Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th December 2015 Written Update

Tripurari gets angry on Suwarna. Dhaani scolds him for touching Suwarna and asks how dare he to misbehave with her. Badi Amma says they are with her and he can’t do anything wrong with her. Dulaari comes and says your truth is out infront of him. She yells at him for trying to ruin Dhaani’s life and thanks God for saving Dhaani from marrying him. Tripurari tries to take her in his words, but Dulaari calls the doctor who confirms that he came to the hospital with Suwarna on that day.

Dulaari thanks Doctor for supporting them. Suwarna apologizes to Badi Amma and says you have to see this day because of me. Badi Amma asks her to forget everything thinking it as a bad dream. Dulaari regrets to misunderstands Viplav and says she shall apologize to him and says Viplav brought Suwarna safely. Dhaani says I have done a mistake too and misunderstood him. She says Viplav was always right and feels apologetic.

Dasharath is in the hospital. Dhaani comes to hospital. Viplav tells her that God can save him and tells that Dasharath spent his life in God’s way. Dhaani tells that there is much strength in Aarti and does his tilak. Gayatri Mantras is being played. Viplav does tha aarti. Tripurari comes to the ward to kill Dashrath, but to his shock…..Dasharath wakes up and scolds him for unable to hide his mistake…..Tripurari folds his hand and sits beside him. Dasharath says if Suwarna could have come late then you might have got married to Dhaani. He asks Tripurari to kill Dhaani and says he will take care of the matter.

Tripurari recalls Dhaani insulting him and agrees to kill her. Viplav asks Dhaani why she is here in the hospital. Dhaani says you have done so much for me, saved Suwarna and me. I can support you. Viplav says I thought I am very strong and have sent everyone home, but I am weak. He thanks her for staying with him. Viplav says I am sure Tripurari is behind everything even now. Later Dhaani gives tea to Viplav. Dhaani asks why did he save me that day when I was kidnapped. Viplav says it was part of his plan, he wanted to win your trust and marry you. Dhaani says we shall not forget that he is Durga’s son and Suwarna’s husband. Suddenly tea spills on Dhaani’s hand and Viplav bandages her hand with his handkerchief. Ishq ka rang safed plays………………….

Viplav asks Dhaani to tell one thing and asks what happened? You didn’t want to talk to me. What was that misunderstanding which stopped you from talking to me. He says I got mad about thinking it. Dhaani recalls Dasharath’s words, and tells that Tripurari is behind everything. She apologizes to him. Viplav says I will go and see Dada ji. Dhaani says I will also come. They couldn’t see Tripurari who was there itself. Viplav offers to drop her home and says I have to buy medicines.

Durga throws Tripurari’s stuff out. Tripurari tells her that Dasharath will come and accept them back. Durga says you have broken my trust and says if Suwarna or I get hurt then I will never forgive you. She asks Suwarna not to worry and says he can’t do anything until I am with you. She tells that she is going to temple to pray for Dasharath and says if anything happens to him then I will not forgive him.

Dhaani comes back to Ashram. Badi Amma asks her about Dasharath. Dhaani says he is fine now. Dulaari notices handkerchief on her hand and asks her. Dhaani says tea was spilled on her hand. Tripurari talks to someone on phone and tells that he will kill Viplav and even Dasharath couldn’t stop him. Suwarna hears it and informs Dhaani that she heard talking to someone and everything. Dhaani gets shocked and runs out. She calls for him.

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