Sanskaar ki hai Swara (Episode 3)

Scene ;3
Swaragini in maheswari mansion its morning . swara wake up sanskaar .
Swara; sanskaar did I’m cheating ur family’s feeling.
San; may be yes but ur this cheating give life to my family may be she is haapy in others happiness.
Swara; do u leave my hands in middle of this life.
San ; (himself): how can I leave ur hands ur hands are the single thing that bring back me (to swara ): no I will not .

As usual sanlak go to office . Swara who was cleaning room saw one paper in which sanky note down that first target swara _over, next –ragini. She feel some thing wrong in evening while sanlak arrived she keep a distance from sanky. That time in stairs rags where fighting with her sari that time sanskaar came there for helping her but before his arrival she fall down but nothing happen her . swara who standing there thought sanskaar is behind this . but she keep mumm.that time pari had called sanskaar and ask him to bring rat killerpoison . swara when look at him saw this got annoyed . little later when she enter there schocked.(behind screen dear).
Pari bring a glass of milk s in which one contain yhe poison . Swara intensionallythat took one and drink it. Then she bid gud night and began to leave but she fall down . sanskaar is hell shocked. Docs came got neccssary treatment and now she is fine . sanskaar go near her but she warn him not to come near

Swara ; ur cheater killer don’t touch me pls leave me.
Everyone is shocked sanskaar feel dizzy. Swara go near kavitha.
Swara ; is it ok na or I want to slap him.
Kavitha : what do u mean?
Swara : iknow that u want me to doubt becoz he love trust. Don’t dare to hurt my family u both. Its an order gety out of this family .
Everyone is shocked . kavitha and massi leave the home. Sanskaar : do u know that glass contain poison?
Swara: yes(FB) when swara enter thekitchen hear kavitha maasi ki convo.
Sanskaar slap her. But she just him and say sorry .
Sanskaar : never try to harm u for me .becoz my heart beat is u dear .

Precap : new villan . but swasan prove there love


Sanskaar ki hai Swara (Episode 3)


Sanskaar ki hai Swara (Episode 3)


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