Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 12

The episode starts with Mahira and Azad seeing Azad there and are boggled. Amad gives a angry expression.
Azad: Amad. Don’t think me wrong. I wasn’t lying. I didn’t do anything. Please forgive me.
Amad: how dare you? How dare you hide this big fact from me? If I didn’t listen then you could have had forced me or got any solution to let me know the truth. You know I love you a lot bhaijaan. In these two years, I missed you so much. I’m sorry for misunderstanding you. I’m sorry
Amad and Azad hugs and Mahira happily looks on…
Mahira: how about me? You guys are not going to give me a hug? I feel like I’m a loner.
Amad and Azad in a unison: Mahira, you are always welcomed. Come!!!
Mahira runs to hug them but there is a table on the way, so she slips and hits her head in the table which causes her to bleed. She suddenly gets blurry flashes of “two people hugging and saying I love you. Someone is falling down from the cliff and a girl is saying I will die without you Ahil”. Mahira faints. Azad rushes to her while Amad calls the doctor.

After two hour in Amad’s room
As Mahira gets conscious she sees khan begum, khala, Lateef, Kainat and Amad standing in front of her worried. As she turns other direction, she finds Azad beside her bed crying. They both get emotional. (Oo mere oyara plays…)
Mahira: azad! When I got hit on the table, I got some blurry things in my head. Some people were talk, saying I love you, etc. I can’t understand anything.
Amad: Mahira, I think you watch movies a lot these days that’s why you get weird imagination.
Mahira: haha so funny. I forget to laugh.
Amad: you are just jealous because my joke was, is, and will always be better than yours.
Azad: you two stop your faltu bakwas. Mahira you should take some rest.
Everyone starts teasing them and Mahira and Azad blush, then azad suddenly remembers that he’s not a normal human and gets sad. Khan begum notices this and says: we should fix Azad’s and Mahira’s marriage soon.
Azad gets shocked and thinks: despite knowing that I’m not a normal human, why is she saying that? If Mahira finds out then she will leave me. I can’t ruin Mahira’s life. I have to stop this marriage.
Khan begum thinks: finally I will get what I want. I will be so powerful and be the leader of demons.
The screen freezes on Azad’s tensed and khan begum’s smirking face.

No precap.

I had to ask you guys something. Why is it so hard to forget someone who we really love? Today it has been exactly two years since I started liking a guy. I never thought that I would love him. In the beginning I thought It was just a crush because I had a crush on someone else before him too. But then slowly I started falling for him. I can’t live without him even though he told me that I ruined his life. The words he said echo’s in my head everyday. Sometimes, I feel like killing my self but then I think about what my family and friends would do without me. Honestly saying, I feel like nobody loves me. I hate myself. You guys might think that I’m a drama queen and doing this for attention. I’m sorry for wasting you guys time. I just couldn’t control my emotions. 2 YEARS. 2 DAMN YEARS.

Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 12


Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 12


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