Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 33

Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 33

Recap: Ragini sees someone and faints.

The elites and gadodia family arrive and ask Swasan what happened.

Swara: We don’t know, she suddenly fainted.

Sanskaar: We were inside and she went outside to wait.

Swara: We got here 20 minutes ago, they took her to the OT.

Bhavika goes into the OT.

Laksh is shocked, he has tears in his eyes and Shekar and Rohan are consoling him.

Two hours later;

Bhavika comes out with a sad face goes to Laksh and asks him to come with her inside. Everyone gets more and more sad, after seeing her expression, especially Laksh. He gets so scared he runs inside the OT. As the door shuts, everyone gets sad and Swara, dadi, maira and sumi are crying, and the MM family come. Just then, Laksh comes out holding a small baby.

Everyone smiles seeing the baby and go and start hugging Laksh and the baby.

Swara: Laksh, What about Ragini?

Everyone gets quiet and look at laksh with fear.

Bhavika: She’s fine, she’s currently unconscious, we will try to wake her up in sometime.

A nurse comes and takes the baby for clean up and they move Ragini to a room.

Everyone is waiting outside Ragini’s room, when they hear her scream. All rush inside and see Ragini crying with her hand on her stomach. She looks at Laksh and says my child, what happened. Maa, where is my baby. She has tears in her eyes and it look like she is going to die.

At that time, The elites walk in with a crib and the baby is sleeping inside it.

Rag gets happy and hurriedly takes the baby out of the crib and says my baby. She hugs it while crying and looks at everyone smiling.

Just then Sahil comes in with ballons in his hand. Right hand has it’s a boy, while in left hand it’s a girl.

Sahil: Di, is it a boy or a girl?

Ragini looks at Laksh and he says it’s our baby …………………… BOY.

Sahil puts the baby girl balloons outside and says okay, baby boy. Wow, I can’t believe i’m a mama already. Thanks and he goes and hugs her. Swara also goes to her and says Congrats and thanks for making me badi ma.

Uttra: Wait, since I’m the bua, does this mean I get to name my nephew.

Sumi: Yeah Beta, you get to name him.

AP: I talked to our pandit ji and according to rashee, the baby can have either a S, V, or J.

Uttra: Ok.

AP: I also arranged the namkaran puja for tomorrow, is that okay Dr.Bhavika?

Bhav: Aunty, actually since champ is one month premature, we need to keep him under observations for 48 hours, so if you could move the puja on day after tomorrow?

AP: Okay no problem.

All the elders leave, and the elites go to get stuff for Ragini and champ, leaving Swasan and Raglak alone.

Swa: Rig, what happened to you that you fainted.

Rag: What, umm no nothing Swara, I guess my champ just wanted to come out fast. S

She looks a little nervous, and they notice it but none say anything.

Sanskaar: laksh, you take care of her and we will go get something to eat okay.

Swasan leave Raglak alone and go.

Laksh: What happened that you fainted?

Ragini: Nothing, I just got a small panic attack and fainted.

Laksh: But why?

Rag: Laksh, please stop asking. She raises her tone and champ starts crying. She says sorry champ and tries to calm him, but Laksh takes him and calms him down fast and says okay, i won’t ask anymore. Okay.

Rag: Thank You.

Lak: No, Thank You for giving me him.

2 days later,

RagLak’s room,

Ragini gets ready in a beautiful navy blue and green floor length dress, with her hair curled and light makeup and light jewelry. She is leaving when Laksh comes out in a navy blue sherwani. He holds her dupatta and slowly pulls her towards him and she shyly asks him to let go.

Laksh: We got this chance after a long time, I’m not letting it go.

Rag puts her arms around his neck and says I know right. I’m glad we finally got a chance. She leans towards him and they kiss, when someone tries to open the door, but it’s locked. They break off and Ragini opens the door. Uttra asks them to come downstairs.

Swasan’s room,

Swara is sitting ready in front of the mirror in her usual style pink colored dress, with her hair curled. She lost in thought, when Sansaar comes and hugs her pulling her out of her thoughts.

San: What happened Shona, and please don’t tell me you are thinking about Ragini’s fainting accident.

Swa: No it’s not that, it’s something different.

San: Oh okay. What is it then tell me?

Swa:Nothing that you should be worried about, It’s something I need to talk to Ragini about.

San: What, no now I really want to know.

Swara then looks at him romantically and puts her hand around his neck and pulls is about to kiss him, when he says what are you hiding?

Swa: Me, hiding nothing. I was trying to get romantic with my husband, but I guess he doesn’t want to.

San: Excuse me, Madam. Romance doesn’t come to you easily. Every time I even touch you, you start blushing like a cherry. So what are you hiding?

Swara is about to run when Sanskaar hold her hand and pulls her back and they have an eyelock and he’s about to say something, when Uttra knocks on the door and says bhaiya let’s go pandit ji has arrived. They compose themselves and go downstairs.

The puja starts and after the puja, panditji asks the bua to come and name the baby, but Uttra is not there.
So Swara goes to get her. She sees Uttra talking to someone, but can’t hear what they are saying and she goes towards them, but her dupatta gets under her feet and she is about to fall.

When Sanskaar catches her and says careful. When she turns back she notices Uttra coming towards them with a piece of paper and says what happened bhaiya, bhabhi.

Swa: Who were you talking to?

Uttra: No one bhabhi, I just came to get this list of names.

Swa: Okay, let’s go they are calling you.

They go downstairs and panditji says according to rashee S, V, or J names are the best for the baby. So please tell us what name you have chosen.

Uttra: Actually I have a few names, but I’m confused, so if you all can help me pick the best one, then it would be perfect.

DP: of course beta, tell us the choices?

Uttra: okay they are Swayam, Vishal, and Jigar.

Dadi: I think Vishal, would be good.

Sahil: Nahi, dadi Swayam is the best.

Everyone decides on Swayam and champ is named Swayam.

After the puja, everyone is sitting and talking and Bhavika gets a call and says what, rohan takes the phone from her and talks and says okay understood. He then explains that Panditi ji said that he found a really good muhurta for two weeks later, for the wedding, so we are you guys need to start preparing to leave tomorrow for gujarat.

Precap: Reaching Gujarat.

Hey guys comment on what you think about the story so far, if you are liking or not?

Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 33


Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 33

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