KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 15)

KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 15)

Everyone were near a big fountain. Manik was joking and imitating Nandini and her silly actions. Nandini enters and all try to signal him.

Manik : And yesterday guys when she was drunk. (Cabir signals him to look back)

Nandini stood there with her hands crossed and her eyes almost bulging out in anger.

Nandini : So you were telling something ?

Manik : Nothing !

Nandini : Fine then. But I wish to show you something.

Manik : What ?

Nandini : I will do it.

She stamps on his foot very hard.

Manik : Ouch.

Everyone laugh including Nandini. “Beware Mr Malhotra ! Next time it could be me wearing girls biggest weapon the heels.”

Manik : No courtesy to say sorry ?

Nandini leaves. Manik goes behind him. He takes her to a corner.

Manik : Tell me ..

Nandini : What ?

Manik : Sorry ! Apologise.

Nandini : No way.
She frees herself from his hands.

Loud music, Great drinks and a big crowd that’s what makes a party successful. And fab five had it all. Nandini and Aryaman were dancing and grooving to the latest music. Manik stared at them with jealousy.

Cabir pats on his shoulder.
Cabir : Drink ?

Manik : No bro. Not today.

Cabir : Okay ! So tell me. When will you tell her ?

Manik : Tell whom ?

Cabir : Nandini. You love her right ?

Manik : Are you crazy ! How can you say that. I have to first figure out everything related to my past. Then only I will have time think about these stupid emotions.

Nandini tells Aryaman “Today I feel like drinking. Will you join me ?”

Aryaman : Are you sure?

Nandini : Yes !

Aryaman : I ll get you one.

Nandini drinks till she loses her balance. She goes to a room and Aryaman continues his dancing.

Manik follows her.

Nandini : What are you doing here ? *hiccup* Stalking me ? *hiccup*
Oh no these hiccups *hiccup*

Manik : You want me to help you with it to get rid of it ?

Nandini : *hiccup* yes

Manik : I m sorry.

Nandini stopped hiccupping.
Nandini : You said sorry ?

Manik : See now your hiccups are over ! Now here’s my order. Go on the stage and say me sorry publicly. This way we will get even with each other without any favours.

Nandini : Okay.

She plays with his cheeks. Manik gives him his angry look. Nandini rushes to the stage.

Nandini : Sorry guys ! I stopped the music. I wish to apologise.

All gossip
Nandini : So Today Nandini Murthy wants to apologise ..(pause) Whom should I apologise ?
She sees Manik.

There is the worlds most arrogant and useless fellow Manik Malhotra.

Manik realises she was drunk. “I have to stop her !”

Manik climbs on the stage.

Manik whispers in her ears.
“Apologise me!”

Nandini (to Manik) : But why ? Nandini Murthy does not apologise for others mistakes.
So guys I was telling he is so arrogant and weird too.

Manik holds his shoulders and takes her with him to the room

Nandini : Manik . You don’t look at me like this. And you look so hot today. Black suits you. I swear I have never seen a guy as handsome as you.

Manik couldn’t believe his ears. “Nandini Murthy just called me hot. So unbelievable.”

Suddenly they hear loud noise coming from downstairs. They are terrified to see Pirates had attacked the party.

Manik escapes from the back door. He rushes with Nandini towards the beach. They run as fast as they could to save themselves. They see a ship approaching. Manik waves his hands. The captain sees them and turns the shop towards them after some twenty minutes the ship reaches the shore. Manik explains to rhe captain how the pirates attacked their party. “We have to rush . Before they trace us. It can be dangerous for you both !” said the captain in a tensed tone.

Manik (to captain) : Where is this ship going ?

Captain : Malaysia.

Precap : Nandini wakes up and has a strong hangover. She panics as she gets tensed about everyone else. Manik consoles her.
Valentines special ! Manan in Malaysia.

A little too filmy ?
Guys are you all happy with this ff? I have seen the response going down drastically. I really don’t know if I should continue this ? ….?

KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 15)


KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 15)

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