You are Mine Ch. 8

You are Mine Ch. 8

I feel comfortable with Aisha and Nivin. Nivin always acts like my own brother.he often visits my appartment. Sometimes Aisha too comes with him.I was enjoying my life with them.

Today we are going to Bangalore. I prefered flight bt Aisha and Nivin prefered train. I never traveled in a train.Nivin was too funny. He flirts with the girls who travels with us.but he wasn’t over..the girls also talked to him but they are looking at me surprised. .coz I didn’t noticed any of them I was busy in staring Aisha. ..and Aisha was scolding Nivin for flirting.

“Hey Zayn. . Why are u so silent man” Nivin hited in my shoulder.

I spoke with my attitude” being the Zayn Mansuri. .I don’t like to talk with girls”

“Ans u aishu…” He turned to Aisha

“Being the Aisha Rahman. .I don’t like to talk to boys” lol she is too good in mimicking me.

“Being the Nivin Iyyer I ‘love’ to talk to girl and boys. .he air quoted the word love..

I promised myself that from now I never say being the Zayn they both teases me lot.

We reached Bangalore.we went to the hotel.but the receptionist said that there is no room.

“Our company booked three rooms for us already” Aisha said.

“Sorry sir..actually CM and his family staying here..they want extra three rooms so we had to give them ur rooms” receptionist apologize to us

“What the f**k u r talking woman???if CM wants room then arrange another. ..why did u gave our room. .?” I was suprr angry..

“Calm down Zayn. .this is India. .it is common here.” Aisha gave me a calm down look.I melt down seeing her calm face.

“Atleast can u give us 2 bedrooms” Nivin asked to receptionist.

“Sir we have only one bedroom” she informed

We three looked at each other.if we three were boy it is not a problem. .but here Aisha is a can we three in onr room?

“Okey..give mr the key” Aisha spoke.

I looked at her worg eyes widened. .

We went to the room. I and Nivingot ready amd we left the room for Aisha. .after getting ready she came.we had our dinner from the hotel.when we returned to the hotel room.

We three decided to watch movie. was a horror movie.

While watching movie, Aisha hide her face behind Nivin and hugged his hand in fear.I laughed at her childish behavior.

If I say I love u to anyone…i really meant it…so I LOVE YOU my besties

Credit to: Ruby

You are Mine Ch. 8


You are Mine Ch. 8

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