Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 14

Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Piyali had asked Sam to get Radhika along…when they reached she started discussing the final planning about the engagement. Piyali had bought a dress for Radhika….Radhika was bit hesitant but she had to take it when Sam forced and threatened her. Piyali had invited Radhika’s family from Rishikesh and also Vicky she was suggesting some good girls for Vicky which made Sam and Radhika laugh. Arjun decided to help Prerna…she never treated him like an outsider or just Neil’s friend…she never requested Arjun …she ordered him the same way as she did with Neil. Prerna asked ;’’ When are you bringing your bride home Arjun?’’ Arjun smiled and replied; ‘’I am trying…but a lot depends on Radhika.’’

Prerna; ‘’No it all depends on you…if you think she is yours show it to her…all her doubts will end speak your heart Arjun…and let her speak hers….answer all her questions…make her fight you…if you keep on waiting you both will be increasing your pain…so better fight and sought it out and once she agrees… please do remarry her… this time in a grand way….I will do the arrangements.’’ Arjun looked at her and nodded

Radhika thought of calling Vicky to pick her up from Sam’s place but then she decided to call Arjun, he asked her to wait and he will reach there in sometime. Arjun picked Radhika up and asked her; ‘’do you have half an hour?’’ Radhika nodded positively and he brought her home…she was no more hesitant like before she followed him inside….Arjun brought few bags and asked her to check…it had the most beautiful ethic dresses…she gave him a questioning look and he said;’’ You are wife of Bird Song’s new partner …Arjun Mehra…you got to look best.’’
Radhika; ‘’Sir I am not materialistic…I like to be simple…and Piyali aunty has also gifted me a dress…now tell me what am I supposed to do with so many.’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Dress up for me then…I want to see you in all these …so you have to wear them.’’
Radhika gave up there was no point arguing with him…he gave her another box it had the similar dress as the one spoiled by Bonnie’s attack. Arjun said; ‘’Go change…I want to see you in this and I deserve a dance…because it was my dance which you gave it to Rishab.’’ Radhika got up she changed and came out sans any make up and her thick hair tied in a lose knot…Arjun looked at her and extended his hand she placed her hand in his and he pulled her close. He set her hair lose and danced with her without making her uncomfortable, when she was completely in the flow…he pulled her close and locked her to his chest. Arjun eyes had same madness again which Radhika saw in the party…she was bit scared finally she said; ‘’Sir please…I get uncomfortable when you stare like this’’

Arjun replied; “Tell me Radhika…you mentioned to Neil that day…that you are not able to trust me completely…then why are you here alone…. with me in my arms ….why were you not scared calling me today…speak up?’’ Radhika; ‘’Sir…why do you always do this… the moment I trust you…you scare me away…I trusted you when you saved my life…you broke Sam’s heart…I trusted you when you saved me from Saral…you made me a culprit in front of everyone and now when I am learning to trust again you are again scaring me…you love to do this. Now I have a question. Why didn’t you let me die on the road that day? Why did you stop my marriage with Saral…if that day I would have married Saral…you could have completed your revenge…you called me a road block but you never wanted me to leave…Why you kept pushing me not to marry Saral why were you so bothered…Why couldn’t you see me in that short dress on the day of the party…Can you answer my questions’’

Arjun’s eyes went all over her face he smiled and answered; ‘’Yes I will answer you today…I saved you because you saved my life…I had started liking you during the lonavala trip…I stopped your marriage with Saral because I had fallen in love with you and could not see you with someone else…It killed me when he touched you…and claimed his right on you…I helped your family because I hate to see tears in your eyes…and the dress…if you want to show yourself off…. show it to me and only me ….yes I have the right and only I have the right on you…you are my respect my pride My Radhika’’.

Radhika pushed him now she was angry; ‘’So… you loved me but were going to marry Sam…and you didn’t wanted me marry someone else…What the hell you were thinking? You thought you could keep us both…It would have been better if I would have married Saral and you would have got what you wanted your revenge…I would have been saved of all the heartache in the process”

Arjun Sat on the sofa and smirked; ‘’And you think I would have left you then…left you with Saral…no that would have never happened…I would have found you and brought you back to me… I never knew true affection till you came along…I had never met anyone so selfless, so loving…so full of life …what’s wrong if I wanted all that for myself…I wanted your attention, your love, your care…all for me. Yes I made a mistake I did not give up my revenge….trust me I wanted to…I never wanted to leave you …but Nandu manipulated me…She was my God…and I trusted her…you sacrificed your love of your family , your future…for a friend you had known for few months…then tell me how was I wrong in selflessly loving Nandu? You said you are not able to trust me because I might leave you again…tell me something Radhika if I wanted to destroy you…I would have done it the time we stayed together and you would have readily given your everything to me fact you were ready the day we went for dinner…but I never wanted to harm you …you never understood my feelings …its your tears that I cannot see…I know… I get angry on you…but I cannot stand you not trusting me…you staying away from me…forgive me please…come back to me’’

