BIGG BOSS 9 29 November 2015 Written Update

BIGG BOSS 9 29 November 2015 Written Update

BIGG BOSS 9 29 November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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BIGG BOSS 9 29 November 2015 Written Update

Weekend Special
In house
bigg boss gives chance to Priya that rank inmates from 1 to 8. she ranks them and give reasons as follows:
Rishab-1st (he has qualities of winner and brought life in show)
Mandana-2nd (she was most talked about inmates initially)
Prince-3rd (he has good heart but you lose because of that)
Rochelle-4th (you can be easily manipulated and you juggle between groups, Kishwar says she has more bad qualities than me so she should be below me, Priya says goodness is most important to be seen in show but you havent shown it)
Kishwar-5th (your goodness is not shown anywhere in this show)
Suyyash-6th (you spark has gone, you seem to listen Kishwar in everything)
Digi-7th (your strength has become your weakness here)

Salman comes on stage and says storm came in house, Bigg boss opened gates of house but Rimi didnt budge and acted like it doesnt make difference to her. bigg boss showed them that infront of his storm, no one would be able to stand.
Salman says ROCHELLE, RIMI, MANDANA, DIGANGANA and RISHAB are nominated.

call is connected to house, Salman welcomes Keith and says sorry to hear about your brother, Keith thanks him. Salman says Rimi said many times that she wanna go home, bigg boss opened doors of house and asked inmates to leave but you didnt do? Rimi says i have become used to here, i am habituated to closed doors so didnt want to take drastic step. Salman ask Mandana why she didnt leave? she said many times that she wanna leave, Mandana says i was ill and was very weak physically and mentally but now i am fine, i wont say it again. Salman says to Digi that you are not seen in house, why? Digi says i have let people take advantage of me, i didnt take serious stance. Salman says to Rimi that two days back you said you wanna leave, you dont do any task and all then why didnt you leave? Rimi says when i entered house, i panicked that i would have to live here for 3months but then days passed and 6weeks passed easily, now i am fine here and also i promised Kishwar to do tasks and i will now, also show creatives are good that taking care of my money. Salman ask Rochelle about Rimi, Rochelle says Rimi is not fair to others, Aman did all tasks and works and he got eliminated but she is still here. Rishab says Rimi did reverse psychology, she said she wanna leave and people voted for her in return but her game has been exposed and now people are fed up. Priya says Rimi is unfair to other inmates, she is taking spot of deserving contestant, she is increasing her bank balance only, if Bigg boss gave her opportunity to leave then it wouldnt be breach of contract, Salman says to Rishab that he could have become hero by making Rimi leave house but he didnt, Rishab says if i pressurized her to leave then it would be taken physical too so i didnt, all laugh, Salman says i am shocked that you guys are laughing at this, this is not Rimi’s fault, you all never insisted her, from many weeks she fooled you all, you all are responsible for making her comfortable, Rochelle says i tried many times to motivate her, Salman says her thirst to do something in life is gone, its dead, eventually Rimi will fail in life, i hope she understands and start working, how many years she have worked? Salman says i am working from age of 15years, i didnt know where my career was going at 18years, i still thank God for giving me work, i still pray to get work. Mandana says everyone loves Rimi so much that they dont take stance against her, Salman says Prince returned make up to Rimi and said we love you, Rimi says i did both the tasks of this week, i irritated inmates sitting in car, Rochelle says you didnt do it from mind, you did what others asked you to do, you didnt even think that people are sitting in car for many hours so you wanna irritate them or not, you did what others were doing, Keith says to Rimi that its not thing to laugh at, if you dont wanna avail opportunity then you would have left house when doors were opened. Salman ask Kishwar about her soft corner for Rimi, Kishwar says i like her as person but i do talk about tasks to her, Priya says Rimi has hidden herself behind cool group(KSP), she knows she would be protected easily by Kishwar and co, they are cool group because they are competitive, Rimi thinks she is safe till she is with them. Salman says inmates are at fault for bringing Rimi at this point, Priya says this can be strategy of Kishwar too to keep Rimi close and keep protecting her so it would be easy to eliminate her in end of show, Kishwar says this is not strategy of mine.
Salman says that there is going to be activity. housemates have to put a bell around any nominated contestant who they think doesnt deserve to be in house. Kanwal first put it around Rochelle’s neck but she tells him its about contestant who doesnt deserve to be in house, then Kanwal makes Rimi wear bell. Keith says its worst that she is laughing. Rimi says i stood at 8th position last day, Kishwar says why didnt you leave yesterday? Keith, Prince, Priya makes Rimi wear bells. Suyyash says we are close to Rimi from first day but i am feeling ashamed, i feel i was fooled by Rimi all the time by trusting her, he makes her wear bells. Kishwar says i protected her so much, i feel cheated, she makes her wear bell, Mandana makes her wear make Rimi, Digi says it was selfishness of people to make Rimi on their side as it was easy. Digi makes her wear it, Rimi says i am weak contender so i would make myself wear it, Rishab makes Rimi wear bell from his side and Rochelle’s side both. Salman ask Rimi to sit near fake cow(which was in dairy task), she sits, Salman says people come in this house with fate of 90% winning chance and 10% both, the person with 10% luck to win works hard in this house and goes on to win too, Rimi says like Rochelle, she has done hardwork in house, Salman says i am not talking about Rochelle, i am talking about you Rimi, you have denied your whole journey last night by not walking out of house, Salman says if you had gone last day then you wouldnt be humiliated this way today, Rimi says i accept decision of inmates that i am undeserving, Salman says this is decision of whole india, you kept saying you are like this only, who will sign you after seeing things behavior of yours? you think we are fool? we brought you in house to revive your name to people who forgot you but you didint respect the opportunity, i will comeback, call ends.

