One Month Agreement – Episode 2

One Month Agreement – Episode 2

Ok I will make my episodes longer. N I will write precap too.
And I will give reply to ur comments also. Thank u for your valuable comments .

Recap- swara is ready to sign divorce papers. But she kept condition of “One Month Agreement”
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Here we go…

Swara is seating on the bench of park.
(Thinking about the past)
Her phn rings.
Caller- ragini (who called her again to ask something.)
Swara picks the call.
Ragini – “Hi swara! Tell me the reason why he want divorce?”
Swara- “U knw ragini”
Ragini-” kavita?”
Swara(instead of saying yes)- ” both loves each other.”
Ragini(in angry tone)-” jodi breaker kavita! ”
Swara- ” dnt call her like dat ragini! She was der wid him when I was not.”
R- ” u r good that’s why u think others as a good. But kavita is definitely not good.”
S-“ragini! I dnt have any problem with her”
R-” but I have! ”

S(dnt wanna talk on dis topic)-” ok ragini .I will talk with u later ! Bye..”
R-“bye swara! Take care.”
Swara ended the call.
“Hi swara” someone asked swara. Swara turned her gaze towards that person. her neighbor raj was there in park wid his child.
“Hi raj” swara greeted him.
“So u r taking divorce wid sanskar?” He asked wid curiosity.
Swara replied sarcastically,” its none of ur business”
He still asked her, ” why is he leaving to such a beautiful and hot wife?”
Swara is angry now,” shut up Raj!”
Raj ” oh I m lawyer ! Dats y I m asking u”..
Swara felt someone’s grip on her waist and its none other than sanskar.
Sanskar-” but we r not divorced yet!”
Swara- ” let me handle dis coz u will be not der after 1 month to handle dis. ”
Raj interrupts them- ” ok den will u come on date with me?” (Raj’s wife is dead , so he is searching for wife)
Sanskar is full angry now(and jealous too). He slapped raj. And said, ” stay away from her”
Swara(happy wid sanskar’s concern for her but still tries to irritate him)- ” but sanskar I hv to search new husband After our divorce?”
Sanskar held her hand and dey both headed towards home. He says to her,” u start go search but after our divorce. Ok ? And don’t talk with that bastard. Understand? ”
Swara nods.
She asks him,” but what r u doing here ?”
Sanskar- “actually I m here wid kavita. She wants to eat panipuri ”
Swara-” ok. But I hv to tell u something plz come to home early in the evening.”
Sanskar-” I m going for dinner with kavita”
Swara- “but its really important”

Sanskar -“I will try”
Swara-“ok bye”
Sanskar-” bye”.
While saying bye he leans towards her. And he is going to kiss her on forward .
Sanskar thinks( oh god ! Wht I was going to do? She is thinking that I will love her again with this stupid agreement.. No I can’t !)
sanskar moves away from her when dey r few inches apart from each other.
And he goes out of the home.
He goes to the office.
(Kavita is working in the same office)
Kavita comes in his cabin.
Kavita greets him, “Hi sanskar.”
“Hi kavita. What’s going on ?” He asks her while staring at her. She is looking damn hot in casual dress.
“Sanskar, I wanna ur sign on these papers related to project “. Kavita opens the file n gives him d papers.
Sanskar signs on the papers.
Kavita grabs the file n she is going out of the cabin.
While sanskar calls her, ” kavita I have good news for u ”
Kavita asks him wid curiosity , ” which news?”
Sanskar- ” swara is ready to sign divorce papers. But she wanna 1 month ” ( he didnt tell her about the agreement.. One month agreement.. Coz he dont feel ok to tell her abt d agreement)
Kavita (happily)- “wow sanskar! Dats really good news!”
And she hugs him . he hugs her back.

But he feels like this is not right. Why I am feeling like dis. He thinks……
Kavita – “ok so I will give u treat for good news .”
Sanskar- “no kavita. I m not Fred today (thinking about swara’s words to come home early. )
Kavita ( disappointed )-” what is this sanskar? ”
Sanskar- ” dnt wry we will go on another day”
Kavita nods – “ok sanskar”
N gives peck on his cheek..
Sanskar comes to home..
He sees dat swara is wearing deep neck shirt n jeans ..
He observes her. (He thinks that She is dieting or wht? Coz she is looking 2 hot)
She is looking gorgeous even though her hairs r messed and busy in her work (sry I forgot to tell u , swara is fashion designer) sanskar is staring at her. She is so busy in her work thats why she didn’t noticed presence of him. For seeking her attention he makes sound,” ahem!”
Swara- ” sorry sanskar . I didn’t make dinner yet. There is pain in my back. And I thought that u won’t come home ”

Sanskar (disturbed)- ” plz take ur medicines. And today I will cook for both of us. Wht will u prefer in dinner? Shejwan rice?( he knw dat its swara’s favorite)
Swara-i took it already. do u still remeber wht I like? Ok.. Thank u.
Sanskar prepares dinner.

After dinner sanskar is helping swara to wash dishes.
Sanskar asks ,” wht r u wanna tell me? U said u wanna say something important”
Swara(smirking)-” from tomorrow onwards our agreement will start . and your have to spent 30 days wid me. That too wid love” ..
Sanskar helds her by waist. And there is intense eyelock between them. His hands slips into her shirt.And he smooches her with lust and asks her, ” so u want dis right ? But I m nt fool to love u again ”

Swara asks him,” so u wanna enjoy with both..? (Swara n kavita)
Sanskar ,” no. I hv not done anything with kavita ”
“Oh really !”swara asks him while smirking ..
Sanskar is broken after her question. He felt like slapped. He left her and headed towards his room to sleep..

Oh so guyz sanskar is dis much rude??

Precap- 1st day of agreement :-)

Plz read n comment . ur comment will motivate me to update next part fastly.
Love u all.

One Month Agreement – Episode 2


One Month Agreement – Episode 2

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