Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 44 LAST EPISODE

Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 44 LAST EPISODE

Thank you guys for comments and also silent readers..
And someone asked me that am I going to include any twist.. I would but as I’m busy with my studies I can’t write anymore. So guys enjoy this last episode..

At MM house..
All the pairs are dancing happily..
AP and DP, sujatha and RP, sumi and Shekhar, shailu and Rathan were happy to see their kids..
All claps..
Swaragini and Arjun hugs and sanlak and nithi hugs and smiles happily..
Swara looks sanskar and signs..
He moved to her..
Sanskar : happy?!
Swara (smilingly) : very happy..
Just then all their friends came including Neha..
All six welcomes their friends..
Neha hugs sanskar and congrats him..
Sanskar immediately looks swara to see how she reacts..
As he expected she fumes with anger..
Arthi and raglak notices this and smiles..
Sanskar went to swara..
Sanskar : what?!
Swara (angrily) : what?!
Sanskar : why are you shouting now?
Swara (very angrily) : I’m not shouting..
Sanskar (calmly) : jealous?!

Swara : why should I jealous?!
Sanskar : so you are not jealous..
She nodes no..
Sanskar smiles and thinks “why all girls are so possessive about their boyfriends”
Swara looks him and thinks ” why all boys feeling so proud to be with girls in front of their girlfriend.. What are they trying to prove from this”
Ragini and nithi goes to swara.. Similarly Arjun and Laksh went to sanskar..
Ragini looks all the three handsome boys..
Ragini : sanskar.. Why are you doing like this?!
Laksh : what?! What sanskar did?!
Nithi : Laksh bhaiya.. What are you talking?! Sanskar bhaiya moving close with his girl friends that too in front of swara.. Do you know how much it hurts?!
Arjun : oh come on what’s wrong with that?!
Swara : oh yeah.. Nothing is wrong in that?!
Sanskar : why you girls are like this?! All girls are same..
Ragini : why you boys are like this?! All boys are same..
In few minutes they started fighting..

Sumi AP sujatha and shailu looks this..
Sumi: swara beta.. What are you talking?! Don’t you trust your love?!
Swara : talk is not about trust ma.. It’s about irritating your partner..
At voice came “you are right beta”
All turned.. It is Shekhar.. DP, RP, Rathan standing there.
Laksh : this is not fair.. What we did is not to irritate you..
Ragini : huh.. Laksh you will talk like this because you did the same na?!
Arjun : oh oh.. Really.. So what you girls trying to say.. We should not talk to any other girls..
Nithi : no we are not saying that.. We just..
Sanskar : then what?! All you girls do this..
DP : sanskar.. What are you talking?! You must understand her feelings also..
Laksh :pappa this is not fair.. You took girls side..
Shailu : it’s OK Laksh.. But we are at your side..
All mom’s took boys side..

The argument continues..
At last dadi and Dada decided to stop this..
Dadi : OK stop it now..
All stops and looks dadi..
Dadi: listen swara, Ragini, nithi.. What you felt was not wrong.. All girls will have this possessiveness about their husband.. But the truth is whatever we see may not to be true..
All looks on..
Dada : yes.. And also listen sanskar Laksh and Arjun the thing is not about that the girls not trusting you.. It’s just their unconditional love they have for you makes them do like that..
Dadi : guys.. Listen.. Without these small fights life will not be interesting.. But remember these fights should not make your relationship weak..
Swasan Arthi and Raglak looks each other..

Dada holds dadi and they together said ” this is a small secret behind our 50 years of love life”
All smiles happily..
Nithi looks arjun and signs.. He hold her hand.. That touch had a promise of being with her throughout his life.. She smiles..
Laksh looks Ragini..
Ragini hold his hand.. That touch told him that how much she loves him and trusts him.. He smiles and pulled her close.. She rests on his shoulder..
Swasan looks each other.. Sanskar signs her.. She moved close to him..
He looks on.. She moved even close and tried herself to go even closer.. He got excited thinking that she is going to kiss her..
She went near his ears and said ” I LOVE YOU”
He looks her.. She hugged him..
All the family members are happy to see them..

The picture ends with a photo of swasan raglak and Arthi happily..

Thank you so so much guys.. Thank you for all the comments and support till now.. Without you guys it’s not possible to write this much.. Love you so much guys.. Please do comments about my FF.. I request all my readers to comment..

Thank you..

Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 44 LAST EPISODE


Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 44 LAST EPISODE

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