Salman says Varun Dhawan and Kriti Senon entered house, lets see what happened.

in house, Varun and Kriti enters house. they hug and meet everyone, Varun says we have come to promote our move dilwale. Kriti says we will give you task, it will happen in couples. first couple is Digi and Rishab. they have to perform on Sooraj hua Madham. song plays Rishab and Digi closely dance with each other, everyone claps for them. Varun says SRk and Kajol have great chemistry but Rishab and Digi have special chemistry, i am not teasing but they do have chemistry, all hoot for them. Kriti says next pair is Prince and Mandana. Prince and Mandana dances on one two three four song,. Varun, Rishab, Mandana joins them. Kriti says next pair is Kanwal and Kishwar. Kanwal starts dancing like girl on Radha song, Kishwar dances like man and Kanwal dances like girl on song, everyone joins them and dances.
Varun says we will take selfie with inmates. Varun and Kriti leaves house after greeting inmates.

Salman welcomes Varun and Kriti on stage. he hugs them, Varun says i want to sing for you, Varun sings for Salman. Salman says Varun has come in Bigg boss house for second time, Varun says last time it was much dangerous last time but people seem nice this time, i like girls of this season, i liked Mandana alot, Salman smirks. Kriti says i really liked Kamli ji, Salman ask who is Kamli? Kriti says Kanwal is lovingly called as Kamli, after Katrina, Kanwal is known for Kamli, Salman gets silent for moment but then says i remember from Katrina’s name, whom you like in house? Kriti says i liked Prince’s dance, dance impresses me alot.
Varun and Kriti dances on song Manma emotion from Dilwale. After dance, Salman appreciates their dance. Varun says you did movie Maine pyar kyon kiya, i will recreate scene, Salman will play sohail khan, that shower scene. Varun says dialogues of Salman from movie, Salman acts like Sohail and kisses Varun’s cheeks, all laugh. Varun says my dad is director but he never consider me that i can direct movie too so i will show him by directing a scene here, he says Kriti likes candle scene from Hum dil dechuke sanam so Salman and Kriti will enact that scene and i as directer will be chandelier, all laugh. Varun stands like chandelier, Kriti and Salman enacts scene, they are enacting romantic scene, Salman ask chandelier to move aside, Kriti says this chandelier is destroying romance, Varun laughs.
kriti requests Salman to dance with him, Salman dances with Kriti on Pehla Pehla pyar hai.
Varun, Kriti and Salman dances on song Manma emotion. Kriti tells 18th december is releasing date of movie, Varun says SRK-Kajol is also in movie, Kriti says he is saying they are ALSO in movie, Varun says please, they are senior, respect them, all laugh, Salman hugs them, Varun and Kriti leaves.

