Aur pyaar ho gaya..(Episode 6)

Aiysha was scared but shikha calms her down n make her sleep.

Scene 1
Aditya’s bedroom
Its 1 at the midnight and He is not able to sleep n is just turning n twisting on bed. He is unable to forget her eyes which he had seen on that beach , nd in class. He again n again rember that moment when he holds her before falling.
He kept on thinking y her eyes make me remember some1 else. He is so confused n worried.
He rembers his past
Flashback is shown
Aditya n a very beautifull girl r sitting on a beach holding hands. The girl is very pretty. They both r laughing together n are having a grt tym. They r running before each other n playing with water on the beach.
Suddenly aditya’s ph rings n he comes out of his memory.
It was manav on other side of phone n he says that he needs his help as their car has broke down n no one is there to help him.
Aditya ask him who else is there with u n is he fine?
Manav says he is with pihu n they r absolutely fine but he needs to come to help them as its too late n pihu needs to reach her house asap.
Aditya imidiately move to the place where manav’s car has broke down.
He reaches to the place n shouts at manav n pihu.
Aditya- where u both have gone n is this the tym to come home
Pihu- stop acting lyk dad
Aditya- i m saying bcoz of ur safety its 2 at midnight n u both were wandering  around lyk a fool.
Manav- we will discuss all this afterwards, let us move from here now.
Aditya- ok ur car will be taken care by my driver n he will fix it n will give it to u tomorrow n i will drop u both. Lets move.
They all reach their house n sleeps.

Scene 2
In college
Classes were going on. Its mba 1st year classes n a beautifull teacher was teaching management to the students.
Aditya is not able to concentrate as he was quiet disturbed n manav is busy looking at shikha..
Aiysha n shikha r totally concentrating in the lecture.
Pihu is busy in her mobile.
N lyk these there clg classes went on.
Manav, pihu becomes good frnd wid naman, shikha n aiysha. Aiysha was frnd to all, her nature was so lovely that when she was around places seems alive. Her jolliness makes everyone alot more happy. In just a week of college she becames lovable to every1.
with the day passing aditya feels more attracted towards her. But in all these days passed they didnt talk a word to each other but shared eyelock few more tyms..
After few days of college passed they all were sitting in a canteen.
Pihu- hey guys wat abt going to a movie?
Shikha- wat a grt idea! I havent seen theatres of mumbai till now.
Naman- yup it will be fun. Which movie r we all going.
Manav- we will decide that afterward but 1st decide who all will go. Bcoz i think adi will not come.
Aiysha- why. we all will go.
Aditya- manav is right, i will not come.
Pihu- plzz adi dont do this everytym. U have to come
Aditya- i will not come. U knw i dnt lyk watchng movies. So plz, dont force me.
Naman- plz aditya its first outing after our frndshp. Come yaar we will have fun.
Aditya- i m not coming n he stands up for leaving when suddenly aiysha holds her hand n says plz aditya, come with us.
Aditya stands still 4 moment n looks at her n says yes 4 coming.
All looks at him surprisingly n manav checks his forhead n says r u having fever.
He says no i m fine.
Pihu dosent feels good for it n thinks he had never said yes to me for anythng n she has saod it only once n he agreed y?
Manav brings pihu back from her thoughts n say where have u losted?
Pihu- no nothing i was just thinking sumthng.
Then they all decides 4 going to movie next day after college.
N then they go back to their houses.

Aiysha’s room
Shikha n aiysha both are talking
Shikha- its quite surprising that aditya listened what u say. Y did he do that.
Aiysha- i m also surprised he ignores me every tym but had aceepted what i said.
But whatever i hate him he is rude n arrogant wid everyone. He is not mr. Aditya but mr. Attitude. His frnds r better than him.
Shikha- leave him n lets go to sleep.
N she goes out 4 her room.
After shikha is gone Aiysha is lost in her thoughts n thinks of aditya n has smile on her face…

They all go 4 movie n aditya n aiysha talk 4 first tym.

Hey hi! Guys..
I m very disappointed accept few 2-3 people nobody else is supporting me. R u guys dont like this story.
I really needed allurs support to continue n thanks to all those who r continously supporting me.
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Aur pyaar ho gaya..(Episode 6)


Aur pyaar ho gaya..(Episode 6)


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