swasan (love just happens) Episode 2

Thnks fot your all suport and love
Episode start with sanskar coming to mansion with sumi shekar and swara he see it is huge and a tear come in his eyes swara see this
swara: now why are you crying
sumi see this and go to sanskar and wipe his tear
sumi: dont cry beta we are with u na
sanskar: thnk u aunty and uncle what you did for me i am very greatfull of yours
and can do anything for u
swara: what dost you always start crying now stop crying and smile
sanskar gave a smile
swara: you look cute while smiling
swara comes near him
swara: oh shit i forget to ask your name
sanskar: sanskar maheswari
swara: such a big name but i will call you sanky only ok
sanskar nodes
shekar: so you are the son of rp maheswari
sanskar: yes uncle
shekar: we have heard about him but you in this situation
sanskar tell him about the loan and bussiness loss and thats why dad did sucide and all my dad company ceased by bank
sanskar tell that he will regain the respect which is lost of his father by becoming a good bussiness man
shekar and sumi sad hearing his past
shekar: dont worry beta we are with u we will help from now all your education responsiblity is mine ok
sanskar thnks them
sumi: beta come with me i will give u a dress and tomarrow we will go to shopping
swara: shopping yeah i will also go
sanskar smile seeing her excitment
sumi gives sanskar cloth and then they do dinner and swara take sanskar to her room

in hall sumi and shekar are sittting
shekar: you know sumi when i see him first na i think my son has come
a tear come in sumi eyes
sumi: yes shekar hid eyes are like him na and if he is alive then he is also of his age
shekar: see god has send our son in his form
and both hug each other and goes to their room and sumi open a cupbord and take a photo out i which a boy is wearing criket stuffs sumi goes to bed both sit and see the photo and cry
sumi: why that day come in our life shekar
shekar:i dont leave him sumi its my promise
and hug each other

in swara room swara sitting on bed with sanskar showing all her stuffs
swara excitedly: sanky i am so happy now you will go school with me and at home i can play with u u know i am getting bored after bahi
sanky: so you have a brother where is he
swara: mom tell that he has gonw to meet god and will come soon but see he not come till now i really misses him
sanskar understand and tell her that he will come
swara suddenly come near him and hold his hand
swara: promise me you will never leave me
sanskar: promise now sleep
and he makes swara sleep and goes to window
sanskar thinks about his life with hia dad mom and that suffering time and mother accident and swara coming in his life
sanskar: mom you know i get a family seriously mom they are so nice mom and i get mom in sumi auntu face and dad in shekar uncle face and all this happen bcz of my little frnd swara and see towards swara and smile and tell swara i promise i will give u all happiness of life never make you cry and then goes to couch and sleep staring her


swasan (love just happens) Episode 2


swasan (love just happens) Episode 2


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