Radhika had never thought someday someone like Arjun will love her so deeply…that she would become his world. She walked towards Arjun, she sat on the floor facing him and lifted his face…his eyes were red and there was so much pain on the face she loved the most…Radhika wiped his tears and hugged him. Arjun little surprised hugged her back tightly…Arjun softly said; ’’I love you more than anything in this world…I am mad for you…yes I am possessive about you…and never say this again that you should have married Saral…you don’t know what I would have done.’’ Radhika giggled she broke the hug looked at him cupped his face kissed his forehead eyes cheeks… then she slowly made a barrier between their lips and kissed…she gave him one loving look… kept her hand on his heart and said softly; ‘’I trust you…please bring me back in your life…I want to come back home…Sir.’’ Arjun took a deep breath and said; ’’Stop calling me Sir…it’s irritating…call me by my name…please once.’’

Radhika went on her knees; ‘’Arjun…I want to spend my life with you… will you please marry me again.’’ She smiled innocently…Arjun looked at her thought ’I will do anything for that beautiful smile’ he pulled her to his lap in a strong grip and kissed her on lips…Radhika melted in his strong arms…she could not lift her eyes up . Arjun lifted her chin and said; ‘’yes…I will Mrs Arjun Mehra …very soon and if you keep blushing like that I will kiss you again.’’ Radhika smiled and went willingly into Arjun’s arms …this was her heaven…her place…her true home. They stayed like that for some time forgetting everything around them…. Radhika suddenly realized it was very late at and she had not informed Vicky…she asked Arjun to drop her home. She checked her phone it had several calls from Neil, Sam and Vicky…same was for Arjun. Radhika knew now everyone will pull her leg…when Arjun dropped her …he escaped without coming inside and Radhika realized she was still wearing the gown gifted by Arjun…when she entered she found Vicky waiting for her …he gave her one look and understood…he blessed her and asked her to rest. Radhika just silently wished …that Vicky also should get his happiness he deserved every bit of it…she was aware about the pain he carried for three and half years.

Vicky stood near the window…he was happy he was able to do what he wanted but yes he missed her…when you see someone deeply in love you wish if you also had that someone special…everything would turn beautiful. He brushed aside his tears…but two words escaped his lips..he silently said; ‘’miss you.’’

Arjun woke up all happy…he got his life back… he happily got ready and went straight to Neil’s place. Neil welcomed him but Arjun was looking for Prerna…as soon as he found her he hugged her and said; ‘’Thank you so much aunty…it’s because of you that I was able to speak my heart to Radhika…and guess what she said yes.’’ Prerna lovingly patted Arjun’s shoulder and Neil danced around happily. Prerna served them breakfast and said; ‘’So I need to start preparing for one more wedding.’’
Neil; ‘’But they are married already’’
Prerna; ‘’When that happened no one was happy…they never got anyone’s blessing…and think about Radhika’s family they must have had some dreams related to her…so let us have it again.’’
Neil suddenly made a grim face; ‘’I feel bad for you Arjun…even after getting married you cannot romance your wife…and now till you both remarry no hanky-panky allowed.’’ Arjun wanted kill Neil for embarrassing him , Prerna labelled Neil as shameless and went inside to get coffee.

Vicky was ready to leave for work when Radhika came and hugged him from behind…he could feel her happiness…he caught hold her hand and brought her in front him and asked; ‘’What happened…need something?’’ Radhika nodded in negative and again hugged him…he understood she just wanted to thank him…he gave a small peck on her head and said; ‘’good day… I will see you at dinner… and today’s dinner only with me…anyways you will get many with Arjun.’’ Radhika held his hands and said; ‘’I want your happiness…please it has been more than 3 years think about yourself too…It hurts when you keep looking at same photograph over and over again…and’’ Radhika was cut short when Vicky looked at her and said ;’’Tell me something is it so easy to love and forget… no right…then tell me how should I do that. Let us not discuss this …my driver will drop you…and remember today’s dinner only with me…tc’’ Radhika watched him leave…but she in her heart had decide she cannot let him live in this pain…something should be done. Radhika knew about her but had never met her…but now something should be done either to get her back in Vicky’s life or close the chapter forever.

