khatti meethi love story (Part 1)

Hey guys it’s zoya here and I’m back with another fresh fan fiction like I promised. I have spent a lot of time thinking if I really wanted to do another fanfiction or not and I finally decided I will for all you fanfiction lovers and I really hope you will like my new fanfiction. It is different from the actual swaragini story that is happening right now and I am fed up of it so I decided to just change the whole story I hope you all will love it! Btw all the Jodi’s are set so please don’t talk about changing them because I already have the whole story but you guys can give me some nice plot ideas and twists and I will make sure to use it in my fanfiction so you all can love my fanfiction as much as the others and I can make a small place for me in all of yalls hearts!

Intro to all my characters:
Swara Arora: sister of ragini, cousins with pragya, purvi, and Aliya, middle-class, 3 years old
Ragini Arora: sister of swara, cousins with pragya, purvi, and Aliya, middle-class, 3 years old
(Swaragini live with pragya, purvi, and Aliya because their parents died in a plane crash and btw swaragini’s dad and pragya, purvi, and Aliya’s dads were cousins which is why their last names will be the same)

Pragya Arora: sister of purvi and Aliya, cousins with swaragini, middle-class, 8 years old
Purvi Arora: sister of pragya and Aliya, cousins with swaragini, middle-class, 6 years old
Aliya Arora: sister of pragya and purvi, cousins with swaragini, middle-class, 4 years old
Ishani Desai: sister of suhani and sanam (played by surbhi jyoti), friends with swaragini, middle-class, 3 years old

Suhani Desai: sister of ishani and sanam, friends with purvi and Aliya, middle-class, 5 years old
Sanam Desai: sister of suhani and ishani, friends with pragya, middle-class, 7 years old
(Swaragini, purvi, pragya, and Aliya knew sanam, ishani, and suhani because they go to each other’s house often, study in the same school, and know each other through their sisters)
Sanskar Thakur: brother of laksh and abhi, friends with Nikhil and purab, high-class, 4 years old
Laksh Thakur: brother of sanskar and abhi, friends with Nikhil and purab, high-class, 4 years old
Abhi Thakur: brother of sanskar and laksh, friends with Nikhil and purab, high-class, 9 years old
Nikhil Agarwal: brother of purab, friends with sanskar, laksh and abhi, high-class, 5 years old
Purab Agarwal: brother of Nikhil, friends with sanskar, laksh, and abhi, high-class, 7 years old
Ranveer Singh: cousin of aahil and yuvraj, friends with sanskar, laksh, and abhi through their dads, high-class, 4 years old

Aahil Khan: brother of yuvraj, cousins with ranveer, friends with sanskar, laksh, and abhi through ranveer, high-class, 8 years old
Yuvraj Khan: brother of aahil, cousins with ranveer, friends with sanskar, laksh, and abhi through ranveer, high-class, 6 years old
(Aahil and yuvraj lost their parents in the same plane crash as swaragini so both of them live with ranveer)

(All of them know each other because they are all connected from different people but attend the same school and go to each other’s house often)
Guys I know the characters are a lot and I have changed up some last names because I personally like these last names I really hope you guys love my story now let’s start with part 1 and if there are any confusions or questions please let me know so you guys aren’t confused I will answer most of the questions but if there are repeat questions you might just want to scroll through the answers I replied you guys might find your answer now let’s get started
Guys this is going to start from their childhood and then their grown up story later so please have some patience with their grown up story and please enjoy
It was a beautiful morning and 2 girls were sleeping……

Di wake up na its 8 pm we need to wake Aliya and purvi
It was none other than swara
Swara: ragini wake up we have school
Ragini: swara 5 more mins please, you go wake up Aliya and purvi
Swara: you know na di they don’t listen to us only one person can convince them
Ragini: pragya di right
Swara: haan ragini now wake up
Ragini wakes up and goes to pragya’s room with swara
Ragini: look swara pragya di is still sleeping and you woke me up
Swara: ragini you know na pragya di doesn’t take forever to wake up
Ragini: yeah I guess you’re right
Swara: pragya di wake up its 8 and we have school
Pragya: gets up and is sitting on bed and says I know but first tell me have you both woken up Aliya and purvi

