ACLS HERO’S POV part -3 just to get rid of……

Firstly I request a minutes silence , a prayer and a salute , for the brave soldiers who are risking their lives day and night at the border for our safety and I also pray for the deceased souls on the Siachin border, who lost their lives in that clamity……..
And I also pray the brave soldier Mr. Lance Nayak Hanamanthappa who is fighting with life ,may return back to normal soon, and may the other lives buried in that heavy snow be alive like him or may rest at peace …….
I also pray for world peace, and happiness for everyone …………
jai hind !!! JAI JAWAAN !!! JAI BHARAT!! BHARAT MATA KI JAI!!! i saluten you brave soldiers :)

letss gooo>>>>>>>>
Zindagi ke wohi fasane koi naye toh koi puraane………..
Arzz kia hai….
Wah wah toh kariye………….
Arzz kia hai…………
“Zindagi ki har dua quabool hui,
Naa kabhi koi dua fazool hui,
Gila bas is baat ka hai ki , tumhaari hume pane ki dua bhi ,
Us khuda ne quabbool ki”
VaRnA har dua jab ho kabool toh mango only cool…..
“Warna hote hum wahan uski baahon me jannat hai jiski nigaahon me”
*** shayari sirf qutes ke ander hai****
As I looked at her she was rubbing her head,
Do I really know her?? Is she one of my fan girls??
Ahhh! Doesn’t matter ………..
She got up and lost balance because of immense pain in her ankle , I hurried up and prevented her from falling down,she was in my arms , and in pain, and confusion………
She looked at me and passed a smile , and shifted her weight on her other leg,
And as a gentleman I helped her to a nearby chair……………
And examined her foot, she had sprained her ankle , and an have got a swollen and painful ankle,
Everyone were just staring at us , as if we’ve done a blunder…………..
My fan girls ready to tear her into shreads, no-one ye4ah! No one even enquired her state,
That babel was irritating me, I hate people, so I just offered help till the medical room,
And then she was referred to the hospital for a plaster, and I accompanied her there too, who cares about the classes……………
I just wanted to be alone just alone that’s what I got, classes weren’t a big issue as I was an allrounder,
Nothing except that feeling of rejection,loneliness,depression and all negative thoughts of a negative past…….
I just dropped her home in the school car, and went back to get our belongings from the college, I took them and went back to my home,
At hope three smiling faces welcomed me, My MUM,step –DAD and STEP BROTHER,
I looked at them and smiled back , I was quite irritated by their keen interest in me that day and locked my room and stayed there the rest of the day till dinner time,

The next day I was COA(Centre of attraction) in the college,
Everyone was staring at me and a group of girls came to me , and I recognized the girls ♥she♥ used to hangout with,
I greeted them in a formal way and , their expressions were a chef-d’oeuvre,
They gathered patience and enquired my state, and badmouth ♥her♥, and consoled me ,
That was a fatal consolation indeed, they proved her wrong, and counted her mistakes,
Again a fatal try to degrade her image in my eyes,
And one of them enquired her state too,
What was that?? Why are they enquiring me??
All gave that girl a stare , and she started sweating badly and apologized to them,
And I told them she was good yesterday and doctor have advised total bed rest for two weeks and……………..
They just cut me short, as they found it hard to hear about ♥her♥ from me,
And then asked me to take care and made a leaving gesture, I stopped them and asked ♥her♥ number as to enquire her health………….
They hesitated, and a sought of tomfoolery they did.
Finally after checking seven to eight phones and asking almost everyone, the same girl who enquired her health was Gonne give me the number but her cell dropped as someone pushed her intentionally,
And a girl just shouted in a weird way and said she got the number,
I took the number and started to make a call while the irritating crowd , just thinned, only a few remained,
The number was found to be switched-off…..
And an unexpected and not demanded defensive speech at first , gave me some suspicions but after that a bit of , secretly listening to their convo , gave me a hell round of a shock…………….
`*** to be continued…………
HOPE U LIKED IT FRIENDS do giv ur views

ACLS HERO’S POV part -3 just to get rid of……


ACLS HERO’S POV part -3 just to get rid of……


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