The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 36 Part 2

The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 36 Part 2

The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 36 Part 2

Recap : Laksh proposes Ragini and they both leave to meet Laksh’s family.

Ragini’s POV

I came and sat in the car beside him. He looked …nervous. Well,it was his idea ,so Let him deal with the consequences.
As we reached home, his face became unreadable. He held my hand and walked into the hall where all the ladies were present. He walked into the hall and everyone is looking at us since we are still holding hands. He started to say, “Maa, this is my…my girlfriend.”
He completed pointing a hand towards me.
His mom looked at me and smiled. Her face oozes kindness. She came forward, caressed my face and said, “I prayed to god to give my Laksh a sweet and nice girl lyk Swara, and see, here you are, Swara’s elder sister. I totally approve of you both.” She said tears waiting to flow from her eyes while other family members looked on. “I have never seen my son so happy in past few years.”
I looked at his face and it was glowing with happiness.

“Thank you Maa”. He said and hugged her tightly.

“I am so happy Bhai!”, his sister said as she came to him and he lifted her off the ground to swirl her around. Seeing them made me remember my sister.
“Me too Uttara! Thank you”, he said and he put her down. “I can’t believe our Laksh is now going to get married”, Chachiji said.
“I am”, he said proudly while hugging her. She grinned. I smiled at all of them. They are such a happy family.

I have to say something, I said and everyone looked at me.
“Maa, Chachiji plz don’t inform my parents about this. I want to tell them all this after Shona’s wedding tomorrow.”
Everyone agreed.
He put a hand on my waist “Lucky, what are you doing?”, I hissed at him as he tried to kiss my cheek. All the family are watching us!!! Doesn’t he have common sense!!!
“Why are you always so moody these days. Give me back my lovely Cutie Pie”, Lucky demanded.I rolled my eyes at him.”Stop it”, I ordered.

“What?”, he said making an innocent face .

“Lucky?”, I heard Sanskar and his father standing at the entrance. Sanskar knew everything but his father gave us both a curious look. All eyes are on us. I understood Lucky can’t say anything in front of him and enjoyed his nervousness.
Adarsh Bhai and Sanskaar gave each other knowing looks. I could feel his hand move to my shoulder in front of everyone.I put my head down not wanting everyone to see my red face.

“Yes Bhai”, he replied.

“What is happening here?”, his Chacha ji asked while pointing to us both with a small smile on his face.

“I…I… know you all already met her. But now meet her as my girlfriend”, he said lyk a question and I tried to stop the laugh.

“Girlfriend?! Finally!”, he said and came down.

“Hmmm” was all Lucky managed to say.

“I am so happy that he got someone after all these years. He said to me and moved near Lucky and said in his ear, “It’s good that U stopped your playerish ways!”, she said and I heard Lucky groan while shifting on his legs uncomfortably.

“Okay. We need to go now. I have an important meeting today in the afternoon”, Lucky said to them, TRYING TO ESCAPE!!!

“We? Should you both go?” Uttara teased him.

“Yes”, Lucky answered.

“But why? Is she working with you?”, she asked. I smirked at Lucky.

“Yes”, he answered looking here and there.

“What?” Adarsh Bhai asked as if he didn’t know anything!!!

“Mom, she is my Business partner.”

I heard Sanskar tease.”But she joined near you just two weeks ago after I rejected her deal right?”,

“Yes”. I said angering him more. He’s so badly trapped now.

“Then, how can she be your girlfriend so fastly?”, his Chachi asked. I just stood there. Sweat broke on lucky’s face. They got him.

“Wait! Why did Sanskar reject her offer?”, his Chacha ji asked. I am looking at Lucky with a big smirk on my face with my hands folded near my chest.

“Lucky told me to do so”, Sanskaar answered looking at Lucky. Lucky is looking at the furniture and dining table like they are giving him the entertainment now.

“I knew it!”, I said glaring at him.

“What is happening? Why would you do it Laksh?”, his mother asked and I saw that Sanskaar and Adarsh having a smug look on their faces, they are also enjoying his condition .

“Mom, I….”, lucky trailed off.

“What?”, she asked again and Uttara is looking at us with curiosity. Sanskar said something in her ear and an understanding look crossed over her face. She grinned at us. I turned to Lucky. He fell in his own pit.

“I know her before she is my business partner!Okay?! I told Sanskaar to do so, so that she will not have any option but to join in my company! Now happy! We are leaving now”, he said in one breath taking my hand.

With an amused smile on his face”Laksh!”, his mother called.

He started walking outside. “Bye maa! I will call you later!”, he said while pulling me outside with him.

I heard a bunch of laughs. As we passed the front door and Lucky opened the car door for me as we got to the car. I sighed and sat inside. Lucky got in his seat and I started laughing suddenly. Their family is the best one that I met till now.They all however pulled his strings and made him sweat.

“Why are you laughing?”, Lucky asked with an amused smile on his face.

“You sweat so much you know. They know very well how to make you nervous”, I said trying to control my laugh.

“Okay stop it now”, he ordered as the smile disappeared from his face.

“You should have seen your face back there”. I said stopping the laugh. He smiled sarcastically at me. I laughed at him and looked ahead. We are in the traffic.

“What is this important meeting about?”, I asked him.

“There is no important meeting. It was Just an excuse to runaway from there. And Oh yeah! Today we’ve to go to the Singhania industries. We’ve a deal to crack!”

“No need! We’ve many other companies running behind us, care about them.” I said sternly.

“Cutie pie, you never talk to me lyk this. What’s wrong?”

“Look Lucky, I’ve my reasons for not going there.”

He stopped the car, looked at me and cupped my face “care to explain”. He said with a firm look on his face.

I sighed. How could I explain him how brutal, evil minded and pathetic that Rohan Singhania is!

“Lucky do you know the name of the owner of Singhania empire.”


“I’ll tell you, its… ROHAN SINGHANIA!!!

He just nodded and cancelled the plan.

Everything will be fine by tomorrow. Shona’s wedding and then …mine. I smiled at the thought.

The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 36 Part 2


The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 36 Part 2

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