Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 9

Hi…. meeting after a long weekend…??
Guyz I wanna know whether you want me to continue the story in Season 2 …. If yes or no Comment! If ill get minimum 15 n maximum no extent..? I think of n let u know in last weekends I. e on 27 n 28. So comment, I’ll verify all comments from this episode till episode of 21st n decide…..
The episode is a bit weepy! Real Swasan n Swara fans wud cry a bit.. when Swara’s truth wud be out..☺
It’s a big suspense that with whom Swara will end up… Last episode I gave u a hint. ..Swara as Elena n Sanskaar as Stefan… think think think…….!
(After that incident Swara returns home. She thinks a lot n even calculates speed of human. She compared it with Cheetah’s speeds. …N all sorts of things. She didn’t sleep. So after all when all doors were closed our GOOGLE BABA opened a windows for our sweet Swara. She types fastest being on earth… But she finds almost options of animals..She even checked them..)
Swara: wat if like Laksh they also might be some animal… (But failed. Frustrated she lies on bed. She sees her book fallen on bed. She picks it n reads the last page. There were some sites. She went through all of them. Finally she typed Vampire in search box. She checked in. )
Swara: They can run fast… faster…fastest…, they survive on blood, n kill people….like they killed Kabir!!?? They r too beautiful coz no blood rotates in their body…They r too cold! N they have their lenses colours different… ( She thinks n recollects. She even sees vampire logo n realises that it was sane like that of on bracelet of Sanskaar… She recollects all suspicious memories. The day when she fell. When she hugged, his cold hands around her waist, talk wid the werewolves, changing lenses,etc…) (She removes the bracelet from cupboard n checks wid the vampire logo.)

