Shastri Sisters 7th November 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Astha telling everything about Alka and Rajeev to Bua ji. Bua ji is shocked. Astha asks her not to tell anyone that she has told her this. She says Rohan wants to take divorce from Alka. She says I respect you a lot, so I did not stop from saying you, but I love my family too. Bua ji says she has to go and find out. Nikki and Minty talk about their plan, and Devyaani will be begging to her all her life. Minty says I m waiting for the moment when Rajat tells Devyaani that he does not love her but Anushka, and she breaks down. I will break her heart such that it won’t get healed again. Bua ji asks Hari and Vrinda to get ready as they are going there.
Hari says you know I m not fine. Bua ji says I have known the reason why you were not going and why was Alka there in her Maayka, and you did not wish to get her back. They get shocked. Astha says what are you saying, how did you know it, are you fine. Bua ji says she was feeling unwell thinking Hari lied to me, but now I m fine. Hari says how would I tell you this, doctor said we can’t give you any shocking news. Bua ji says I m very strong. Alka slips and Rohan holds her, while she was doing flower arrangements. They have an eyelock.
He takes a flower and touches her hair. Music plays.Alka goes. Rohan smiles. Alka comes to Anushka and feels sad. Anushka makes Devyaani ready for the engagement and smiles. Devyaani asks how is she looking. Alka smiles and nods yes. She sees Anushka. Devyaani asks her why is she looking at Anushka as if its her engagement. Alka says don’t do anything to get scolded by me today, I m seeing Anu as she will be alone, we will go our home. Devyaani says no, she will be here with Anu, I will shift back home and w will be together.
Devyaani tells Anushka that she is looking very beautiful today, just like bride, anyone can get confused that its her engagement or mine. Anushka says she is happy for her and hugs her. Rajat comes home in his car. Anushka looks on. He sees her and smiles. He meets Anushka while she is at the terrace. Anushka wipes her tears. He asks is she shy, as relation is fixed. He says I like this about you. She says get ready fast, it will be late for engagement. He says is this shocking for you, as everything happened so soon, I wanted to do everything, but then I wanted it to happen soon.
Shastri Sisters 7th November 2014 Written Update
She says why are you telling this to me. He says then whom will I say. He asks is she happy. She asys yes, I m very happy, my dad and everyone is happy, and most imp Devyaani is happy. She cries turning her face. He says you mean to say your family is happy, so you are family, no other reason. She asks what now. Nikki comes to them and stops them from clearing. He says I m getting engaged to the girl I love, and you should be also happy. Nikki asks him to come for engagement. Rajat says one min, and tells Anu to come soon. He leaves.
Rajat comes in the engagement and says he is very happy, why do they look less happy. He asks what is the matter, did Shastri ji refuse to give dowry. Sareen says no, when you say such cheap jokes, I get sure that you are my son. Rajat hugs him and asks where is Neil. Minty and Nikki looks on. Sareen says I will see him. Nikki asks Rajat to get ready. He says he has an important work to do as he knows whats in Minty’s mind. She gets tensed.
He says mum is worried as I will not give her priority. He says she is first in his list. She smiles. He goes to get ready. Sareen goes to see Neil. Minty talks to Sareen and prays for Neil. Anushka comes calling out Minty and Rajat smiles. He holds her and says I locked the room as anyone come and spoil out moment. He says now no one can stop me from saying whats in my heart. She asks what is he saying. He says I have been in love and I have to tell you. He holds her closer. She says this is wrong.
He says why, I don’t feel this wrong. She says you feel its no wrong to come close to me and see like this, gift and show like you love me when you….. He says yes, whats wrong if I made you feel this, as I love you. She is shocked and asks do you love me. He says yes, I love you Anu. She asks him why did he getting engaged to Devyaani today. Rajat is shocked hearing this.
Rajat and Devyaani stand for engagement and see the rings. Nikki says now Rajat will reject Devyaani, our mission will be completed now. Rajat holds the ring and looks at Anushka while Devyaani smiles seeing her.
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