Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 13)

Hey guys..SURPRISE …I know that i told i ll not be writing i also told that if i get time then i ll surely do. And frankly speaking i got few ideas so thought of writing them asap…so here u go nd don’t forget to share ur u all
A few glances are shown….
K: trust me twinkle i didn’t know all this will happen….i mean i don’t know….
T: (teary eyes) stop it kunj …i thought u r a sensible guy bt i was wrong…i hate u kunj..!!
K: twinkle………………….
Kunj gets up. Thankfully it was just a nightmare bt what if its turns to be true??? Kunj was sweating badly..he drinks water. He looks at twinkle.. a guilt within him is killing him every moment..but what would he do..its too late now.
Next morning:
Twinkle gets up. He finds kunj sleeping. Strange…kunj never sleep till so late. She goes near kunj.
T: i know kunj there is something which is troubling u..and u wont tell ill find it out.

She goes away.
At breakfast table:
Every one is sitting and having their breakfast..
Anita asks kunj: kunj have u forgotten ur college?? U hardly go there..god what a wastage of money..
Kunj keeps quiet.
T: anita aunty how many times do i have to remind u that kunj is doing MBA from his savings..y do u interfere everytime..??
Bebe: twinkle is right..anita u mind ur own business..
A: kamal hai..bhalai ka to zamana hi nehi raha..( i see no one respect the good deeds nowadays)
Kunj looks at twinkle and thinks..” i behaved so badly with her yet she takes my side..supports me every time..and i ?? how can i ??????”
Kunj leaves.
T: KUNJ…..

Kunj comes to his room. He sits on the bed. He is much tensed. He thinks about the nightmare. Twinkle comes there.
T: kunj…
Kunj looks at her.
T: kunj don’t think about anita auntie’s words..she is like that only..( twinkle goes on speaking..her voice is muted) teri nazron mein hain tere sapne i.e., tum saath ho’s antara plays( from tamasha)
Kunj looks on. Twinkle stops suddenly.
T: sorry..i speak too much bt kunj don’t worry.. i m there for u..!
K: twinkle…do u trust me??
T: what kind of question is this…..of course i do..
K: pakka??
T: (making a childish face) yeah..
Kunj in his mind “ i hope twinkle u ll trust me..else or relation is going to be shattered”
A msg tone beeps. Kunj sees it. He leaves instantly.
An empty place is shown. Kunj is waiting there. Someone comes there.
K: where were u?? And what took u so long??

A voice is heard.. “ m sorry kunj”
Her face is shown. Its maya.
K: y did u call me??
M: i need to tell u something which i have decided..
K: what??
M: kunj m coming from hospital and…
K: and??

PRECAP : the top secret will be revealed …

Guys i know it was not a long one don’t worry i will post few more epis today itself or tomorrow..i mean by the end of this weekend u ll get to read few more of my plzz keep reading them m sure u ll like it..and all those of u waiting for twinj moments..ur wish will be fulfilled on valentine’s day. So stay tuned.

Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 13)


Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 13)


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