Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 47

Recap: Friendship on sets. Niti noticing Parth’s foodie side and prepares biryani for him, or rather everyone on set.

The next scene to be shot was the mud sequence for which both Parth and Niti were quite nervous as they were not really excited to spoil themselves in that dirty mud ! But eventually they had to make up their minds as it was required for the show to go on. All of their friends had been teasing them and making them more nervous about the scene.

Before the shot started, both Parth and Niti had been rehearsing on how to go about the scene as per the director’s instructions. The director had to excuse himself for some other urgent work for some time and therefore they were left with a short break.

Ayaz, Veebha, Utkarsh, Krissan, Charlie and Abhishek were surrounding the duo while they were rehearsing the part and constantly teasing them.

Abhishek: Guys, the mud is clean ! So don’t worry ! It’ll just give you two a new color to wear.

Ayaz: Yeah that’s right Abhishek ! All the best Parth and Niti you too.

Krissan: Niti, don’t think about your hair or else you won’t be able to do the scene well. Your beautiful long hair might just get some rough..

Charlie: Or might just start breaking..Nothing much. So, don’t think about it. It’s not a big deal.

Both Parth and Niti had taken enough of the teasing and they wanted to shut their mouths. They communicated through their eyes and came up with a plan immediately.

They kept acting as if they are rehearsing for some more time and then,

Parth: Okay so Niti, like this see I will first pick up some mud from this pot.

Niti: Yeah and then I will also pick up some from this pot and then,

Both of them who had been facing each other suddenly turn around and start throwing the mud at their friends who had no clue this must be coming their way. In no time at all, all of them were covered in mud. They joined in too and started throwing it on Parth and Niti as well. Soon, it turned into a fun time and all of them were throwing around the mud on each other. The technicians and other crew men who had been surrounding the scenario were enjoying watching the whole new sequence created.

After some time, they stop throwing the mud and sit down on the ground forming one big circle. All of them drenched in mud, the girls worried about their hair and they boys laughing at them for the condition of their lovely hair ! Parth who had always admired Niti’s long hair was really worried as he did not wish this had happened to her hair. He wanted her hair to again flow till her waist, smooth and flawless.

Niti: So, girls you were teasing me right ? Now see, all of you have joined me in. Now we need to do something about this.

Charlie: Yeah we’ll need to wash them properly !

Niti: Not just wash, we need to go for a hair spa !

Veebha: Yeah Niti, you’re right !

Krissan: Hey then let’s go together ! Today after shoot. As it is today we do not have to shoot till very late so I guess we can manage !

Niti: Yeah it’s a good idea. Come let’s book our appointments.

The girls leave to clean up and place their appointments for the hair spa. Parth feels relieved on finding that Niti would take care of her hair and he would again get to see those beautiful long hair of her. He felt really proud to know that Niti was so responsible when it came to her hair.

When the director arrived for the shoot he was really angry at the mess created and the way all of them were drenched in mud. He started scolding them at first but then started laughing making the others realize that he had been joking and that he did not mind they had some fun.

They then took up Manik and Nandini’s original mud scene. Again Parth and Niti started fighting over the mud throwing and that went on for a while. The director had to interrupt them,

Director: Cut it ! Relax both of you ! Fighting is only in the beginning. And then slowly, we need to see love blossoming between the two of you. Parth you hold her tight and try to put mud on her face but while doing so, slowly and lovingly caress her cheek with your hand. And then Niti you will again slip your leg and fall when Parth will hold you. Now I want that fall and hold to be perfect ! Alright ? Okay then let’s take it again. Roll camera, and Action !

Parth pulls Niti close to him and holds her from back locking her hands in one of his hand and with the other hand, caresses her cheek constantly looking into her eyes.

