The Episode begins with Suhani conversing with Yuvraaj about Gauri. Soumya tells Krishna that she has shrouded some cash for future utilize and apologizes. He says I didn’t expect this. Suhani and Yuvraaj discuss Gauri’s treatment. He jokes on her and says she is equivalent to two. She says I m not that fat, locate any thin on the off chance that you don’t care for me, I m upbeat the way I m. He embraces her and says I m not inspired by thin young ladies, I like Suhani the way she is, and jokes once more. She says she won’t converse with him. He asks her will she have samosas. She says you will insult me once more. She says I was speculation to take Gauri to market and perceive how she responds seeing group. She says fine. He requests that her not hold Gauri’s hand. She concurs.

Krishna asks Soumya for what valid reason did she do this. Soumya says Lalita loathes me and insults me, if cash finished, she would have pointed the finger at me, so I kept some cash. He inquires as to why did she point the finger at Radhe. She says I did botch, I won’t do this. He says fine, don’t do such oversight. She says guarantee and embraces him. She asks would we be able to go in that stop where we used to meet before marriage. He says fine, come.

Gauri gets prepared and asks Sharad how am I looking. Sharad sees Bhavna and says extremely decent. Yuvraaj sees this and tells Gauri that Sharad is lying, he is telling about Bhavna. Gauri advises this to Bhavna. Bhavna gets modest. They all chuckle. Sharad says I was advising in regards to Golu. They all come to get family pic prepared. Clothes reprimands Menka. Menka sits in Dadi’s place. Pratima approaches Dadi to seek the family pic. Suhani requests that Menka get up. Yuvraaj sits tight for Dadi. Pratima brings Dadi. They all posture for family pic. Gauri holds Suhani and Yuvraaj.

Radhe meets the man. The man requests cash immediately. Radhe stresses. Yuvraaj, Suhani and Gauri are headed to showcase. Gauri says she needs to change. Suhani says you look great. Yuvraaj says individuals wear great garments. Suhani says garments ought to be for solace. He jokes on her dressing. She contends. He says I know you are agreeable in these suits, else I would have seemed well and good. Gauri sees them contending. Suhani requests that Gauri transform her dressing sense, she will bolster her. Gaur says I m fine. Yuvraaj requests that Gauri talk like Suhani, in great way, and overlook her terrible things. Suhani beats him and they contend. Gauri says don’t battle please and holds her head. Yuvraaj giggles. Yuvraaj says we are going market and don’t hold Suhani’s hand there. Gauri says I will be lost. Suhani says you need to learn strolling alone, nothing will happen.

Radhe tells the man that his brother by marriage trusts him aimlessly, he sold his auto in low rate and Krishna trusted that furthermore that his wife is hoodlum, I will deceive him and he will give me cash. Radhe snickers. Soumya and Krishna hear Radhe. Krishna gets stunned and furious. Soumya says I didn’t take cash and not concealed it in cabinet. Krishna gets Radhe and asks how could he point the finger at Soumya in the wake of taking the cash.

Yuvraaj requests that Gauri not hold hands. Suhani says I will simply come to get my kurta changed. Yuvraaj requests that Gauri accompany her. She crashes into some gentleman and shouts. She tells Yuvraaj this gentleman pushed her. He gets irate and asks how could you push my sister. The gentleman apologizes and says it was by mix-up. Yuvraaj asks are you dazzle. Suhani converses with Pankaj and is happy knowing Aditya has return home, I will get back home and meet. Yuvraaj and the fellow contend. The gentleman says its pointless to converse with you and goes. Suhani comes there and Gauri tells about that fellow. Yuvraaj says I won’t abandon him in the event that I meet him once more. They get back home. He is furious on that fellow and requests that Suhani not protect that gentleman. She says fine.

Yuvraaj gets stunned seeing that fellow at their home. Gauri says he is that fellow. Yuvraaj asks him how could he have been able to he come here, he will call police. Suhani grins and says Adi/Aditya. They contend. Bhavna grins. Suhani and Aditya battle. Bhavna says you both still battle like children. She holds their ears and makes them apologize. Suhani embraces Aditya. Yuvraaj asks whats happening. Suhani says he is Aditya. Gauri says he is goon. Suhani says he is our visitor. Yuvraaj says he is same fellow who has pushed Gauri in business sector. Aditya apologizes and says it happened by slip-up. Yuvraaj requests that he apologize to Gauri. Gauri stows away. Suhani requests that Gauri come, he is her sibling. Aditya holds his ears and apologizes to her. Gauri excuses him. Aditya jokes on Suhani. Clothes says Suhani diets the most in this house. Menka says I can eat like Suhani, we can have rivalry.

Sharad asks Aditya what is this epithet mean. Bhavna tells Suhani was extremely fat in youth, so Aditya named her little elephant. They all giggle. Dadi asks whats happening. Bhavna says Dadi, he is our cousin Aditya, he moved to Allahabad from Bangalore. He welcomes Dadi. Dadi asks did he drop by any work and talks well. He says I work in bank and got posting here. She says great. Menka tells Dadi that Aditya made Gauri fall in business sector. Dadi takes a gander at him.


Gauri goes to Yuvraaj’s space to say he ought to make Aditya leave, She supposes the gentleman in room is Yuvraaj. Suhani grins and asks where is Yuvraaj. Gauri sees Aditya there. Aditya grins.


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