The Episode begins with Ayush thinking about pandit’s words. He supposes Anusha ought not know anything, else she will be concerned. Shanta comes there and apologizes to him. She requests that he check press, its not working and she needs to press numerous sarees, then she will provide for shop. He concurs and goes to her room. Ayush checks the iron and she looks on. He takes a gander at the flawed wire and gets shocked. Shanta grins and thinks this is the begin of issue, then see what happens.

Mohi comes there and sees Ayush tumbling around the electric stun. She hurries to him. She asks what transpired. Shanti begins yelling and requests that somebody help him. Shanta asks Ayush is he fine, Everyone come there and see Ayush. Manohar evacuates the iron attachment. Kaki asks Mohi what transpired. They make Ayush sit. Shubhangi gives him water.

Shanta lets them know about electric stun. She says she utilizes this iron day by day, today it was not working and I called Ayush. Manohar asks Shanta for what valid reason did she call Ayush, circuit tester would have done this. Ayush says I m fine. Swati stresses as pandit gave cautioning today. Mohi supposes she is in charge of this. Ayush says not at all like that, its equitable mischance Aai. Anybody can get electric stun.

Swati requests that he go to his room. Manohar goes to call Madhur. Mohi takes a gander at Shanta and goes. Shanta says she will add more inconveniences to stop Ayush’s marriage. Everybody tend to Ayush. Mohi looks on. Shanta requests that Ayush eat paan, he will get great rest. He says I m fine, I don’t need. Shanta demands. Ayush eats the paan. She panics them by saying in regards to pandit. He says I m fine and don’t startle them, else I won’t converse with you. Shubhangi says Shanta administers to you, once you wed, she won’t get this opportunity to stress for you, Anusha will do this work.

Sharad grins seeing Manohar playing chess alone around evening time. Manohar sees him and reviews how they used to play chess. Manohar and Sharad have a discussion. A glass breaks and Manohar stresses. Sharad says I m fine and picks pieces. The force goes. Manohar sees Sharad picking glass and asks what is he doing, its not expected to pick glass in dimness, leave all that, we will see later. He requests that Sharad hear him out, in the event that he wouldn’t like to talk. Mohi reviews Ayush’s state and cries. She says she can’t see Ayush like this, she will let Ayush and Anusha’s marriage happen gently with no obstacle. She goes to Lord to help her, she will keep quick from tomorrow and not let Ayush confront any issue.


Mohi goes to keep the quick and strolls unshod. She gets hurt.


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