Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 6)

Sry guys fr hurrying my last epi so nxt 3epi i will gve u gud scenes if each pair in story

tanu n nikhi ibn fb chat. N:hi gorgeous wt ru doing?T-ho nting studying fr exams N:disturbibg u?T:no ya.N:i really wnt to c ur loving face i am missing u so much in schul i used 2cme to ur cls nly to cu in break time.T:funny!y soo.N:coz i i i love u tanu.T:wt?N:s i really mean it

thn sudnly tanu leaves frm online niki feels sad n thnks did he hurried in his love matr many days tanu thinks of nikhil as she is vry calculative she accepts him as he is gud in studies n academics gud luking mainly rich guy, niki was vry happy n their facebook love went on…….

Nw its purab n bulbul story who were neighbours too one late evening bulbul was returning hme alone some mischiefs surrounded hr n teases he vry badly sudnly purab who was going thr noticed it n came fr hr rescue.P:hey bulbul wt ru doing here ur mom is waiting fr u c thr she is cming as all looked back he dragged hr n ran away.

Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 6)


Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 6)


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