Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st December 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st December 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya in disguise waiting for Komal in the market place. He signs his staff. Sandhya dresses as Banjaran and sells tamarind. Sandhya thinks Komal will come here. She informs Awasthi to keep an eye on the woman wearing pink clothes, Komal is coming to meet her, she can be in any disguise. Komal comes there in burqa. Sandhya informs them to keep an eye on two girls coming in burqa. Sandhya asks them not to take any action else they can lose Komal.

Komal was going to that woman. Someone opens the car door and plays the siren to alert Komal. Komal signs the girl to go and runs away. Sandhya says Komal would have ringed this siren. Awasthi says Komal has run that way. Sandhya and Satya follow Komal. They get in the cloth dyeing area and lose Komal. Emily catches Komal and brings her in her parlor. Emily asks what is she doing. Emily shuts her mouth. Komal tries to make noise. Sandhya and Satya are outside parlor. Emily hides Komal.

Meenakshi comes to meet Lalima. She asks why do you look tanned. Lokesh looks on. Meenakshi asks for lahenga as her customer is asking. She says she will take it from cupboard. Lokesh stops Meenakshi. Lalima asks her to eat fruits, she will bring lahenga. Lalima thinks no one should get that lahenga, I should do something. She worries. She says don’t know where I kept it, I will bring it, give me one day. Meenakshi says its fine, but find it one day, I took advance from customer. She leaves. Lalima worries and says if Sandhya knows this and our lie comes out, what will we do. He says Sandhya should not know this, we should find some new way.

Sandhya and Satya talk to senior. Senior says its shameful thing for police dept as this case it not solving, I have to answer people. Satya says we are trying, give us some time. Senior says we have just 3 days, if we don’t solve, this case will go to CBI. Komal cries and asks Emily to free her. Emily throws the food plate and goes. Komal is locked in store room. Komal apologizes and says sorry, I came in your way, that was unlucky day when Mohit came in my life, let me go. Emily asks her to calm down and eat food, she does not want to hurt her, but she can’t leave her alone, nothing will happen to you. Komal cries.

Emily sees her mum behind. Her mum asks till when will you hide Komal here. Emily says I m going home, Komal should not have any problem, call me if there is problem. Her mum asks why is she taking care of Komal, Komal is responsible for all this, she snatched Mohit. Emily asks why is woman blamed always for such thing, Mohit married me and cheated me, Komal did not cheat me, Mohit has done this. She cries. Her mum says everything will be fine and hugs her.

Meenakshi is glad seeing Misri. Lalima says I heard Misri is going Jaipur, you will be doing shopping for everything. Meenakshi says no, shooting people give everything, clothes, accessories and even food. She says constable is seeing here since much time. She asks constable why is he roaming here, shall I complain Sandhya. He says no, I m obeying her command. Lokesh recalls Satya telling him that he will be watched by police. Lokesh says Sandhya is police officer that’s why. He asks Lalima to come and thinks Lalima should not know this.

Sandhya thinks what is the link which we are forgetting, who can be Mohit’s murderer, Emily or Lokesh, we have no proof, anyone else? Satya asks the constable did he receive info about Mohit’s murder. He asks constable to tell in detail. Satya hears them. The man says that guy just said that there is dead body in that well. Satya asks did he just say this? The constable says yes. Satya says lets recreate this scene, I mean we will repeat this, I will call as informer and you talk as you spoke to him, you should remember then, on which number you got call. The constable says Sandhya’s phone. Satya calls on that phone. He shouts on him asking him to receive call. The constable gets nervous. Sandhya says 1 min, did call come on this phone, but this is new phone, it was fixed on Mohit’s murder day, no one has this number. She recalls she gave this number that day to just….. Sooraj.

Sandhya gets a note in bin and thinks its Sooraj’s handwriting, she has to ask him. Meenakshi tells her that today something worse happened, Sooraj…….

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