Swaragini nod no
Pragya: then? Go wake them up first you know they take forever to get dressed
Swaragini together say yes di and leave
Outside the room
Swara: now what ragini you know na Aliya di and purvi di don’t listen to us
Ragini: I got an idea
Swara: what
Ragini: says something but it’s muted
Swara: wow ragini what a plan let’s go
Swaragini go to the kitchen and grab a jug of water and take it to Aliya and purvi’s room
Swara: Aliya di wake up we have school
Ragini: haan purvi di c’mon na wake up its getting late
Aliya and purvi in unison: 5 more mins leave na
Swaragini signal each other and grab the water jug and throw it on Aliya and purvi
Aliya and purvi wake up with a jerk and say
Aliya: di what na why’d you do that I was sleeping so peacefully
Purvi: haan Aliya di these two swaragini di won’t spare us
Swaragini laugh and say but we still love you and both run out the room laughing and inside purvi and Aliya start laughing too

Pragya comes out and says swaragini did you both wake up your Aliya di and purvi di
Swaragini in unison: haan di now let us go get ready
Sarla: pragya beta come have breakfast and call your siblings
Pragya: ji maa
She goes to purvi and aliya’s room and says come maa is calling you both for breakfast I’ll go get swaragini
She then goes to their room and says swaragini maa is calling you both for breakfast
Swara: pragya di we’ll just come
Ragini: haan pragya di tell maasi we’ll be there
Pragya: okay but you both hurry its 8:30
Swaragini in unison: ji di
Pragya leaves and swaragini get sad
Swara: ragini agar maa aur papa hote aaj humare saath toh kitna aacha hota (if mom and dad were here today with us it would have been nice)
Ragini: haan swara har din mein maa aur papa ko kitna yaad karti hoon (yes swara every day I miss mom and dad so much)
Swara: agar woh hadsa nahi hota toh humare maa aur papa hote aaj (if that incident hadn’t happened then our mom and dad would have been with us today)
Ragini: tumne sahi kaha lekin chinta maat karo maa aur papa aasmaan mein hai aur hum toh unko hamesha dekh sakte hai (you said right but don’t worry mom and dad went to the sky and we can see them every day even before bed)

Swara: haan ragini
Swaragini both hug and the swaragini background music plays…..
Sarla hears all this and has tears in her eyes she quickly wipes her tears and goes inside their room
Sarla: arrey tum dono yahan ho challo nashta karne (you both are still here come have breakfast)
Swaragini wipe their tears so their maasi doesn’t know and says together ji maasi come lets go
Everyone sits down to eat breakfast and scene shifts to the desai home
3 girls are sitting at the breakfast table waiting for food when their mom comes
Lata: bete you three start eating and then your papa will drop you guys to school okay
Suhani: maa do we have to go
Ishani: of course di we go to school to learn and school is fun right di (talking to sanam)
Sanam: haan ishani di you said right suhani di learn something from us and they both hi-fi
Suhani makes a face and says you two just are crazy
Ishani and sanam together: we know and laugh
Lata: okay now you guys finish your breakfast quickly
Suhani, ishani, and sanam say: done maa can we go now
Lata: okay beta bye

They leave
Scene shifts to Thakur family
3 boys are seen still sleeping and it’s 8:45
Ap comes and is surprised seeing them three still sleeping and goes to wake them up but then thinks of a better idea
She leaves to dadi’s room from Kumkum Bhagya and says maa ji (Ap’s mother-in-law) look na the boys are still sleeping come and wake them up they listen to you all the time
Dadi: come Ap beta let’s take their class
Dadi enters and says to Ap now you watch what I do
Dadi: yelling at the top of her lungs “arrey you three haven’t wake up yet” hurry up you guys have school and its 8:45 and the three boys are none other than sanskar, laksh, and abhi
They are scared of their dadi so when she yelled at them to wake up all three of them woke up with a jerk and said “sorry dadi we’re going right now” and they run to the bathroom
Ap and dadi do thumbs up and leave while laughing a little now in the bathroom
Abhi: yaar today we had it

