True love (epi-1)

Hi Iam new writer I am writing about thapki I hape u love my articles.

Thapki got in the house as a maid ..
Suman says sorry to thapki for her wrong behaviour and ask her to forgive her.Thapki says her that u are elder then me don’t be sorry. Suman and Thapki hug each other.
Thapki completes her work and ask Shardha that can she go then Shardha says her to go to store room and find her mobile as its lost .
Thapki goes in store room ..
Shardha smiles and says “wait and watch that what I will do with you”
Scene shifts to Bihaan
Bihaan is with his friends .
His one friend says :Bhihaan you hav forgotten us this means you are in true love with your wife .
He says :No
His all friends start to tease him so in anger he says I am going
And in reply his friend says :yeh you must go as some one very important is waiting at your home .
In his way he thinks from Thapki and says why I was so effected from the words which my friends said to me .
Screen freezes….

Hope you like comment down ..

True love (epi-1)


True love (epi-1)


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