Swara: Its so similar! that night he mumbled why u had went there n endangered.. coz he was there… He is a vampire….!?? NO!! How can he!? He is so gud! I cannot suspect him…. Even he can suspect my….
(She doent think about it much… Morning arises n she comes to college. Ragini, Sanskaar,Darcy n Eliza were seating in café. Swara comes there. She couldn’t talk wid Sanskaar as Nick came there. Reeds ‘ left. Nick goes to class n so does Swara. After the class Sanskaar comes to Swara.)
Swara: hi!
Sanskaar: hey… Christmas was nice…!? (Swara notices Laksh gazing at Sanskaar as if warning him. n Ragini n Reed looking fiery towards Laksh. Swara sees Sanskaar eyes to be red.!)
Swara : Why does ur eyes colors change!? Strange!!shall we go to locker room??
Sanskaar: really!? No not so… Let’s go(He makes faces but leaves wid her. Ragini leaves. D’Arcy goes to locker room… Darcy comes to locker room.)
Darcy: hi…. It’s Darcy Reed!
Swara: nice to meet u…. (He hands over a rose to her. Ragini shuts her eyes..)
Eliza: Rag!! Wat!?
Ragini: No!! Let’s go to locker room…. danger… ( They run to room. Swara remembers Kabir n that vampires killed him. N that she doubts Sanskaar being a vampire! She holds rose harder n her hand gets hurt… her hand starts bleeding. …D’Arcy n Sanskaar both can’t control….. Swara gazes at Sanskaar…. Sanskaar realise that she is Swara n tries to move Swara away.. Swara gets scared by Sanskaar’s gesture..)
Swra: Sanskaar!!!!It’s me Swara!!(Sanskaar ignored. .. Ragini n Eliza came… Ragini tried to move D’Arcy away n Eliza helped. Sanskaar sees all that n drags Swara out the room. Swara looks on at Sanskaar’s Vampire look…..Yes Sanskaar’s a vampire?!! Swara gets scared to learn same n runs away……. Sanskaar tries to explain n chases her. He drags her away tries to speak )
Sanskaar: Swara!! Listen, I’m sorry! ! I can explain! !! (But Swara ran off. She sits in a cab fo right. Sanskaar ran to her n sits inside from left. She turns to left n sees Sanskaar. She was about to open the door.)
Sanskaar: lock the doors!! (The driver locks it. She looks on.)
Swara: unlock it!! (The driver was about to but…)
Sanskaar: lock it!! I’m Reed! Dare if u unlock! (Swara looks helplessly. She looks outside the windows n cries by keeping hands on mouth. Sanskaar holds her hands but she removes it off.)
Swara : don’t try to come close!
Sanskaar: u will have to listen to me!
Swara: I won’t!! (Sanskaar comes closer to her. She turns n sees him near her. She forgot everything n he came more near about to kiss…)
Driver: we r here…
(Sanskaar wara realises n pushes him back. Driver unlocks n she runs. Sanskaar py n chases her. She goes to her home n locks herself in bathroom. She turns n sees Sanskaar in front of her.She screams but shuts her mouth. She was about to unlock the door when Sanskaar comes from back and holds her hand n her waist. She freezes. He makes her remember all their memories..)
Sanskaar: Swara remember our first meeting..!? I sang a song n u entered… then that bracelet..Our trip.. Our hug…. ( Swara wanted the time to be still but realises him being a vampire… She tries to get off but he held her tightly..)
Swara: Sanskaar leave me….. pls…. (She turns back n he came closer. He was about to kiss when she turned her face to side.) Pls leave me.!(She cries.) Pls leave me!! Please! PLEASE!!!I hate you… I’m afraid of u… I’m scared….PLS! (She realises Sanskaar had free her.)
Sankaar: (Sankaar cries…..) U hate me….scared of me….. my love is afraid of me…!! (Swara gets more scared after seeing blood rolling down his eyes. She shuts her eyes. Sanskaar pulls her near n in the shower….She gets wet,.)
Sanskaar: U hate me! Fine! Wipe off l my ur moments wid me n forget me forever…!
(She Opens eyes n was unable to see him… She searches but he had vanished. … She cries hard… her blood still bleeding front palm. …She runs out n lies on bed. She falls asleep….. After some time Sanskaar arrives n sees her fallen on bed wid hand bleeding.. It was unable for him to control his thirst for blood but tied cloth to her wound… bcoz he loved her.. A lot… He leaves after kissing her forehead..She wakes up..)
Swara : Sanskaar!!!! ( She felt his presence. But starts crying…. It was hard for her to believe…… Days pass but she ignored him n Reeds’ … Her behaviour changed…)
(She didn’t laugh, no sleep, no proper meals, all red eyes due to weeping, etc…..)
(One day she goes inside the woods. She walks n walks…. She wanted aloneness which she wud get in woods… Her foots stop… Blood runs cold…. She happens to see a woman.)
Woman: U r Swara right….
Swara: who are u…!?
Woman: ur boyfriend killed mine….
Swara: Sanskaar…!?
Woman: Yes. … He killed mine love… N I’m here to kill his…. (Swara gets scared.. The vampire heads to her… But suddenly falls off…… Sanskaar had pushed her. Swara looks on. )
Sanskaar: dare if u touch her Lizi!! ( Lizi gets up n makes a move n throws Sanskaar away… )
Swara: SANSKAAR! !!! (She shouts. She runs to him n before touching him Lizi throws her away.. Sanskaar gets up n makes a sudden move n drags Lizi away n hits her on rock… Steps one leg on her neck and tares her face apart…Swara closes her eyes… Sanskaar moves to Swara. Swara sees Lizi hands moving n about to throw a rod at Sanskaar.)