As Radhika entered Bird Song…she understood that everyone around is aware of her reconciliation with Arjun courtesy Neil the loud speaker…he had been distributing sweets to everyone in office. Sam congratulated Radhika…and decided that she will do the planning for Arjun Radhika’s wedding.

Arjun was out on a client meeting and he had to meet the wedding planner as promised to Prerna…but he felt strange when the planner asked him to come to her residence instead of office. Arjun went to her place and met a young elegant lady …she was beautiful, but looked very sad. She welcomed Arjun and introduced herself ; ‘’I am Soniya….’’ Arjun without losing a minute asked her the reason for keeping the meeting at home as he was not comfortable…but before Soniya could respond he got the answer …a little girl came to the hall crying…Soniya took the girl in her lap and pacified her and replied; ‘’She is my daughter Vidhi….she is not keeping well for last 3-4 days…so I thought of meeting you at my place hope you don’t mind.’’ Arjun nodded…he informed her about the budget and everything and asked to select some themes and come back… Soniya was noting down the details and when a picture fell off her diary…Arjun gave one look to the picture…it looked someone known to him…but he ignored, he wished her and left.
Arjun felt strange…Vidhi had striking resemblance with someone he knew. He ignored his thoughts and drove off to the office.

Sam and Neil’s engagement was just two days away Neil was enjoying coffee with Sam when he suddenly asked her a question; ‘’Sammy tell me truth…did you ever loved Arjun?’’ Sam was surprised to have this question come at this point…She looked confused and worried she asked; ‘’Why are you asking this and now?’’
Neil replied; ‘’I felt you are sacrificing for Chashni as she did for you…”
Sam stared at Neil and asked; ‘’Neil..we still have time…if you are not sure about this relationship let’s just be friends…but I won’t give any explanations and one more thing I am not Chashni…I can never be as selfless and forgiving like her…do you think I would have married Arjun after knowing that he came only for revenge…my feelings for him was more of the infatuation than Love because whatever the situation was …I would always look for you first. Neil I have been very transparent with you… if I would have agreed to marry you out of friendship…I would have told you the same…but looks like you need time to trust me…let me know if you don’t want to take this forward’’ She was about to leave but stopped and asked again; ‘’Neil can I ask you a question …we know each other since we were kids…but you left me alone when Chashni stopped speaking to me…you refused to look at me…and once she was back you did everything to bring one smile on her face…Are you in love with Radhika?’’

Neil was shocked; ‘’Are you mad…I did this because she is my best friend and she saved you…’’ Sam folded her hands and said;’’ It hurt right? It hurt me too…If I accepted Arjun it was for Chashni’s happiness and also because you wanted me to forgive him…you won’t understand that…but yes I became normal with Arjun because I saw he had genuinely changed. If you did something for your friend I did the same then why I am being questioned. Rethink again we don’t have to do this if you are not sure.’’

As Sam turned to go back she found Radhika standing behind them with tears in her eyes…she came forward looked at her best friends and said; ‘’I think I should have never returned.’’ Sam wanted to speak but Radhika stopped her…and walked off…Neil now understood why Radhika was scared of being blamed again. Radhika went straight to Arjun and asked for a drive…Arjun drove off with Radhika…they stopped at marine drive…radhika was quietly watching the sea. Arjun gently touched her shoulder and Radhika bursts into tears. Arjun cupped Radhika’s face and asked her the reason…she did not say a word but hugged Arjun.

After sometime she controlled herself and said; ‘’Can I quit my job at Bird song?’’
Arjun lifted her chin and said; ‘’Radhika do what makes you happy…I will always be there for you…but please don’t cry …your tears will kill me’’. Radhika said; ‘’I am resigning today…don’t ask me the reason’’

Radhika went back and typed her resignation…she was about to go to Piyali’s cabin when Sam caught hold for her hand and dragged Radhika to her cabin. Once they were inside
Sam said; ‘’It seems every time you plan to resign I will have to stop you…this is the 3rd time right.’’ Radhika replied; ‘’Sam it won’t work now I want to go…I am tired of getting blamed again and again…I never imagined that 2days before your engagement you and Neil will be talking all this nonsense.’’

Sam; ‘’If you know it was a nonsense then why are you crying over it…and you thought you will leave and I will let you do that.’’
Sam cupped Radhika’s face and said; ‘’Chashni no one is blaming you…that Idiot asked me an idiotic question and I replied in his language that’s it and we are getting engaged after 2 days…Radhika you are my best friend …more than Neil you understood me …and I don’t want to be a detective again to search for you…please smile….please please please’’ Radhika looked at Sam’s puppy face and smiled Sam hugged Radhika and tore off her resignation into million pieces.

Precap: Ne-Sam engagement…Vicky’s Past

Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 14


Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 14

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