Sanskar: haan bhai we need to do something to wake up on time
Laksh: I know let’s just stay up all night and not sleep
Sanskar and abhi: haha very funny
Laksh: makes a face and says then you only tell me
Sanskar: abhi bhai let’s just keep an alarm
Abhi: okay we’ll try that tomorrow for now let’s quickly brush and get dressed
All three of them come downstairs it’s the house sanlak live in the serial
Dadi: now you come hmmmm
Abhi: s..s..sorry dadi
Sanlak unison: haan dadi next time we’ll be here on time
Dadi: let’s see but for now hurry and eat its 9
Sanlak and abhi cough: n…n…nine what
Dadi: haan
Abhi: dadi it’s only 9 and school starts at 10 why did you wake us up so early
Sanlak make a face too and ask the same

Dadi and Ap: because we need to go to temple before you three go to school
Sanlak and abhi: groan and says dadiiiiii we thought it was 10 and that’s why we woke up
Dadi: very funny now let’s go we are going to the temple with your mom
Ap: come let’s leave
Dadi, Ap, sanlak, and abhi leave
Scene shifts to Agarwal house
2 boys are seen watching tv its none other than purab and Nikhil
Nikhil: bhai I’m bored lets watch something else
Purab: no way bhai I love this channel
(Nikhil and purab are very good with time and waking up early)
Shekar: (Dad of purab and Nikhil and they don’t have a mom which I will talk about later in the story)

Shekar: Nikhil beta purab beta come here and eat your breakfast so that I can drop you off to school and then leave for work
Nikhil and purab in unison: ji papa we’re coming
They go to the dining table and start eating
Shekar: beta I will be late from work today so can you guys go to sanskar, laksh, and abhi’s house after school I talked with their mom and they said okay
Nikhil and purab: okay papa
(Sanlak, abhi, purab, and Nikhil are friends from school)
They leave with Shekar and scene shifts to Singh house
3 boys are seen in their study room doing homework its none other than ranveer, aahil, and yuvraj
Ranveer: aahil bhai we are such lazy people
Aahil: I know look at yuvraj bhai he always does his work on time and look at us
Yuvraj comes and says did you two finish your homework or you’re still chit-chatting huh?
Ranveer and aahil look down and nod no
Yuvraj can’t stay angry with them for a long time so says okay okay I’ll give you my homework to copy but promise me from next time you will do all your work on time
Aahil and ranveer together: really bhai! Thank you so much! We promise we will do our homework on time but thank you!

Yuvraj: okay enough now go finish the homework the books are in my room
They leave and now it’s 9:15 and varsha comes (ranveer’s mom and yuvraj and aahil’s maasi)
Varsha: beta did you three finish your homework
Yuvraj: maasi aahil bhai and ranveer bhai for the first time did their homework on time
Varsha: (happily) really that’s great
Aahil and ranveer come and tell yuvraj thanks bhai for the homework and yuvraj puts his hand on his forehead and signs them that maasi is standing
Aahil and ranveer make the oops face and look down
Varsha: haan yuvraj so what were you saying “aahil bhai and ranveer bhai did their homework on time”
Yuvraj: sorry maasi and gets sad
Varsha: (laughs a little) its okay yuvraj beta but next time don’t lie you know na maasi hates lies and I can’t see you sad either and she hugs yuvraj and then aahil and ranveer
Varsha says okay you three go downstairs and have your breakfast and then I’ll drop you guys to school
Yuvraj, ranveer, and aahil together say: ji maa/maasi
They leave and varsha gets sad and says “di you and bhai left yuvraj and aahil alone in this world, why?” yuvraj and aahil were only 2 and 4 and cries and then says but don’t worry di I will raise them like my own kids we miss you a lot di and bhai yuvraj and aahil don’t know about it and I won’t tell them but I hope you are happy up there and wipes her tears and goes downstairs
Varsha: did you three finish eating breakfast?
Ranveer, aahil, and yuvraj together say: yes
Varsha: good now let me drop you guys to school
They leave

Screen splits with swaragini, pragya, Aliya, and purvi at school, ishani, suhani, and sanam reaching school, sanlak and abhi leaving from temple to get to school, Nikhil and purab on the way to school, and ranveer, aahil, and yuvraj getting to school…..
Let’s see what destiny has in store for these little kids……

Guys thank you so much for your time and I want feedback from you all and give me good ideas to put in my fanfiction please stay tuned for more updates and leave your comments so I know what I can improve on and fix I hope to see you all in my fanfictions I post thanks!

khatti meethi love story (Part 1)


khatti meethi love story (Part 1)


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