Do you like Kaala Teeka post leap?

The Show has got 14 years leap recently. After 14 years, Kaali is shown in the temple and praying to God. She decides to reveal Vishwaveer about Kalyani’s truth. Kaali is still living as Gauri’s shadow, and writing her exams since childhood. Kaali wins the trophies and certificates for Gauri all these years. Gauri is grown into a rude and mean spoilt brat. Gauri is shown as a modern and confident girl. Gauri is seen clicking selfies and gets at the hill’s cliff. Gauri loses her balance and falls down the cliff, but is able to get hold of a tree branch. Kaali becomes her savior for Gauri again and holds Gauir’s hand. She pulls Gauri upwards and both of them hug.


Do you like Kaala Teeka post leap?

Kaali sees a guy saving a girl, when someone misbehaves with that girl. She wishes to meet that nice person Yug. Gauri asks Kaali to reach the singing competition on time. Kaali sings the song in melodious voice, and then swaps her place with Gauri. Gauri is assumed to be singing the song and is also declared the winner. Vishwaveer arrives home. He returns from the prison after 14 years. Kaali happily meets Vishwaveer and he assumes Gauri is touching his feet and is about to bless her, but stops when he learns that it is Kaali. He gets furious when he does not find Gauri in the house and refuses to enter until Gauri arrives home.

Yug is mesmerized by Kaali’s voice and looks for her. However, fate does not bring them face to face. The wind starts to blow and the boy is forced to leave the ghats while Kaali jumps into the water in order to escape his sight. Kaali avoids Yug and goes to find Gauri, as Vishwaveer is waiting for Gauri at home. Kaali kidnaps Gauri to bring her home immediately. Gauri and Kaali reach home and Vishwaveer opens his eyes to see his daughter. Gauri gets upset with Kaali for kidnapping her in order to get her home. Kaali tries to defend her act to Gauri, but Kalyani beats up Kaali and punishes her for kidnapping Gauri. Kaali listens to the radio and finds out that Yug is after the girl behind the voice of the song that she had sung. She is worried that Gauri can fall in trouble by Yug’s search. Yug falls in love with Kaali’s voice. With the love triangle building up in the show, it surely looks exciting. What do you think about Kaala Teeka post leap? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

Do you like Kaala Teeka post leap?


Do you like Kaala Teeka post leap?


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