also)
Pandit: hey bhagawan..!! Make this andh open his eyes..!!He left hitting his own head.

Arjun n Janki arrives there, Arjun goes to park bike n Janki goes inside. She observes radhika circumambulating n she looked beautiful in traditional Saree, she chanting some mantras under her breath closing her eyes. Janki while observing her walks to pandit n forwards her stuff. Pandit recognizes her as they are famous due to Raghav’s business.
Pandit: Namaste Mrs.Raghav..!! Who are you ..??
Janki: Namaste pandit ji, we are fine..!! Aap..?? Janki stares radhika while pandit observes this.
Pandit: she is Radhika, an orphan. To be frank, she is name sake orphan actually she has many loved ones. God gave her many relations n love which even we doesn’t get. She got a Frd,neil in her childhood,who himself was in depression but she changed him n his dad completely, she spread love n brought colors in their life, in return she got a family n love. She is made up of love, I pity on their parents who left her.
Janki heard everything with lot of interest n mutters “I wish I could have a daughter like her,great girl”.
Pandit: U know, she comes here every Sunday to thank god for saving her Shekar pa..!! Janki made a questioning face.
Pandit: Shekar is neil’s father, he met with a accident few years back then she came n prayed Lord to save him, god did, she comes to thank him..!! He left to pray.
Arjun walked to Janki while radhika walked towards pond, which is closed square box shape n opening in four different directions. She walked slowly into the praying god, Sun is rising at her back with his delicate golden rays, she bend down to take dip. Janki indicated him to take dips in water. Arjun nodded n walked towards pond struggling with his traditional dress. Radhika got up n again bends down for another dip. Arjun stepped into water n felt something strange, he felt it’s due to this cold. He fold his hands prays God n bends down to dip when radhika got up. She stood muttering, closing her eyes folding hands. Arjun too got up with closed. Both are standing face to face, folding hands. Both feels their presence n opens their eyes, n gets surprised seeing each other.
Radhika: Arjun sir…!! U…!? Here…??
Arjun: y..?? I shouldn’t come..??
Radhika: no sir..!! I was surprised to see,thats it,
Arjun:Okay…what are doing inside water, r u planning something against me… just then they hear Neil calling “Arjun…”.
He turns n sees Neil approaching n laughing.
Arjun: y r u laughing that much..??
Neil: nothing Arjun…!! I felt like ur posed with radhika, early morning, temple, this cool water. Whatever, where is Radhika..?? Arjun turns n sees radhika missing, he looks around.
Neil: whatever Arjun,let her marry, I will throw this responsibility on that fellow, he will bear her torture. Tell me, how can you both in this cold water..??
“Like this…!!” Said Radhika from his back n pushed Neil, he slips n ends up falling water.
Neil: awww… it’s cool Radhu, y did u push..?? Now see what I will do..?? He caught her hand n pulled her into water, she was about to fall but got hold of Arjun shoulder, Arjun looks into her eyes n she too stares him. There eye lock was distributed when water splashed on them. It’s Neil. She too splashes in reverse n both starts playing n involves Arjun too. Trio walks out after some time.

Arjun n Radhika sits on temple stairs where Neil walks towards pandit who is showing sky to a couple.
Pandit: there.. u can see arundhathi… visible slightly naa..
Couple: yaa..!! It’s visible. Neil looks in that direction n sees a flight going.
Neil: pandit ji…Is that arundhathi in that flight..?? Y isn’t she visible to me..??
That couple stared him from tip to toe n leaves.
Neil: y did they stare me like that ..??
Pandit: arundhathi is not girl,it’s star. He left after making disgusting face at Neil.

Arjun introduced Radhika to Janki n both spoke casually n Radhika took Janki’s blessing. While Arjun whispered “she is DIL” in Janki’s ears. Janki smiled brightly at this, she is happy for that n whispered “she is not DIL but daughter”. Arjun rolled his eyes at her comment n she left to talk with pandit.
Radhika thought for a while n smiled brightly thinking something.
Radhika: Arjun sir..!! I will ask u something, u shouldn’t lie bcuz ur in temple..okay..??
Arjun: seems something cooking in ur brain. Okay ask..??
Radhika: r u in love with someone now..???
Arjun: haa… yaa…!! Radhika face glowed which caught Arjun.
Radhika: who sir…??
Arjun: their… ek screw loose (God: he is curious to experience attack before marriage) she is literally mad, don’t how God made her(radhu fuming)(God: y is he digging his own pit.?) I think she is an alien in girl form (God: get ready for sandwich massage). Only god can save me from her.(God: now..!! Even I can’t do anything)
Radhika’s anger reached peek. She bursts out. She pushed him on to ground n leaned on him.
Radhika: what..?? I’m screw loose,mad, alien, torture n it’s difficult to bear me. Arjun smiled…
Radhika: y r u laughing when I’m serious, how can you talk about me like that..?? Haa..??
Arjun: U spelled u r beans..!! She closes her eyes biting her lower lip realized what she said
Radhika: so… u already know.looking into his eyes.
Arjun: yes, from 2 days back.
Radhika: so..!! U lied yesterday to annoy me..??
Arjun: yup..!! I literally loved it. Saying this, he slowly moves his hands towards waist trying to tighten his grip but she jerked it n left running. He stared her till she leaves.

How’s the episode..?? Waiting for ur comments.
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Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 19


Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 19

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