Love is not a game (Episode 20)

Episode 20: (Final episode):

Recap: Smriti left Vihar n Vihar realised his love towards Smriti.

The episode starts with Smriti coming onto the stage. Vihar hiden himself from Smriti. Though she thinks he won’t come, still her eyes r searching for Vihar. Vihar observed her. But he didn’t have courage to face her now. Her name is announced n she needs to start her performance. But Smriti mind is unable to concentrate as she desparately need Vihar’s love now. Because he is the one who motivated n supported her to reach the finals today. Vihar understood her situation. Judges n audience are seeing her n unable to understand why she is not starting her singing. Smriti at last decided to move towards her goal n closed her eyes to relax n gain focus. She opened her eyes n surprisingly Vihar is present in audience. She is unable to believe it. Vihar sighed her to relax n start the programme. She can see tears in his eyes. She wiped her tears n started singing seeing Vihar:

For you, there’ll be no more crying,
For you, the sun will be shining,

And I feel that when I’m with you,
It’s alright, I know it’s right

To you, I’ll give the world
to you, I’ll never be cold

‘Cause I feel that when I’m with you,
It’s alright, I know it’s right.

And the songbirds are singing,
Like they know the score,

And I love you, I love you, I love you,
Like never before.
And I wish you all the love in the world,
But most of all, I wish it from myself.

And the songbirds keep singing
Like they know the score,
And I love you, I love you, I love you,
Like never before, like never before.

Song is finished n the hall is filled with claps. Its the time to announce the final winner.

Judge: Now the title “Indian Idol” goes to
Smriti Vihar.

Pieces of Colour papers fallen on her from roof indicating her success. But her heart is still in grief n is unable to find her happiness even in her achievement. Judges called family members to come onto stage to share her success n to talk abt her. Vihar came onto the stage. Smriti is looking down as her eyes r filled with tears. He is given mike to talk. Vihar took it n started speaking:

Vihar: This success is what she deserves for her hardwork, kind heart n for the person who she is. She is a great daughter in law who united family, She is a loving wife who can forgive every mistake of her husband n loves infinitely n kind human being who can feel the pain of others n gives a new hope. At last, I want to say one thing to my Smriti in front of u all…

Smriti is trying to understand his words but her tears made her nothing to understand. At once, Vihar went on his knees before Smriti. Smriti is seeing him shockingly.

Vihar(tears): I love you Smriti. I love u so much. I can’t live without u. I am nothing if u r not with me. How can u leave me? Y did u leave me when u know I love u a lot? I can nvr ever forgive u for this. U must bare me throughout ur life. No matter how much u try I won’t let u go from my life. Because if u go, there is no meaning for my life. I don’t want that property. I don’t want anything. I want only you. I will do anything for u. Pls trust me.

Tears from Vihar’s eyes fallen on her feet making her to forget everything that happened. Because no matter how much he hurted her, she wants to see him happy.. Smriti looking him n tears r flowing from her eyes.

Vihar: I am sorry for my words n everything I done. Pls forgive me just once. I promise I will love u forever n hurts u never. Trust me just once

Vihar stood up n Smriti hugged him with joy.

Vihar: I am sorry Smriti

Smriti: Not sorry. Tell me I love you again

Vihar: I love u. I love u so much.

Smriti: I love u too. I am sorry for leaving u.

Vihar n Smriti reached home. Veena n Kalyan welcomed them. Vijay, Adi n Rima decorated the whole house to celebrate her success. She noticed Ajay there n looked Vihar. Vihar smiled n took her into home. Vihar threw Ajay on her feet

Ajay: I am sorry Smriti. I am so sorry. I nvr disturb u again. I am really sorry.

Vihar sighed Vijay. He gave few documents to him n he took Ajay out of the home. Smriti looked Vihar.

Vihar: He is removed from job n his property is seezed. As he apologised u now, those documents are handovered to him. I won’t spare anyone who hurts u including me. Tell me wat can I do now for hurting u so much.

Smriti: Just keep loving me. And the biggest punishment for u is to bare me throughout ur life.

Smriti winked her eye. Vihar hugged her from side n smiled.

Vihar: I love you Smriti. From now u will see only my love n no anger. No matter wat happens. This is my promise.

Smriti: If I do anything wrong?

Vihar: No way. U won’t because u r the best n u r right, my choice is always the best. Thats y I choosed u as my wife

Smriti: If I make u angry intentionally, then?

Vihar whispered in her ears.

Vihar: I will punish u by showing utmost love through

Smriti: Through?

Vihar: Same punishment which I give u wen u didn’t respond too me. Did u remember or shall I remember u now by punishing.

