Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 3


RECAP: sherdha meet a sumer’s wedding.sher flirts with shraddha but she ignores.sher follows her and forcefully kisses her and gets a slap.he vows to ake revenge.



shraddha:i was only protecting myself sher….then why do u want to punish me so badly?


shraddha comes down and sees sher talking with her family members
sher:lets leave sunehri
sunehri hugs shraddha.shraddha is still scared and is disgusted when sher winks at her
shraddha sees sumer and hugs him
sumer:shraddha?r u ok?
shraddha:yes bhiyya….i am fine
sumer:then plz tell me
he whispers:is my room ready
shraddha teases him:eager bro
he pulls her nise and she takes gajra to room.sumer enters room and lights off!!!!!

shraddha is restless in her room thinking about sher
shraddha:that anger in his eyes.that ego on his face.that proud in him….oh God plz protect me………
just then her phone rings….
sher:hi baby…
shraddha:who teh hell is this??
sher:the once who tasted ur lips.
shraddha:how dare u call me u bastard
sher:hey….calm down…and shut up….i told u before not to hurt my ego but u….u r again doing the same mistake…i am ending call u check ur mobile…
shraddha receives an mms and is shocked….

mms shows the open blouse of shraddha’s lehnga exposing her whole back and then she trying to tie it.
shraddha is numb.
sher calls again
sher:did u like it?
shraddha stays silent

angry scary and feary emotions are killing her from inside
sher:u must be thinking how did these come to me…let me tell u….when u went to set ur bro’s room i saw ur blouse is open.i thought to help.i followed u.actually ur long hair were covering ur back but when they fluttered i saw it.then in the room u moved ur hair at the front.ur hot back was exposed…uff!!!u were looking so s*xy….i wanted sth from u but u were ignoring him and i thoght to click ur pic in order to blckmail u as i know u wnt agree,…
shraddha:what the hell u wnat and why r u so shameless…u r telling all this so proudly….
sher:i am like this….
shraddha:what do u want??

sher smiles evilly….

i want to SPEND A NIGHT WITH YOU……….

shraddha is shell shocked as if someone has blasted a canon ball on her
sher:answer me…
shraddha cuts the call and cries
sher calls again:did u think sth??i dnt like to wait…
shraddha:do u think i will agree to this cheap demand of urs???
sher:haha….u r so stupid…u r thinking about urself….think about ur family…ur dad the business tycoon who will lose his respect if i leak these pics.ur mom will not be able to bear the taunts,ur bro has just got married.and u ….who will marry you??moreover ur dad is a heart patient….how will he bear this?if sth happens to him the u will be at fault….

shraddha is shattered…
sher:i am waiting………..
shraddha:why r u doing this to me…
sher:u slapped me…remember??
shraddha cries:plz….i am sorry
sher smiles proudly….i am so relaxed to hear this but i wnt forgive u easily….so decide …and dnt make me angry….i hate to wait….

there is a pause for 2 minutes………

shraddha:fine ….
shraddha cuts call and cries…..


shraddha:it is ur shade….worst shade and i wanna die….



shraddha has not slept whole night.she gets fresh and goes down and behaves normally.sumer sees her
sumer:good morning
shraddha:morning bhai….
sumer:what happened to u?u r lost since yesterday……….
shraddha treis to smile:no nothing…..u tell me mr bro how was ur nig….??
she stops at the word night as she thinks about tonight…..

sumer:aww….dnt ask …i am head over heels for gajra….
shraddha:i am happy for u…
they go to breakfast table
shraddha eats only the kheer prepared by gajra and all praise her.
shraddha:ma?i have to stay at my friend’s home tonight for a project
mom:ok beta…sure
father:i should leave now.
he gives honeymoon tickets to sumra and they smile.

gajra goes to walk in garden.she receives a parcel.she opens to find a beautiful red and black coloured salwar suit with a note

”This dress will enhace your beauty.i know its a bit traditional but u will look hot.as u have to spend night with me so everything will happen according to me….wear this and come tonight…

your lip sharer

shraddha is digusted and runs to her room and cries


shraddha opens cupboard and takes out the dress and eyes it angrily and throws it away….
she collapses on floor.
shraddha:why God why did u chose me for this??
she cies…..

NEXT EPI: night time……….

Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 3


Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 3


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