Swara: SANSKAAR!!!! ( he turns but gets hurt on hand.. He screams. Lizi dies.Swara moves to Sanskaar. She held his face n speaks.)
Swara: pls get up….!!Please.. I can’t see my saviour in this condition….
Sanskaar: I’m not ur saviour…. I put u in danger. .. I love u but u have to pay for it.. I’m sorry..
Swara: pls don’t be.. I. .. (Ragini interrupts ?. )
Ragini: Sanskaar!! Swara wat happened to him…!? (D’Arcy also follows her. They pick injured Sanskaar n take him away…Swara looks helplessly n cries)
Swara: I love you…… (She completes her sentences which was paused due to Ragini’s interruption.. She runs to church. She pleads Jesus.)
Swara: Pls God!! Please save him… ( a priest comes n sees her crying…)
Priest: Child y r u crying!?
Swara: my… He is injured… N I can’t help him.. He annoyed me once n we parted our ways…..
Preist:(he points @ an old man..)He is 60.. He is here to celebrate his wedding anniversary ..
Swara: where is his wife….
Priest: She is no more. .. She died due to bone cancer.. But her disease overcome by his love.. Their love is immortal…
Swara: can I meet him… I won’t hurt him..
Priest: Yes. .. N be happy….(Swara moves to that old man.)
Swara: hello, grandpa..
Grandpa: hello child… Do we know each other..!?
Swara: No. . But I learnt that it’s ur wedding anniversary.. happy anniversary…
Grandpa: thanku..
Swara: I think I don’t know u r pains…but I certainly knows hers…
Grandpa: We both r happy… She is miles away from me.. but still in my heart. . It’s said that it doesn’t matter if ur love is away..its only ur love for ur love which matters… but I realised that… It’s hard. we r humans! N purely need love to survive…. I need her…
Swara: I’m also suffering from a heartbreak… He kept me in dark…
Grandpa: But have u ever thought y he did so…!? U still love him… that’s y u were yelling… I heard u. …
Swara: that’s not only the reason… It’s also be coz I suffer……. I suffer…….. I’m lung cancer patient…?!! I’m on my first stage n wud die any time…. any where.. Doctor has no guarantee about my survival… N I don’t want him to know it…. It’s bitter….
Grandpa: have u ever thought wat wud he go through when he understands ur secret after u pass away.. will he love someone else.. his life wud be ruined.. So spend whatever lil time u have wid him…. Shower love on him… N the process wud b bearable… Go to him.. look at me.. I’m happy… He wud also be… (Swara smiles. )
Swara: thanks grandpa. . Bye… (She leaves. )
Swara: I need u Sanskaar … Pls come…. wherever u are…. I love u…… (Swara runs to her home then room. She shuts the door n turns. She sees Sanskaar there. She gets happy. Sanskaar didn’t look at her. She runs to him n hugs him tightly.. The most tight hug ever… )
Sanskaar: What’s this… (Swara gets confused n looks at Sanskaar)
Swara: wat..!?(he points at a board. She gets tensed. She gazes at him helplessly.)
Sanskaar: why have u written all ur wishes here…!?
Swara: Sanskaar…! Just for fun..
Sanskaar: FUN!!?Wat r u hiding….. (Swara doent look at him. She tries to hide her emotions. But ends up coughing hard n rushes to washroom. Sanskaar follows her… She coughs out blood. He notices…N gets shocked. Swara wipes her face n cries n collapses down. Sanskaar rushes to her.)
Swara: I’m sorry! I kept u in dark!! I’m sorry…
Sanskaar: wats wrong tell me…
Swara: I can’t tell u….. (She points at her study table. He rushes to the table n looks for files. He takes out the right one n reads…. He gets blank n emotion less…. She looks at him n rushes to him. )
Swara: Sanskaar. ..look at me… I’ve accepted the truth… pls accept it!!
Sanskaar: u have lung cancer!! (He starts crying. She sees blood rolling down. She gets scared but wipes it. She hugs him. He hugs her back… They both cry a lot…… After some time..)
Sanskaar: I’m sorry ..
Swara: For wat..!? Rather I shud be… I love you??
Sanskaar: U r doing a big mistake…… I’m a monster!
Swara: u might be… but for me u r more than my life..
Sanskaar: I can kill u…
Swara: I’m always ready…. But pls don’t separate me from my love..
Sanskaar: I’m a vampire. … Don’t luv me…
Swara: do u love me!!?
Sanskaar: From the day I’ve seen u.. u have stolen my heart….
Swara: then don’t love me… Coz I can die any time, anywhere…
Sanskaar: r u mad!? How can u expect me to do so… I love u.. N don’t care about ur weakness…… but only u….
Swara: So how can u expect me to do so…..!!?? N I’m sure…. I luv u the most.. more than u love me….
Sanskaar: u wud suffer in this relationship….
Swara: I normally suffer from 2 diseases… it wud be fun suffering in our relation….
Sanskaar: Why u love me so much!?
Swara: Bcoz u luv me so much!! Wud u like to spend ur life wid this diseased person!? (Sanskaar doesn’t reply… Swara gets angry n disheartened n leaves….)

Recap: Janki maa!!! Happy to be ur daughter! India or Forks!?


Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 9


Swaragini ( Twilight Diaries) Episode 9


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