Vihar winked. Smriti blushed

Vihar: I will do anything to make u happy. But please nvr leave me in my life.

Smriti: Never ever

Smriti eyes filled with tears n Vihar wiped her tears.

Vihar: Its time for celebrations. From now u should nvr cry. I will make ur life the most happiest. Smile now

Smriti smiled. Rima n Vijay came to her.

Rima, Vijay: I am sorry Smriti. Because of u, we realised wat is true love. We r going to get married soon.

Rima hugged Smriti. Smriti welcomed her frndshp by hugging her back. Smriti cut the cake n feeded Vihar. They celebrated her success n their love.

In their room:

Smriti slept in Vihar’s lap. He is caressing her hairs.

Vihar: I am sorry Smriti for hurting u so much.


Vihar: R u angry on me

Smriti: No

Vihar: I know its my mistake to test u. But my past made me to do dat. Though u r not involved in my past u bared my anger. But I trust u.

Smriti: I know. I realised that u trust me a lot. When u knew my past love u didn’t doubt me. I am so scared on that day. But u didn’t say anything to me. Then I realised how much u love n trust me.

Vihar: Sorry for acting n testing u

Smriti: Don’t b. Because U didn’t act. Ur care wen I am not well,ur tension wen I came late, ur encouragement to make me reach goal, ur support when ur parents n frnds tried to insult me, nothing is action nor testing. If u marry me just for property then u would nvr say to ur dad that u will nvr divorce me. U should easily accept to divorce me aft 6 months. If u didn’t think I am right for u n trust me, u won’t support me before ur parents n frnds. U just thought u r acting n testing me but none is true. The only thing that is true is u loves me a lot. But u didn’t realise that.

Vihar: Then y did u leave me?

Smriti: Everyone knew that u r loving me except u. I left u to make u realise. Sometimes pain of separation makes us realise true feelings.

Vihar kissed her on forehead.

Vihar: I love you.

Smriti: I hate u. I returned to take revenge on u for hurting me. I will hurt u.

Vihar: I know u can’t hurt me. But really I deserve ur hatred n not love. It will b so good if u really take revenge on me. I transferred property of grand father to ur name. Now u can help many others by running a trust for orphans. I will b with u in every step of ur’s. Do u trust me.

Smriti: I love u. I trust u n ur love a lot.

Leap of one year:

Smriti became a famous singer in India. She is recognised as a great female singer in world through her albums. Vihar won the best entrepreneur award. Vijay n Rima got married. Adi married Geeth aft knowing her past too coz he loved her from the beginning but didn’t reveal coz Vihar n Geeth are in love at that time. Smriti found a home n extended her work of helping old aged n orphans. Smriti n Vihar in their room. Smriti stood in balcony n Vihar hugged her from back.

Vihar: I love u

Smriti: I love u too

Vihar: I love u more than u do

Smriti: I love u more than that

Vihar turned her towards him n kissed her eyes, cheeks n lips. Smriti hugged him.

Vihar: Now tell me wat u r saying before

Smriti smiled n suddenly tears flowed from her eyes.

Vihar: Wat happen? Did I hurt u? Why r u crying?

Smriti: No. These tears are because of happiness n love u r showering on me. I am the most luckiest girl in the world for having u.

Vihar kissed her on forehead.

Next day:

Smriti is arranging break fast for Vihar n his parents n suddenly fainted. Vihar is in tension seeing her. They took her to the room n still she is unconscious. They called doctor. Doctor tested her.

Doctor: Congrats Mr Vihar. Ur wife had been conceived.

Smriti came into conscious. Everyone left leaving them together. Vihar kissed her on forehead.

Vihar: Thank u for giving me another precious gift

Smriti: Another?

Vihar: Yes because u r the first precious gift to me. But now I have to bare 2 kids

Smriti: What

Vihar: Ya. U urselves is a kid. Now another kid for u. So sweet.

Smriti: I am not a kid.

Vihar: U r my dear. U r a kid bcoz u r so pure, innocent, loving n kind.

Smriti smiled n hugged Vihar.

Vihar threw a party celebrating this occassion. Smriti is so happy with Vihar, in laws n frnds. Though she had no one at beginning, now she had everyone n everyone loves her a lot coz of her pure heart n love. Finally she won her goal of becoming singer n fulfilled dream of having a loving family.

Scene freezes showing altogether Vihar holding Smriti by placing his hand on her shoulders.

Thank u everyone for ur support n loving my story…Take care..This is Sindhu KSV signing off just for now..Will b back with another ff aft few days..

Love is not a game (Episode 20)


Love is not a game (Episode 20)


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