A Journey of Love(Episode 29)

A Journey of Love(Episode 29)

Sorry frnds.I am in family trip. Now i am in tirupathi.No time to give ff updates.And in previous episode also i go with small mistakes.Plz forgive me….

The episode starts with Amaya give a slap to Kushi After hearing Arnavs statement,That this idea was given by kushi.Kushi is in shock for Arnavs statement and Amayas reaction. Kushi didnt know how to react. Amaya is ready to leave the room.Mantu hold her hand and ask her be clam. Mantu look at Arnav.Arnav was still in shock bcoz of him kushi was slapped by Amaya. He feel so bad for that.
Arjun ask the staff to carry on their works and goto your places.He call the manager who played an important role in their absence.
Arjun:we four leave the office. If any important assignment inform me, And Warn the employees no more discussions on this issue. If any one dare to do that immediately we fire off from the company.
Raman ask them to reach his house.He ask uma to come with him.Arjun look at Radhika.Radhika ask him i bring Amaya.Arjun nod his head and leave the cabin.Radhika console kushi by her eyes and take Amaya from there and follow Arjun.Arnav try to convience Kushi,But reject with her angry look. Her right cheek was very red and her eyes is full of tears. Mantu walk towards kushi and put his hands around her shoulders and look at Arnav.Arnav nod his head and leave the cabin.Mantu ask kushi you feel angry on Amaya.Kushi :No it is no like that.Mantu:you feel angry on Arnav.
Kushi:No no…But how can he tell like that.I want to give a chance to realise that honey has feelings on you. So i ask him to help me.Yes plan is mine only.But……
Mantu:ok relax….come with me…
Kushi followed Mantu and sit in his car.All are on the way to Ramans house.
Thoshiji called Ishitha and ask her to come fast to their house.After return back from school Ruhi is not feeling well and her eyes are red.Ishitha ask her not to be worried.I will be there in 20 mins.
Buaji and Sashi(kushis and amayas father) are in Mr.Iyers house.Sashi talk to Mr.Iyer and told him this house is near to my shop.My daughters are intrested to stay here.Mr.Iyer:Yah sashiji.They become good friends in these days.Sashi:What about the rent?Mr.Iyer:Dont think about rent.It is your wish.Madhu feel happy if you stay here.She is waiting for that moment.Sashi:I am comfortable with 10,000rs.Madhu:No need of that amt.Our maintainance for that floor is only 6000.And i am happy if they four stay here.Buaji:Then tomarrow mrg we shift our laugage. Madhu:Dont prepare food.I will make all arrangements.

The scene shift to Shivas house.Anjali play with Ananya.Ananya walk in the garden without any slippers.She run so fast with her cute legs.Shanta also run behind Ananya.Anjali notice throwns in the path.She run towards ananya to catch her.she hold Ananya and fell on throwns.Shanta took Ananya from Anjalis hand.Just fraction secs before Shiva enter into garden and saw the incident.Shiva hold Anjali and take care of her.
Shiva:Are you ok..Anjali:Nod her head.
Shiva:Maasi(Shanta)is Ananya complete her lunch or not.
Shanta:She completed her lunch. Anjali didnt eat anything.
Shiva:Ok you take care of Ananya and ask Ramu kaka to arrange all thel items on table.
Shiva remove throwns from Anjalis palm and do first aid for her wounds.
When he look at Anjalis face he feel the innocence.Shiva:Anjali why you didnt talk with anybody. Anjali:Bcoz i am not good.Bcoz of me my father expired.I lost my character and too my baby also.So i have no right to talk with anybody.My bothers are so good. Bcoz of me they didnt move in their lives.
Shiva:Can we take luch?I am feeling hungry.
Anjali:Nod her head and follow him.
Shiva is sit infront of dining table.
Anjali bring one empty vessel and one glass of water to wash his hands. Anjali said him washing hands before eating is good habit.
Shiva recalls his wife who always use the same dialogue.But he control his feelings and wash his hands.Shiva serve food in the plates. He notice that she didnt eat sufficient quantity. Shiva:You take rest in my room.

Anjali enters into Shivas room and slept on bed.After 5min she come down from that room and stand infront of shiva.Shiva ask her what happened Anjali?Anjali:I want sleeping pills.Without pills i am not able to sleep.Shiva:Give two pills to her.Anjali:Two pills are not sufficient for me.
Shiva:These are more powerful medicines.Two is enough.
After that he ask her to come and sit with him.And help him to solve the puzzel.
The scene shift to Ramans house. Raman,Arnav,Uma,Arjun sit in the hall. Amaya and Radhika sit in pinkys room.Ishitha enter into hall and look at them.Thoshiji ask Ishitha to come with her.Ishitha followed her.
Ishitha:What happened to my Ruhis eyes?Ishitha check her eyes and said that it is eye infection.
Thoshiji ask Ishitha to send the kids to her house.What happened Auntyji? Thoshiji: No clarity….But issue is serious. Ishitha think and call her Amma to inform that kids want to come there. Thosiji ask Arjun send a driver to drop kids in Ishithas house.
Arjun assign driver and ask Ishitha to stay here.Radhika also here only.I drop you people. Arjun said Radhika and Amaya were in pinkys room.Ishitha enter into that room and see that Amaya is like statue.Ishitha: What happened Radhika.Radhika explain her what happenes in office. Mantu brings kushi into hall. After 5mins kids leave from there.
All sit in study room.Raman:What is this Arnav?Arnav:Nothing Raman. Kushi and me didnt see Amayas and Mantus pain.We know that Amaya has feelings on Mantu.So expose that i play this drama. Arjun:Yah Arnav.We know Amaya has feelings but we didnt have any solid proof naaa. Arnav drag the phone from Kushi and show the vedio to all of them. Kushi forget her phone in my cabin.Then i saw this vedio. I dont bear her pain also.So i ask kushis help. kushi didnt agree for that. Then only Uma come to me. I ask uma to help me.After that all drama will play infront of you people only…..
Kushi looked at Arnav and think why he put all the blame on him only. Amaya:Arnav sir you told that this idea was by kushi naa…
Arnav:Yah…. I ask her to this vedio to Mantu and request her to tell your past.I think then it is easy to convience you.But kushi didnt agree for that.she told me give some time to you to know about yourself anf we create any small issues between Mantu and you to confess your feelings.I agree for that infront of her but i know it is a foolish idea. Same time Uma enter into my cabin to invite me for her engagement.I ask her to play this drama.

