KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 15)

The episode starts with Abhi sitting in the bed room reading something.. Pragya comes in and
Pragya : w oho from when did you get this habit of reading books… by the way this is good habit very good keep it up
Abhi : Fuggi I think you should increase the power number of your specs does it looking a book to you I am completing some musical notes which I have to submit tomorrow …
Pragya : okay but can you repeat what did you said … that I should increase my number power of specs right you said it na….
Abhi ( oops expression ) : no I didn’t said that may be your ears have done some mistake in hearing……
Pragya : hmm so you are completing your notes at this time you know na this is time to sleep … and by the way what was you doing from whole day you wasted your time and now you are sitting to complete your work now I know that your daughter totally resembles upon you …
Abhi : Ok na yr… fuggi now stop scolding me and let me do my work ….
Pragya : ok but I am going to sleep
And she sleeps after finishing his work Abhi also decides to sleep and he looks that Pragya is sleeping in sitting position he smiles and thinks you try to behave angry but I know you always thinks about us and he makes her sleep properly and sleeps himself also…..
In morning Abhi is getting ready for the work and calls ..
Abhi : Pragya where are my socks I am getting late and couldn’t find them…
Pragya : it is in right side drawer of the cupboard there see..
Abhi : my tie…..????
Pragya : coming …… baba as I think that you are not able to find anything in your own room..
She was in kitchen preparing coffee for Abhi… she comes in hurry and her leg twists.. she was about to fall but Abhi holds her and says
Abhi : can’t you take care yourself if I wasn’t there you must have fallen till now…
Pragya: great .. you are making me dance on one leg since morning and saying what is hurry….??
Abhi : ok baba my mistake now tell me where is my tie…
Pragya brings tie and Abhi says
Abhi : now if you have brought it then make me wear also..( ab jab lai ho to pehna b do)
Pragya takes tie : you haven’t change needs always a person to make u wear tie by the way why are you going in such a decent manner to school is there any special thing.. or occasion ??
Abhi wraps his hands over her waist while she is making him wear tie…….and says..
Abhi : Yes my dear as today one meeting is there critics would come and judge that whether our music school is really good or not its teachers are good or not in music and think what your husband is the representator there so ofcourse I have to be prepared like this na… but you know what I don’t want to go.. just live at home and spend time with all you people………
Pragya : Hmmm stop buttering and leave for work as it is necessary ok don’t think that I will ask you to don’t go as you know I will not going to do so..
Abhi : That’s not fare yr.. how unromantic

Pragya : Stop complaining as we can spend time together when you come back also ok…
And then she make him wear coat and gives him his hanky, wallet and watch and mobile of course….and while he was leaving he forgot his car keys so Pragya went down and gives it to him and Abhi hugs Pragya and says I am in no mood in going to work today Pragya pushes him lightly towards the door and says but you have to go he goes and Pragya turns around to leave but Abhi was back and hugs her from back and says do you really want me to leave.. Pragya breaks the hug and says yes now go…. Abhi leaves Pragya was closing the door but Abhi stops her and Pragya says now what he says I forgot something Pragya says what Abhi kisses on her cheeks and says this… bye…
Pragya (smiles) : silly kid.. hooh now common lets go to wake up all ….
Pragya first goes in Pulkit Prabhas and Rahul’s room and make them awake then she make Abhigya awake mean while the door knocks and she rushes to see.. she opens the door it was Bulbul there with Koyal..

Bulbul : good morning di…. How are you
Pragya : good morning bulbul…
Koyal : maasi ma are you forgetting something…
Pragya : Oh sorry boss (she lifts Koyal in her arms and then kisses her on her forehead ) now ok boss..
Koyal : Better now tell me where is Subuhi I am here to play with her… and ofcourse Rahul bhai and Pulkit bhai..
Pragya : They have just woken up bachha they will be here after fresh n up … now bulbul as you all are here so come have a breakfast…
Bulbul : sure di….
Time passed and Bulbul and Pragya talking and Pulkit Abhigya Prabhas and Rahul are playing cricket outside the home and Subuhi and Koyal are palying with dolls with Koyal’s friends in garden.. Abhigya has no interest in playing with dolls so she is with Prabhas… Abhi comes back home and gets inside Pragya asks…

Bulbul : Jiju why you came so early you have to be late na I was spending time with my diiiii
Abhi : Arey you spend time with her I will spend time with my children okkk
Bulbul : Then why are sitting here goo..
Pragya : Ohh bulbul let me talk first …Abhishek you come so early..???
Abhi : yeah as the work was not more due to vacation of children.. soo
Pragya : ok then I will bring coffee…
Abhi : hey where are the children ???
Pragya : half of them are playing in the back side of house and two of them are in garden
Bulbul laughs on Pragya’s answer
Abhi : ok so I am going to garden… better you bring coffee there..
Pragya : ok..
Abhi goes to the garden and there he sees that Koyal and Subuhi are fighting with other children and talking about some bet.. so he goes to inquire..
Abhi : what happen hey Subu beta And Koyal why you all are fighting ..
One girl answers that uncle they both are saying that you are strong enough that you can jump off from the terrace of your house….. and stand straight after that..
Abhi is shocked to hear that and in scared expression asked to them and who made that bet with you……
Children replies that Koyal and Subuhi both made that bet.. he sees them and says….

