Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 15)

Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 15)

A week had passed. Swasan didnt talk anymore. Many tried to make them patch up as they knew how was Kavita and what kind of girl she was..

“A jerk !!” says Ragini when she saw them together and Kavita trying to be close to Sanskar and Sanskar paying no heed.

She laughed at them “You both call your self a couple !”

Kavita : Mind your business. Sanskar today I have hosted a party. By the way Ragini you and your friend are invited..

Ragini goes and tells this to Swara.
“No I don’t want to go.” says Swara.

Ragini : Fine I wont force you.

In the party Sanskar gets drunk for the first time. He badly misses Swara. He recalls all their moments. “2013 is the worst year in my life ever !” He comes to this conclusion.

Kavita was dancing on the floor. Sanskar takes advantage of this and runs away from her boring party and the boring company.

He sits in his car and glances at his personal diary. It had all the pictures clicked by Swara and Sanskar. All their picture perfect moments.

“Enough is enough ! Now I cant take it anymore. I have to tell Swara the truth. And this diary would.” says Sanskar to himself.

He rushes to her house and keeps the diary near the door and leaves.

Swara feels someone was at the door. She peeps through her window but found no one. She is again depressed. She checks her mail and finds out mail from the Fashion Designing Institute of Paris. She was selected and she was at the cloud nine. “Finally something was good in this year.” she remarks.

Sanskar returns to the party and is shocked to see Kavita drunk. He takes her home and nobody happens to be in the house as all had went to Calcutta for some ceremony of the new company. Another feather in their hat for Maheshwari Industries.

He takes her inside and makes her sleep in the guest room. “Had swara looked at their diary?” Sanskar wondered.

The next morning sanskar goes to the garden for watering the plants. Meanwhile Swara was rushing to Sanskar’s place. She was driving the scooty and was smiling all the way.

“Sanskar ! You should have told me before. How could I think you can betray me. I m so stupid.” Fb..

Swara opened the door and sees Sanskar’s diary. She goes through the pages.
She sees all their sweet memories.”Pagal. If he loved me why did he never tell me. He is seriously so shy !! I m coming my Sanskar.”

She reaches his home. Kavita sees Swara through the window. She could read her face by the wide smile which was on her face. She quickly changes into Sanskar’s shirt and rushes down. Swara presses the door bell. Kavita acts to be super sleepy.

She opens the door. “Oh swara what are you doing here ?”Kavita asks

Swara gets inside. “Where is Sanskar?” Swara still smiled saying this.

She sees Kavita dressed in Sanskar’s shirt.
Swara : What is this Kavita ?

Kavita : Oh this ? This is Sanskar’s shirt baby.

Swara : I know that. But what are you doing in this ?

Kavita : Dont you get it ? Okay I and Sanskar partied hard yesterday and guess what. We ended sleeping together.

Swara was shocked hearing this. “I don’t believe this !” shouts Swara.

Kavita : Sanskar was drunk. And you know he never drinks. We both were not in our senses. But still I feel it was the most awesome night ever.

Swara leaves fuming in anger and slams the door hard. Sanskar comes inside the house and asks Kavita “Who was right now here ?”

Kavita : No one !

Sanskar : What are you doing in that shirt?

Kavita : Sanky actually I had dropped water on my clothes so ..

Sanskar : Okay…
He thinks “I think I should say swara myself that I love her.”

Precap : Swara leaves India for Paris.

This is a part of my story so please don’t get disheartened so quickly because Swasan will be together soon.


Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 15)


Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 15)

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