Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 27)

Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 27)

The episode starts with Ishu sitting in her mandap….

Her flashback…

Ishu: Appa.. We are doing this for Mani..
Appa: OK Ishu… Lets see..
Then Prathik came…

Prathik: Hi Ishu..
Ishu: What do you want?
Prathik: I wanna marry you..

Raman who was waiting out to see Ishu hearing his words got angry..
Karan who came along pulled Raman aside and hid themselves..

Ishu: No ways…
Prathik: Then…
Ishu: I LL be gng abroad..
Prathik: Then finish Raman ‘s funeral n go…
Ishu shocked..
Karan laughed..
Raman: Leave me Karan.. Let me see.. Who s gonna kill me? Leave me…
Karan controlled both his laugh n Raman..

After Prathik left..
Raman came before Ishu..
Ishu cried n hugged Raman…

Karan n Appa excused and went out…
Ishu sobbed heavily..
Raman: Ishu…
Ishu: Raman… I LL die if anything happens to you..
Raman smiled..
Raman: Heyy… Ishu What??? Are you thinking that much weak about ur husband??

Raman lifted her head…
Raman: Wherever you go.. I LL follow and will get u in my life..
Ishu smiled…

Flashback ends…

Mani sitting with confusion… In mandap..
Smrithi seeing Mani with tears..
Ishu in tension… Raman in hyper tension..

Smrithi held Raman ‘s collar and lift him up..
Smrithi: Don’t you know that I love this idiot??
Saying she pointed Mani..
Raman: Yes I know..
Smrithi: Then what?
Raman: Ask that groom…

She went towards Karan..
Karan: No u ask Akash..
She turned to see Akashh

Akash joined his hands and showed Mani..

Smrithi went to Mani..
Smrithi: Just 3 answers… Do you like this marriage of mine with Raman?
Mani nodded No
Smrithi: Do you live without me?
Mani nodded No
Smrithi: Will you marry me?
Mani nodded No..
She was shocked
Mani: I need some more time to love..

She smiled n hugged him..
Everyone done hifi

Akash: Ok lets do karan Shagun marriage..
Karan searched for mangalsutra..

Raman sat in between Karan n Shagun with mangalsutra..

Karan: Stupid.
Raman: Now time is 8.. You guys go n pick Ishu n come here.. Else no marriage..
Akash: Who LL go?
Raman: You.. Mr. Mani.. My dear bro..
Karan: You??
Raman: I m tired..
Shagun stared..

Raman: Go… Else no marriage…
He kept the mangalsutra in his pocket..

Akash hit his head.. He called Siva for help..
Shagun: Akash.. I LL come..
Akash: No shagun..
Shagun: Its ok.. LL come

They left..
Raman: Hey darling..
They turned n saw Raman talking in phone..
Raman: No worries dear.. All r on the way..
They stared at him n went…


Sorry for late update…
Imagine I m doing sit ups…
Sorryyyyyyy busy in project

Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 27)


Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 27)

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