Amaya look plzingly towards Kushi….. kushi walk towards Amaya and hug her.Amaya:I am sorry Kushi. Kushi: no need of that…. Raman:Amaya you have ferlings on Mantu…Right? Amaya nods her head. Arjun:Then why you are not confess to him and didnt agree for his praposal. Amaya:My past is like that.After listening my past You people only decide that i am suitable person to Mantu sir or not. And more over this society supports it or not.My babuji and buaji support it or not.All these are controlled my feelings.Mantu:I dont need your past.I want to be lead happy future with you.
Arnav:First try to listen her past.It is not mandatory for us.But it is helpful for us to solve upcomming issues.
FB Starts: Kushi starts to narrate FB. Amaya and me are gud friends and neighbours also.Our father are also good friends.Amaya is only child to her father.For my father my brother and me.My mother expired when she gave birth to me. After 15 days Amaya was born.Aunty only took care of us. When we are in 10th class Aunty also leave us and went to god. Until than we are happy kids in the world.Our bhayya took care of us. Amayas grany convience Amayas father and do second marriage to Uncle.From that moment onwards our lives changed.Ammu stay in our house only.There is one brother for Ammus step mother.He is the worst creature in the world Days pass on and when we were in degree second year she tried to do marriage for Amaya with that dirty fellow. Uncle came to my father snd feel sad for that marriage. Then buaji ask him send Amaya as a daughter-in-law to our house. prudhvi is good.We take care of her along with kudhi.Both stay infront of our eyes only.Uncle agree for that.He ask buaji do this marriage on buaji hands only. After completion of our 2nd year degree they decide to to the marriage.Bhayya is good from heart. He know only two things.Helping to bsbuji and take care about Amaya and me. Amaya step mother do lot of noise and create issues to stop this marriage.Even though our babuji and buaji stand infront of het and break all evil steps they complete the marriage rituals. After marriage we are very happy to stay in one house. Ammu loved my brother like me only. She was prepared to accept him as her husband.They both were very friendly. My brother gave time to her to accept him and for her studies also. We three are happy.By seeing us our babuji , Uncleji and buaji was very happy. After completed our third year exams we reach home.Infront of our house people stand and discussed eith low voice. We went near the gate and we are shocked that my brother was expired.Amayas first loves was break. There is no future to her bcoz she was ready to accept him as a husband. We threr decided after exams we plsn for their honeymoon.But my brother leaves us alone.After completing all rituals of my brother wr sit in our rooms.Suddenly Amayas step mother came to our house and do lot of noise to send Amaya along with her.My babuji didnt agree for that.Buaji adk her to get out. Bcoz some of our neighbours told us that Amayas step mother and her brother only do the accident to kill my brother.The neighbours ask my babuji to file case against them.Buaji didnt accept for that.Next day morning we go with another bad news that Amays father was aldo expired by hanging himself. That lady try to took back Amaya for property sake.Uncle write the property on Amayas name.Our babuji asked Amaya you want to stay with us or with your Mother.Amaya hugs my father and said him that she want to stay with us only.Then my father and buaji ask Ammu to transfer all property to Ammus step mother. Ammu transfer all the properties on her name.After the immediate next day babuji adopt Ammaya.On that day onwards he took care of us.His business was dull in recent days.After transfering property some of our common businesses also took by them.Even though our babuji didnt fight for that.After completion of our MBA we reached this city and start new lives.Intial days Amaya cried for my brother a lot.Days passed on we try to forget my brother and give moral and physical support to my babuji……FB ends.
Thoshiji and dadhiji walk towards Amaya and hug her and said her this happens before four years.We are all ready to accept you as a Mantus wife in our lives.There is no wrong in your fate.Hope all good only. First umas engagement and next is yours only.

Mantu:No Auntyji,I am not ready for the engagement..
All looked at him with shocking faces. Mantu said Raman is elder than me.
After his marriage only ……
Raman walk towards Amaya and ask her be normal.Your past is not necessary for us.We all welcome you into our family..Amaya hugs Raman and cried like a kid.Arjun observe Raman…Raman said the above words to Amaya but he look at Ishitha.
Ishitha also noticed that but she didnt response. Thoshiji ask them to fresh up and let have a snack time.Arjun said you people carry on.I pick up Anjali dhi from shivas house. Radhika:Sir i have an important work plz drop me on the way…Arjun nod his head and Radhika followed him. Amaya is in pinkys room.She wash her face and come out from wash room. She stand infront of mirror.Mantu enter into that room and huged her from back and put his chin on her shoulder.Amaya bent her head and didnt lift.He turned Amaya towards him and put his right hsnd around her waist and pulled her very clsoe to him. By using his left hand he lift her heaf and look into her eyes…..

Precap:More romance between Manya and Arshi.Raman directly confess to ishitha.Arjun and rsdhika planed for Isharas unite……

A Journey of Love(Episode 29)


A Journey of Love(Episode 29)

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