Abhi : what you both have done how will I jump from this building are you mad what if something happens to me..
Koyal : so bade papa say it directly na…. that you are scared of height and we have to loose bet…. And if we lose na then our self-respect will get affected and yes these silly children will laugh on us.. you will like that na..
Abhi : beta try to understand everyone will like your brave father but beta nobody will like broken father.(beta bahadur baap sabko achha lagega par toota foota baap kisi ko pasand nahi aayega)

Koyal start black mailing him emotionally … so Abhi gets ready to do so for his children self-respect he goes to the terrace Abhigya sees him but they thinks that he must be talking to someone that’s why he has gone to terrace and Abhi comes in front side of the house where all the children were standing all were shouting uncle you can do it Subuhi and Koyal was cheering papa..papa.. and he sees the height and says to himself oh god now what will happen to you god just take care I am jumping ( hey bhagwan itna oocha Abhi tu to phas gaya bete ab bhagwan tum hi bachana)and he jumps from there and tries to stand but his hand and leg got a little jerk as he was fallen down so the noise made was like something broken so hearing that Pragya shouted from inside and Bulbul rushes to see then he saw Abhi fallen she goes to pragya to tell
Pragya : Now what you people broken
Bulbul comes inside : Di this time they broken your husband
Pragya : what are you saying Bulbul say it straight…

Bulbul : Di this was jiju who fallen I have taken him in his room and called the doctor he had jumped from the terrace…
Hearing that Pragya rushes to see him and doctor suggesting him to rest for few hours as it is the small jerk so it will be ok thank god the injury was not big Pragya goes to him and she is very much tensed…
Pragya : what is this how is this happened and why you jumped off from this terrace tell me…
Bulbul tells about that silly bet..
Pragya : what you jumped for that silly bet what was the need of it are you a superman damn it that you will land safely how can you do these silly thing are you out of your mind you never thought na if something happened to you what will I do then just ……..
Abhi : hold on baba why you are over reacting it was my daughters self-respect if I didn’t do so then their friends might tease her that there father is not brave and they will feel shame..
Pragya: what???? you done this for that… silly bet what do you think of yourself and who said that to do so you Subuhi na I can’t understand why are you trying to over pampering her as see today its result…
Pragya goes to Subuhi : who made this silly bet Subuhi is this the way you do your unnecessary demands are increasing day by day…. Now you will demand the things like this that someone should jump off from the terrace for proving that your family is brave..(scolding)
Bulbul : Di don’t scold her alone as this was the plan of my little mischievous daughter Koyal…
Pragya : I am not scolding to anyone Bulbul I am just trying to make them understand that there is no need of such behaviour yr ….
Abhi : But..

Pragya : you to shut up don’t even try to save them..
Prabhas Pulkit Rahul and Abhigya was murmuring and Prabhas was saying dada today we all gone we all gone see now its our turn I don’t know why but I think papa is somehow careless and see now.. ready to bear anger Pulkit says just shut up and keep standing otherwise you will be the next to bear her anger…Pragya heard that and says
Pragya : yes of course you are next by the way where were you all when he was on the terrace to jump..
Abhigya : I saw him but we thought that he might be doing some call network is not available inside the home so we thought there for that….. we didn’t know that he going to become Superman there….
Prabhas laughs on this and Pragya says..
Pragya : Waah you thought very good thoughts of your people are very good and Prabhas you are laughing right shut up either you are going to have a tight slap from me..
All remains silent looking her anger and stands doing their heads down..
Abhi : Heyy pragya.. don’t say like that for my children..ok

Pragya: wao fine then do as you want to do today they have said to jump you from the terrace you jumped and one day they will say you that papa go and jump from the world’s largest building because we have made a bet then you go jump from there also ok… you all are…………just ahhh nobody wants to think what will I feel -when you all are hurt but no all will do what they want to do so.. do what you and your children want to do…
Pragya is fuming in anger on this silly activity of Abhi ….
Abhi touches her hand : oh see its heating too much hot.. I can’t handle my hand got burned see..( trying to calm down Pragya with this silly joke)
Pragya : oh yes right now I am that much anger right so now Mr. Abhishek treat yourself on your own as I will not..
And she leaves from there Abhigya, Pulkit , Prabhas , Rahul and Subuhi goes to Abhi and said in same tone Papa she is very much angry how will we calm down her…. Subuhi says
Subuhi : This is all beacause of me na papa(in crying tone) I make her angry to such an extent that she has scold you…
Abhi : no beta don’t cry as I know that how to calm her down…… first go and say sorry to her as today you have made mistake.. na then I will handle her ok
Subuhi nods yes and she goes to Pragya she is sitting in a room and crying about thinking that how worst can this situation could result but no he doesn’t thinks about that.. Subuhi comes in and sees Pragya crying she also begans crying and holding her ears.. says…
Subuhi : sorry ma.. sorry na I have made a mistake today..

