She and Her Kidnapper (Part 2)

She and Her Kidnapper (Part 2)

I opened my eyes with laziness.I found myself in a large bedroom. How come my bedroom changed small to large in one night? My room all in pink now it turned to all in white. Am I dreaming?? I tried to remember what happened last night.the man covered my face with handkerchief and I fell unconscious.
OMG!!!!! I am kidnapped.he kidnapped me!!!! Why did he kidnapped me? He want only my anklet.i wish i had super powers!!
I walked around as an idea passed on my mind .I balanced myself as I stood on the rail of Window.
How stupid me.this room is in upstairs. If I jump I will die for sure.
A grip tightened in my wrist and someone pulled me back.I fell on top of him, my kidnapper.
I stared at his beautiful face.I forgot that I am on the top of him.

“Hey…can u please move? ” he asked shaking by my shoulder. I got up and stood embarrassed.I looked at him.he gave me a death glare but I consider it as a hot one ?

“Don’t dare to escape from my custody” he gritted his teeth.

“I wasn’t escaping. I was looking for water”.I gave him a fake smile.

“Oh you were looking for water standing on the window” he was still looking angry.he turned to the table and gave me the glass of water which kept on the table.

“Actually. …I wanted more water so I was looking for a well”.lol what am I saying? Am I a giant to drink the whole water of a well.
“Stay” saying this he left me in room. He came after two minutes with a mug of water.he forwarded the mug to me.oh my Allah he want me to drink the whole water???

“Drink the whole water.if you spill any drop of water, I will make you drink another mug of water” he put the mug in my hand.
I nodded helplessly and drank the whole water in a sip.I wiped my lips with the back of my hand.I gave him the mug back.

“Good girl” he smirked

“I know” I smirked back.

Because of the water I drank my bladder get full.I had the urge to pee.I hugged my stomach and ran to the bathroom.thank god I noticed before where the bathroom is.ohhhh..I got my soul back.I looked at me on the bathroom mirror. My hair wasn’t too never made a bird’s nest in the morning. My mom used to say that I got her shiny brown hair.but I don’t think so.I looked at me head to toe.


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I can’t be shaken anymore by anyone for whatever reason.
I have reached that point in my life where if you are not a good person, and you can’t make me feel good about love or life, you can just go away, basically.

Credit to:Ruby

She and Her Kidnapper (Part 2)


She and Her Kidnapper (Part 2)

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