Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th November 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th November 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj asking Sandhya to forget everything. She says she has no option than to worry. He says nothing will change if she worries, sometimes we should accept what comes our way. She says when we have a valuable thing, there is fear linked to it, I love my family a lot, I m worried for my family, I can’t see anyone in problem. He says this is wrong, when you share all your happiness with me, share your worries also, we are one Emily. She thinks I wish I could tell you I m doubting Emily, I have to question her. She rests on his shoulder says you are sitting close to me, all my worries got away.

Sandhya tells Satya that she wants to question Emily. He asks what, I can’t believe this. She says yes, I doubt on Emily, and tells everything. She says you were right, I could not understand. He says I m saying this from day 1, I knew this Emily knows Komal and lied to us, I think we should investigate this case again and start this case again, call Emily. Sandhya calls Emily. Her phone is switched off. Satya says its not a good sign. She says she will call home.

Meenakshi takes the call. Sandhya asks for Emily. Meenakshi says Emily has taken Pari to doctor. Sandhya says fine and ends all. She tells this to Satya. Satya calls at that clinic, and gets to know that doctor has gone abroad for one week. He tells Sandhya. Sandhya says why did Emily lie, she did not know I m doubting her. Satya says she has run away with her daughter, maybe she understood you are doubting her. She says it means Emily has done this, then Lokesh… what is the truth. Satya asks officers to send Emily’s pic and details to every checkposts, Emily should not get away. The staff calls to inform every police station. Sandhya and Satya get shocked seeing Emily there. Emily says I have killed my husband Mohit Rathi. They get stunned. Satya thinks first Lokesh and now Emily, both accepted the crime.

Emily tells Sandhya and Satya that there was nothing left in their relation, Mohit used to give money to Komal, even Pari’s fees. They just used to fight. She made the divorce papers and went to give Mohit, while he was with Komal. FB shows Emily going to Komal and Mohit. He asks is she spying on him. She says I did not come here to fight with you two, I came to know you both can meet freely, I came to free Mohit from this relation. She gives the divorce papers and asks him to sign it to end this relation, she wants the same what he wants, getting rid of this marriage. Komal asks Mohit to sign. He asks Komal to go, he will handle. Komal says fine, but remember if you love me and want to marry me, you will sign on the papers. She leaves.

Mohit asks where to sign, why do you want divorce, you won’t get freedom so easily. He throws the papers. Emily slaps him. He holds her neck angrily. She pushes him. He gets hurt and goes to beat her. She pushes him with force and he falls inside the well. FB ends. She says she has killed Mohit, she did not wish to kill him, Komal has seen me that day. I have erased the word Patni from Komal’s message, but now I m accepting my crime.

Satya says everything is right, but after hiding your crime for so long, why did you come here to accept crime, can I know why this sudden change of heart. She says I knew, you will understand by doubting on me. I was afraid and Sandhya has seen my tension and fear, that’s why I m here. She says don’t say this to Pari, I don’t want her to know this, she will not bear this shock. She cries. Satya gives her water. He asks Sandhya to come and they leave.

Satya says now two culprits are accepting the crime. Sandhya says case is complicated now, how can they both kill him, one of them is innocent and lying, why lying don’t know. Satya says we have two proof against Emily. They go back to Emily. He asks Awasthi to take her statement and leave Emily. He says you are free now, but you have to come when you are called here, and you can’t leave city till this case goes on. Sandhya asks Emily to go home. Satya asks Sandhya to come, they have to find the connecting link and know what happened that day.

Sandhya and Satya evaluate the scene, and say both Lokesh and Emily accept they have pushed Mohit in well, Komal was not there at that time. Satya says then someone called you to inform about Mohit’s body. She asks how did someone call, when there is no PCO in nearby place. She asks Awasthi to check phone records. Awasthi says it was done by PCO which is 15-20mins away from it. Satya says this man can help us, get that call recording, we can know his voice and find out who is that man who informed us. They get thinking.

Sooraj asks doctor to do Bhabho’s operation soon. The doctor says the operation date is after 3 days, you leave. He calls Sandhya and asks what happened to Sooraj ji.

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