After the scene was shot, since all of them had to get cleaned up, they take up a water pipe and start spilling water all over so that all of them could get drenched in the rain. Utkarsh was the one swinging the water pipe around and soon all of them were drenched in water. All the girls had been enjoying their rain dance and Parth was staring at Niti and thinking about the other day when they had been shooting the shower scene and both of them completely drenched in water, under the shower were so close to each other. He blushed slightly at that thought. Niti had also been thinking about the same situation but tried not to show it on her face and kept enjoying with her girls.

Now the situation on screen and off screen was quite similar as Manik and Nandini were being attracted towards each other and Parth and Niti might not have realized it but they had also started coming closer. Both of them had started noticing every small thing about one another. From the color of Parth’s bag and the superman cap he would always wear to Niti’s love for music and her carrying the mini fan in her bag all the time, they had been observing every single thing.

Niti always had her mini fan in her bag as she could not bear the heat and for the scenes, she had to have her hair let loose due to which she would feel more hot. She therefore always had her mini fan in her bag and used to use it in between shots. She would put it in the bag she had to carry as Nandini Murthy in the scene and then pull it out in between shots.

Whenever she would take out that mini fan and start using it blowing it over her face and near her neck and hair, her hair flowing in the air because of the fan, Parth would keep noticing her innocence and it would always bring a smile on his face. Niti had noticed it sometimes that Parth used to look at her like that but somehow she did not mind it and pretended as if she hadn’t noticed it.

One day, while shooting, Niti left her bag on the chair she had been sitting on and went inside the vanity to get her phone. Just then, Parth and Utkarsh started off with a friendly fight and during that fight, Utkarsh pushed Parth on the chair and started tickling him to stop him beating himself. When Parth was pushed, he heard some noise and also felt something beneath him. He asked Utkarsh to let go off him. He got up from the chair only to find that it was Niti’s bag which she uses in the scenes as Nandini Murthy on which he had been pushed. That immediately reminded him of the mini fan Niti used to carry in that bag and he quickly opened the bag to check if the fan was okay. Right then, Niti came out of the vanity and found Parth holding her bag,

Niti: Parth ! Don’t you know you should never check a girls’ bag ?!

Utkarsh: As if it’s your real bag ! Your bag is inside the vanity. This one is for the scenes. So don’t be over dramatic !

Niti: So what ? If he can do it with this bag, he might end up doing it on my original bag as well !

All this while Parth had been staring inside the bag which he had in his hands open.

Niti: You’re still looking into it ? Give it to me now !

She snatched it from his hands and heard some noise which made her look inside. She found her mini fan broken into pieces. She slipped her hand inside and took out one wing of the broken fan. Parth was really nervous as he thought this might upset Niti a lot and she might be very angry with him. But, Niti started laughing and Utkarsh joined in too ! This surprised Parth who kept looking at the two lunatics laughing in front of him. Utkarsh took one look at Parth and suddenly switched his expression to a serious one !

Utkarsh: Niti, it was Parth who did it ! I know you must be feeling so sorrowful for your love, your fan. So, you can go ahead and give whatever punishment you would like to Mr. Parth Samthaan !

Niti too made a serious expression, and looked at Parth for a moment and then again both her and Utkarsh started laughing and left from there. Parth had realized that Niti was not sad on the breaking of that little fan but he also knew that the fan was an essential part of her daily routine ! She could not do without the fan and Parth knew it ! He therefore decided to get her a new one since it was broken by him.

He took permission to go out for some work for an hour and left without informing any of his friends. They had to shoot till late that day and therefore he knew he won’t be able to buy it after shoot and so he left right away ! He looked for it in several shops, dressed in disguise, which was successful as he did not come across and crazy fan encounters. Finally after a lot of hard work, he found the mini fan. He came back to set but decided not to give it to Niti right now in front of everyone. He decided to give it to her the next morning when nobody would notice it.

Precap: Parth’s gift to Niti. What confusions would this gift create ? Ayaz and Veebha missing each other’s conversations from the days they had been working to bring PaNi together.


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Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 47


Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 47


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