thahaan (a true love) part 13

thahaan (a true love) part 13

hey my dear friends it is my last epi as i m busy in preparation of my exam
please comments.

the episode start with poonam & krishnkant leaving . thapki goes ang hug poonam and cry.
she said:” oh my child now u have to forget this tears because someone can’t bear tears in ur eyes .u have to spend ur life with him so always smile no need to cry”
they goes. thahaan comes in their room and thapki said:” bihaan today is most difficult of our life. today is promise day and i m promising u that i never cry as i love u and don’t want u to sad as u can’t bear tears in my eyes. i never let u go from my life always be with u .”bihaan say:” yes thapki i also promise u i never left u alone. from today b 4 bihaan pandey’s wife is b 4 bihaan pandey’s life and i love my life so keep it safe in ur heart.” thapki said:” how can i keep it in my heart as it was already gone somewhere” .

bihaan say”where?”. thapki said;” my heart is kidnap and i know the kidnapper who is very sweet and so handsome so i can’t file police complain”. bihaan say:” just tell me his name i will murdered him who snatch my wife’s heart.” thapki laughs and say:” ur this foolishness i love the most u MOTI BUDHI is the kidnapper and i m MAHAN AATMA is victim.please give my heart else i will tell my husband and he will surely kill u”. bihaan laughs and say (in a deep voice) :” no i will not give it u. Call ur husband i will also kill him and i m not so coward who afraid from anyone”.
thahaan laughs a lot everyone is watching this and blessed them.
( AFTER 3 day)

today is valentine day and thahaan want to spend the whole day with each other forgetting everything. they went to dadi maa and ask permission. dadi maa agrees and they went.
thapki said:” oh dear husband where does we go first, i want to go to ice cream parlour and after that wherever u want.” bihaan say:” no thapki their is a fair in nearby the market. we will go there and spent the whole day ok”. thapki said:” not bad” thahaan reached the fair. it was big and so many people r there. thahaan said:”wow awesome place”. they went every stalls and buy some important things.

after some time bihaan said:” thapki let we go to ride the JHOOLAS.” thapki said:” no bihaan i afraid”. bihaan said:” oh mahan aatma i m with u please come with me.”
they ride on the dragon. thapki and bihaan enjoy a lot. then bihaan say:” now its giant wheel turn” thapki said:” no bihaan i m scared”. bihaan forcely agreed her. they sit on the giant wheel. its start and thapki say: oh bihaan now what will happen?” she holds his hand and closed her eyes ( na na na plays) bihaan looks at her and smiles. he said:” thapki don’t be scared i m with u” after the ride. they went to the ice cream stall and ordered their favr8 ice cream. they take it and suddenly bihaan’s ice cream fell down and he say:”oh damn it now what i do.” thapki said:” no problem we will eat my ice cream together”. bihaan say :”ok” and they eat it together.( main rang sharbaton ka plays).

After that they reached a place where GOL GAPPA competition is going on. thapki said:” come bihaan lets participate. i will surely defeat u” bihaan says:” its ur misunderstanding i will defeat u”. they began to eat. thapki is eating fastly where as bihaan is eating slowly. thapki wins. she smiles and say:” yeh i win”
bihaan say:” ok”

thahaan comes a hotel and have their dinner after that bihaan say:” i love u thapki and i never let u go” thapki also say this and after that they reached home and sleep in each other arms.
after that they live their life peacefully dhruv also divorce shraddha and began to start a new life.

how u like the last episode
give ur views.

thahaan (a true love) part 13


thahaan (a true love) part 13

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