Pragya is not talking to her.. she cries hard
Subuhi shakes her : ma sorry na pls I will never do so again ma pls talk to me na maa…. (crying hard) ma you want to slap me punish me so do it but talk to me …
Pragya melts down seeing her crying and lifts her in her arms and makes her sit on her lap and says
Pragya : Promise me you would never do this again…
Subuhi : Promise I will not do it again….
And she hides her head in Pragya’s shoulder and then Pulkit Abhigya Rahul and Prabhas also comes there and says sorry to her and wipes her tears she says the same to all and they all have a hug…. Just then Abhi also enters and says if you are distributing sorry so please give some to me also…..
Abhi goes to Pragya and says sorry to her.. she refuses and Abhi tries again and again Pragya denies again and again then Abhi starts singing song and begging her for sorry while he is singing all the children along with bulbul were dancing taking the small posters on which sorry is written and Abhi is singing the song and trying to cheer up
I wanna make it up to you, pretty baby
Make it up to you.
I wanna see you smile

I wanna see you smile
I wanna make it up to you.
O meri jaan na lele ke meri jaan ( oh my darling you are taking my life)
Teri ada (your style)
Jaan jala na tujhe pe deewana (don’t show anger on me as I am your beloved)
Mein hoon fida (I am mad over you)
Gusstaki maaf karde ( please forgive my mistake )
Abb tho insaaf karde ( please make now the clear judgement)
Apna dil saaf karde ( make your heart clear)
Kehna tho maan le ( listen to me once)
Jaane bhi de jo bhi hua ( let It be what has happened let it be. Go)
jaane bhi de ( let it be gone)
Come on smile now…
Gussa tera jhootha ( I know your anger is fake)
Jhoothi moothi berukhi hai ( your ignorance is fake)
Jaanu main to jaanu ( I know very well)
Teri naa mein haan chupi hai ( your yes is hidden in your no)
Aye sanaam na kar sitam ( oh darling don’t trouble me noe)
Tujhko khuda ka vasta( for god sake)
Gusstaki maaf karde ( please forgive my mistake )
Abb to insaaf karde ( please make now the clear judgement)
Apna dil saaf karde ( make your heart clear)
Kehna to maan le ( listen to me once)
Jaane bhi de jo bhi hua (let it be what has happened let it be go)
jaane bhi de (lit is be gone)
Abhi trying to cheer up Pragya but she is continuously ignoring
Tanha na kategi zindgani jaanle tu ( you can’t spend your life alone remember )
Meri bhi zarurat tujhko hogi maanle tu (you need me on every way you have to accept)
Mar ke bhi na chodunda eri baahien tera raasta ( even if I died then also I am not going to leave your hug your way.)
gu.gu.gu..Gusstaki maaf karde ( please forgive my mistake)
Abb to insaaf karde ( do clear judgement)
Apna dil saaf karde ( clear all misunderstandings from your heart)
Kehna to maan le ( just listen me)
Jaane bhi de jo bhi hua ( now forget it what happened )
jaane bhi de (just forget it)
Come on smile now…

He is trying to pacify her but she is ignoring as she very much angry on Abhi he again says.. sorryyy
Pragya denies and Abhi says if you are not forgiving me then I am going to jump again from that terrace now Pragya doesn’t give any expression again and he says so you are not forgiving me so I am going again to jump Pragya holds his hand while he was leaving and says I will forgive you but first you promise me that you will not do these silly things again… He holds his ears and says sorry baba from now onwards no such things ok she says if you done it again na then I swear I will push you myself I am saying that (in fake anger) Abhi says okay baba sorry now can I have a sweet hug from my wife …….they hug and pragya hugs emotionally he kisses her fore head and is laughing…….. and says by the way fuggii you look cute in anger and yes too much hot to handle also Pragya piches him and he says aah it hurts yr…. They both hug again and smile meanwhile Prabhas ABhigya pulkit Rahul and Subuhi also comes and they all have a family hug…

Pracap : Abhi and Pragya are drunked…

Ok so here is your second musical episode of my musical saga.. so did you liked it ithink after reading today’s one you will not…. ahh
Guys i am getting some suggestions that ABhi and Pragya should have one more child so that ABhi could experience that time of growing up of child which he has missed in Abhigya and Prabhas case so i would like to ask do you really need so give proper suggestions please positively and yes of course again majority will be followed…..

Tisha, Naveena and yes my dear buddy Somiya love your ffs yr…. keep inspiring … and yup all other writers also keep showering Abhigya love for me and all KKB fans also ….
Now coming to the point guys again comments are getting less why ….. yr… anyways thanks to all readers Vaishali Somiya Durga Reshma Hani Kaif….. and all other also plss keep reading and yes keep supporting…. as i have many ideas so keep reading and of course dont forget to give feed back and dont forget to answer my question and mention the best and the bad part also it helps in improving alot… love u all the readers…
so further updates stay tuned…
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KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 15)


KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 15)


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