Mere Angne Mein 2nd December 2015 Written Update

The Episode begins with Jaz requesting that Rama get back home. She presents Rahul. Amaya says Rama ought to arrive as her sisters are distant from everyone else here. Rama says Rachita and Jaz are not kids, you arrive, I m going. Tilak thinks divider is getting fabricate between these partners, now I m having a ton of fun. Amaya thinks what happened to Rama. Gupta offers shagun to Amaya and says Sumitra ought to have offered this to you. Amaya expresses gratitude toward him, as he acknowledged her as his bahu. Gupta says you are bahu and girl too, you got trust and satisfaction this house, I don’t feel debilitated now, you are prosperous for Rama, nobody will let you know anything, I m with you.

Bua and Sumitra look on. Sumitra says she has planted seed in Rama’s brain, and she knows it will turn tree soon. The police stops Rahul and asks who is he. Rahul says he came to meet Rachita. They permit him to go inside. He gives Rachita her portable and asks would he be able to acquaint him with her vital. She asks does he have any work. He says yes. The foremost comes there. Rachita presents Rahul as her companion, he is social laborer. Rahul says he needs to help understudies by giving address on financial matters. The primary says its smart thought, however we have visitor instructor. Rahul thinks Tilak can discover some answer for this.

Rama supposes he can’t shroud his sentiments, he will tell Amaya reality, rather than battling with her. Amaya does puja and petitions God for Rama.She says there is no reason to worry today when she advises her emotions to Rama.

Every one of the ladies take plates for puja. Amaya gets Rama’s call. He says he needs to tell something, and requests that her meet him at ghat. She says she likewise needs to let him know her sentiments. She runs there with her Karwa puja plate. Rama says Amaya… She stops him and does Karwachauth customs. He makes her beverage water and breaks her quick. He bolsters her ladoo and supposes he is going far from Amaya today. She supposes their separation will get less.

She says she needs to let him know something. He says no, I need to tell something. She says I comprehend what you need to say, let me know. He says I need you to do a reversal to Mantu. She gets dazed. He says I know you both cherished one another, I need you both to unite, I know everything, I think about the anklet which Mantu gave you as blessing, I read your journal, our marriage is weakness for you. You wedded me to spare Rachita’s appreciation and haveli, I questioned when you came in mandap, I knew we are not made for one another. She says I came to let you know.. He says Mantu cherished you, he exited city and couldn’t overlook you, he composed letter to you to say in regards to bomb impact. She gets some information about marriage. He says this marriage has no significance, you cherish Mantu, he is my closest companion, I can’t stay with you.

He says marriage finished, I have one thing to give you, legal documents, I need separate with the goal that you about-face to Mantu and satisfy your fantasies. She asks did you take such huge choice. Rama says its court hearing following 4 days, I have marked on this, you additionally sign on it. Rama takes off. Amaya separates and says what should I do Rama, I cherish you. Rama feels sorry to learn severe words to you, he knows he won’t give him separation, being great hearted, she is keeping marriage by her integrity, I don’t need you to execute your satisfaction, I need you to live joyfully with Mantu, forget me. He cries and feels I cherish you a considerable measure, just you stay in my heart. He supposes she will be content with Mantu.

Amaya returns home and cries. She says my first Karwachauth. What blessing did Rama give me today? Sumitra and Bua come there and see the legal documents. They get happy. Amaya says Rama needs to abandon me, you ought to disclose him not to do this. Sumitra requests that am I frantic stop him, I need you to go out soon. She says we will dispose of you. Amaya solicits what sort from mum is she, will she get glad seeing his child’s home break. Sumitra says I cherish my child and need straightforward bahu, not shrewd minded like you. She requests that Amaya check as the days progressed. They clear out. Amaya says nobody needs me to stay here as Rama’s wife and their bahu. She cries and says on the off chance that I invest more energy with Rama, possibly he will change his choice, perhaps I can make him understand I adore him, not Mantu. She goes to her room and sees Rama pressing. She asks what’s happening with he. He says he can’t in this house, he is backtracking to his home, he will tell his guardians tomorrow. She says no compelling reason to go and holds his hand. He says I have to go, this is your home, I wish you and Mantu get all bliss. Rama goes out and cries, while she cries in the room.


Gupta gets unwell. Amaya and everybody watch over him. The specialist says he got minor assault, he doesn’t need any stun. Sumitra asks for Rama and Amaya to be as one and not advise anything to Gupta.

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