Spoilers — 12th February 2016


Mata ji wears white saree and have got ghostly get up. She walks on the balcony railing holding the candle. Simar is shocked seeing her walking on the railing and saves her from falling down. Simar asks her what happened to her. Mata ji says she doesn’t know. Simar gets doubtful that some ghost is troubling Mata ji.


Shivanya drinks Bhaang and gets intimate with Ritik. She feels her emotions and loves him romantically. She tells him that Sesha is her sister and is about to tell him the truth that she is a Naagin.


Somendra looks on lost as he is stepping towards hanging bed. He is about to be hanged, but just then someone comes and stops his death. There is a twist here. Somendra and Sarojini are separating in upcoming track.

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Spoilers — 12th February 2016


Spoilers — 12th February 2016


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