Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 9)

Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 9)

Hi guys , how are u , sorry couldn’t update as I said last time in epi8 the comments that I’m not feeling well and hav a severe headache that’s why couldb’t write sorry .
So here I start my epi 9 .
After winding up both sit in the car, it starts to rain heavily , wow its raining says Suhana .
Varun – I can see that but I don’t like rains .
Suhana – can u on the radio sir .
Varun – sure
(sunn raha hain na tu song is playing )

Suhana – chi sir wat a song not applicable for this weather .
Varun – hello its my fav. Song dare u say dat .
Suhana – ok chill why are u getting angry
Varun – what do u mean why I am getting angry , u can’t comment on anybodies choice like that.
Suhana – ok sir chill
Varun – what do u mean chill do u know who wrote and sang this song
Suhana – yeah some rohan person he must be depressed in life that’s why sung this .
Varun – dare u say something abt that.
Suhana – sir aap to aise bol rahe hai jaise aap usse jaante hon . (laughing )
Varun – ms.kashyap you are crossing ur limits .
Suhana – wat sir wats the problem

Varun – get out of my car ms.kashyap , get out right know .
Suhana – what the , what do u think of urself sir u offer me a lift and u only are asking me to get out , just by the way I can go by myself , and for ur kind information I didn’t ask u for help. Can’t insult me like this that also fr this stupid song .
Varun – out now (very angry)
Suhana – opens the door gets out and bangs it angrily the car leaves and she is shocked.
Suhana is all wet bcz of the rain .
She gets a call – its sid
Sid – hey suhana I hope u reached home safely .
Suhana – no sid , ur sir threw me out of the car
Sid – what bhai did that why
Suhana – I’ll tell u everything later

Sid – ok first tell me where are u I’ll come there
Suhana tells him where she is after 10 minutes sid comes there in his car.
Sid- come in fast u are already soo wet .
Suhana gets in
He drives the car on the way .
Sid – suhana now tell me what happened
Suhana tell him everything
Sid – puts the breaks car suddenly stops .
Sid – WHAT
Suhan – what why are u setting hyper
Sid – suhana u don’t know what u hav done
Suhana – it’s not my mistake ok

Sid – do u even knoe the writer and singer of that song
Suhana – I said no some rohan person
Sid – that’s not some rohan suhana that’s rohan singhania
Suhana – what singhania that means
Sid – yes that means a lot suhana , bhai had an elder brother rohan singhania many people know him as rohan and do u know this was rohan bhaiyya’s last song . he died from cancer . he sang this song when he was on the second stage of cancer and actually varun bhai had written this song fr him but he named it as his . he wrote this song for his brother and and rohan bhaiyya sang this .
Sid – this song was very close to his heart and u

Suhana – intears what did I do shit oh my god I didn’t know this.
Sid – ok chill don’t cry I’ll drop u home and u apologize to him tomorrow ok
Suhana – yeah

Precap – varun sees a small and cute bouquet on his table .

Hi guys plz tell my improvements , and plz plz leave ur comments below
Thanks love u all

Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 9)


Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 9)

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