Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita scolding Pooja and Raman. She asks is he dating, he is a liar, she does so much for him and he is doing this. Raman asks Pooja to say. Pooja says tell her darling, that you are leaving your wife for me. Raman asks what, are you mad. Ishita says you came on date. Raman says I came for Ruhi. Ishita asks for Ruhi again, you married me for Ruhi too. Mohit goes to Pooja and says is this your meeting. She asks what does this matter to you. He says I love you. She smiles. Vandu, Ishita and Raman look on.

Sarika asks Mrs. Bhalla to take care of Rohit. Mrs. Bhalla says no, Raman explained me, I will not come between you and Romi, Rohit is your responsibility, do what you want, I will do what I want, you have to understand how to strike chord between work and family. Sarika asks what happened now, I really have to go, you always manage Rohit. Amma comes there and says she wants Punjabi halwa recipe. Sarika asks Amma to manage Rohit for some time, she will come in some time. Amma happily agrees. Sarika thanks her and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma why did she take Rohit. Amma says I don’t have problem, Sarika will come in some time. Mrs. Bhalla says just Sarika has the problem.

Mohit argues with Raman. Ishita scolds him, and says she is sure Pooja was after Raman, I know my husband well. Mohit says I know my GF, she will not trap any married man. Raman says I don’t even know her name. She says then how did you get here. Mohit says stop it. He confesses love to Pooja and proposes her for marriage. She says she will marry him, she loves him a lot. They hug. Ishita asks why is she fooling Mohit. Pooja says sorry, I will tell everything, I wanted Mohit to confess love, Raman told me about Ruhi’s problem, so I thought this is good chance to make Mohit confess love. Ishita asks about Ruhi’s problem. Raman says about her project. Pooja thanks them for help and says she will help Ruhi in her project. Raman thanks her. Pooja and Mohit leave. Raman asks Ishita what was she saying. Vandu says I will leave. Ishita asks Vandu to come along and is scared of Raman’s taunts.

Pathak meets Mihir and asks about Raman. Mihir says I don’t know when will Raman come. Pathak asks Mihir to sign. Mihir checks POA and asks what for is this? Pathak says Raman knows this, just sign. Mihir says I can’t sign without Raman’s consent. Pathak says its urgent, I would have taken Raman’s sign if he was here. Mihir says I won’t sign till Raman reads the papers. Pathak asks are you doubting on me, I m old member of this company, are you jealous of me that Raman trusts me more, what family are we, its just sign, I m getting late.

Mihir says its not about one sign, its about professionalism, you are legal advisor, its Raman Bhalla’s company, I m just CEO, I can’t sign till he reads papers, leave my office now. Pathak leaves. Mihir says he has to inform Raman about this, how can Raman make POA/Power of Attorney.

Raman, Ishita and Vandu are on the way. Ishita and Vandu chat about the misunderstanding. Raman looks at them. Raman confronts her. Ishita says I totally trust you, Vandu called and said husbands are like that, they want someone else in life, so I came to see, its all because of Vandu. Vandu is shocked. Raman asks Vandu did she say this, very bad. Vandu says yes, I told this to Ishu. Raman asks is everything fine between you and Bala. Vandu says yes, but he does not give me attention. Raman says you can tell me, I can help you out. Vandu thanks him and thinks Bala lost his name. She pinches Ishita. Raman sees this and smiles.

They reach home. Ishita apologizes to Vandu. Bala meets Raman and asks him about Ishita, Amma got busy in kitchen, so I will give Rohit to Ishita. Raman tells him that Vandu said Bala changed and is not giving time. Bala says strange, she did not tell me. Raman asks when did you take Vandu for dinner, I m taking Ishita out today, there is no harm in romance. Bala tells that place which is lonely at night, its maybe be bad for Ishita. Raman tells what happened in restaurant, its proved how much she loves me, I will go, come for dinner with Vandu, else you will be her dinner. He goes. Bala says I don’t understand he motivates me or demotivates me.

Ishita gets ready and asks is this necessary to go that far. Raman asks her to come, and keep hair loose. Ishita thinks will it be safe.

Bala gets a call and then tells Vandu that loan got approved. She asks him to talk to Raman or anyone once. He asks her not to worry, he will ask someone. He eats food and rushes. Vandu worries. Simmi asks Ishita about going for dinner. Ishita says yes, and tells about the restaurant out of Delhi, and approach road is lonely, I m afraid, will it be safe for Raman. She calls Shagun. Raman hopes he spends romantic time with Ishita today and smiles.

Ishita is worried and tells everything to Shagun. Shagun says Raman will be safe as you are with him, I will send Abhishek, you just enjoy. Ishita thanks her and ends call. She tells Simmi that Shagun said she will inform Abhishek, its sorted. Simmi asks her to get ready. Ishita smiles.

Abhishek asks his staff to take positions. Raman says how can I forget these cufflinks, I gifted this to him. They ring the bell. Someone opens the door.

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