Call is connected to house, Salman says to Priya that you told story about scorpio and frog. i have listened story of fish and scorpio. scorpio used to live on island, there was no food there so he asked fish to take him to otherside of river, fish took him to otherside but scorpio bite him and said its his habit. Tell me who is scorpio and fish in house? Priya says Rochelle is fish and Mandana is scorpio. Rochelle has a sweet nature but Mandana’s nature is to bite, she would bite Rochelle eventually, she has said herself that she isnt here to make friends. Salman ask Priya about victim card she is using, Priya says they ganged up against me so i broke down but Kishwar said that i am trying victim card, Kishwar says you said that you have researched reality shows and trick to win it, Mandana says Priya’s problem is that she comes in others conversation and twist it to her way, Priya says i cant enter any conversation, i know about audience reaction, Salman says keep it going, i will comeback after pee, all laugh, call is disconnected.
Kishwar says to Rishab that dont talk about group and all again else i wont talk to you, this is not about group. Rishab says i am not part of any group.

Call is connected to house, Salman ask how many of you think that a wild card entry can wake up house, all agree, Salman ask Rishab if he doesnt think like this? Rishab says i am myself wild card entry, all joke that Rishab doesnt understand tasks. Kishwar jokes that wild card comes and says that we dont understand tasks and all but when it comes to them even they dont understand any task, all laugh, Rishab says i dont need immunity, i will play alone and have ability to win, Prince says the one who played for immunity had capability, Rochelle tries to say something, Rishab puts hand near face, she ask him to move his hand away, Salman jokes that girls bully Rishab, Rishab says i want girls to bully me.
snapdeal customer calls, he ask suyyash that your group pick fights with other group in every task but you try to be sweet, is it strategy? suyyash says i had fights with Rochelle and Mandana but i tried to clear things with them, Kishwar had problems with Mandana and i didnt want to fight because of that, i want to have good relation with everyone, Salman ask if he is sweet to all because he wants to not come in nominations? Suyyash says no, i am never afraid of nominations, Suyyash signs mug for customer. Salman says i will announce eviction tomorrow.
Salman says you all lost 10lacs when you wanted to take your bags back. We are giving you chance to win double amount that is 20lacs, read task instructions carefully and do it, i will meet you tomorrow.
Suyyash reads instructions about task “money money”, The housemates will be given bag connected with rope, inmates have to hold the rope of their respective gunny bag, which they will have to hold on for 24hours, Each of the bag had a different amount of sum in it. If at all the contestants drop the bag, that amount of money will be lost, the inmates who will keep holding bag till end, his bag’s amount will be added to winner’s prize which is rightnow 39lacs. there are different amounts in each bag and that is written in envelope, inmates will open that envelope after task only, till then they dont know about amount in their bag, there is ‘X2’ in one bag, if the one whose bag have X2 holds the bag till end of task then the summed amount after task will be doubled(multiplied by 2 or x2), they dont know whose bag have it. Priya is moderator of task.
Inmates come in garden and take their places and holds rope of bags. There is big LCD screen screen placed in garden too on which different things will be shown to inmates.

PRECAP- Salman ask Priya through tv whom she thinks will give up task first? Priya says Kishwar seems tired, Mandana gives up tasks easily. Later Rochelle and Priya enters into a heated argument. The devils(Jallads) of Bigg boss come in bedroom of house and start destroying personal stuff of inmates, it is shown on tv to inmates, Rochelle says he is destroying my make up, i am leaving my bag, Keith and others ask her to not leave. Later Suyyash’s sister comes in confession room, it is shown on tv to Suyyash, sister emotionally says that i wanna meet suyyash once, suyyash cries kseeing this, Kishwar ask Suyyash to not leave bag at all, Suyyash feels helpless seeing his sister on screen, Digi hugs him and consoles him, Suyyash tells inmates to be ready.

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