One Month Agreement – Episode 4

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Recap- 1st day of agreement. swara and sanskar’s 1st encounter.

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2nd day of agreement –
It’s pleasant morning. Swara wakes up coz of sun rays falling on her beautiful face. And she feels warmth embrace. (Swara and sanskar are in tight hug) swara feels so happy and she is smiling. And suddenly sanskar wakes up and
Sanskar (angrily)- “so ms. Junior u r taking my advantage ha?” And covers his chest wid his hands.
Swara (smirking) – “Mr. Senior u r the one who crossed pillow wall. I didn’t crossed it. ”
Sanskar is quiet now coz its his mistake.
Still acts like the stubborn and says -” I know u hv pulled me towards u. Otherwise crossing the line is not possible by me. ”

Swara – “look at ur and mine weight den say dis.”
Sanskar(laughing) -” yeah u r right. If ur leg accidentally fall on ant den nothing will happen to ant. Haha.”
Swara( is angry now ) and pushes sanskar away and says – “so I can’t kill ant right? ”
Sanskar(smirks) -” it is proved now that u pulled me closer. Accept it.”
Swara furiously goes out of the room and sanskar laughs looking her expressions.
Suddenly his phn flashes .
It’s kavita’s msg popping on the screen.
Sanskar opens it. (Good morning baby! R u coming to office ? )
Then sanskar realizes that he hv to go office today. He thinks this girl (swara ) is driving me crazy. Coz of her I m forgetting abt work also.
He replies to her (good morning kavita. Yes I m coming today. C u @ work)
He becomes ready for office.
Sanskar is wearing blazer , white shirt and skin coloured jeans.
Swara also becomes ready.

She is wearing ball gown of sky blue color that hugged her body perfectly. She is in natural makeup with curled hair that frames her face perfectly.(Swara is fashion designer so she hv great sense of style ). She is looking 2 hot..
Sanskar missed his heartbeat after looking at her. He thinks (where is she going ? I hope she is not going on date with that stupid raj. How to ask her whr she is going? If I will ask her directly she will think that I m jealous.. So think sanskar )
Sanskar (trying to sound angry) -” so u r wearing this type of slutty dress to impress ur coworkers. M I ryt? ”
Swara (angrily )-” shut up sanskar. I didn’t stoop to low to flirt with coworkers like u. I m going for wedding of my frnd.and plz drink the tea and eat salad”(she grabs her clutch n keys and heads towards the garage)
Sanskar is hurt by her words.
Swara understands wht she hv said just.
So she turns at sanskar and says, ” sry I didn’t mean that !”
Sanskar-” its ok swara”
Dey both waves bye.. And goes towards der work.
Sanskar in office.
He is restless thinking abt how guyz will be staring at swara and commenting abt her.
He is too worried that he don’t give any attention to kavita.
He thinks abt der 2nd encounter.

Sanskar plans to troubles swara. (Revenge )
Next morning swara enters into classroom and founds that all benches are full. No seat is vacant. Swara finds empty bench in another classroom and tries to take it to her classroom.
Sanskar is enjoying d whole incident from far. And says to himself, ” so ms. Junior whr is ur attitude ha? ”
And he sees his best frnd laksh is helping her to take the bench towards classroom.
He fumes in anger. And goes near them to listen their convo.
Laksh- “hi miss . may I help u?”
Swara (in relief )-” yes. Thank u.”
Laksh – “ur welcome miss ”
Swara-” ms. Swara. So wht is ur name?”
Laksh(smiling )- “laksh. So frnds?”
Swara- “yes” (both shakes hand and smiles .)
Here sanskar is full jealous. He hits his fist on wall.How cn anyone help her ? It’s my right to help her and trouble her. She hv to come towards me to ask for help.(He is still unknown abt his feelings for her)

He says to himself,
“So ms. Junior be ready for next trouble . u hv to say sry to me den only I will forgive u for ur slap..”
Flashback ends..
He remembers how he is furious with laksh. Coz he helped her and they talked with each other.
So he is jealous thinking abt the guyz staring at swara and trying to talk with her..
He calls swara.
Swara receives his call
Sanskar -” Hello swara!”
Swara -” hello sanskar”
Sanskar (wants to knw abt wht she is doing but dnt wanna ask directly) -” so hows wedding is going on?”
Swara- ” Its boring. So I m going to home now”
Sanskar (in releif ) – “thank god”
Swara- “wht did u say?”
Sanskar – ” nothing !I said this marriages r boring now a days. Drive safely.
Swara- “bye sanskar ”

Sanskar -” bye swara”.
Sanskar ended the call. Now be is relieved. So he starts doing his work.
In the evening ,

Sanskar comes to home and sees swara is watching horror movie with full attention.she is wearing v neck shirt and one forth. No light in room . it’s dark.
Sanskar comes near her and shouts “bhoooooot”
Swara is in fear screams, ” bhut!” And starts reciting mantras from hanuman chalisa.
Her dadi told her ,” ghost runs away after listening it”
Sanskar laughs at her.

Swara now understands that it was sanskar who tries to tease her . she throws pillow towards him. He also throws pillow back to her. And pillow fight started.
They climb on the bed and took pillows and starts hitting to each other. While hitting to each other sanskar’s pillow falls away from bed coz of swara’s random attack. To stop her from hitting he grips her both hand. Den swara starts hitting him wid her legs. To avoid her attack sanskar pulls her. And they fall on each other. Swara’s head is at sanskar’s shoulder.
She smells him. It’s her favorite scent . she thinks whn he started using it again.
Sanskar asks her,” do u really smell dis much good? ”
Sanskar’s phn rings .
And both understands there awkward position and moves away from each other.
Sanskar receives call.
Its kavita again.

“Hello sanskar”- kavita
” hello kavita” – sanskar in bad mood coz kavita spoiled romantic moment.
“Wht r u doing ? Would u like to join me at dinner?” – kavita asked him.
“No yar. No mood today. U knw na I m I’ll ” (lied again).
“Ok take care baby “- kavita in concerned tone.
” ok bye kavita” – sanskar
Sanskar helps swara to prepare dinner and both goes to sleep .
Pillow wall is prepared again.
Swara sleeps. Sanskar is still awake. Swara screams in sleep(horror dream .. Effect of watching horror movie) and she is shivering.
Sanskar knows her habit. He knw how to calm her. He crossed pillow wall. He hugged her tightly.he kissed her on forehead and he whispered into her ear ,’dnt wry baby I m with u !’
After that both sleeps peacefully.

Precap- 3rd day of agreement. And flashback ..

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One Month Agreement – Episode 4


One Month Agreement – Episode 4


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