Badtameez Dil (Episode 3) 26th November 2015 Written Update

Badtameez Dil (Episode 3) 26th November 2015 Written Update


Abeer gives Ishan a new guitar. Ishan says thank you are the world’s best papa.Abeer smiles with teary eyed.Ishan wipes his tears from his face and says you are looking ugly when you are crying. .Abeer laughs and take Ishan in his hand.Ishan kisses his left cheek.Abeer asks what about my right cheek? just then mehar comes there.Ishan says mamma will gives you.
Ishan:yeah..let ask her
Abeer:she won’t give if I ask..u say her to give
Ishan:okey done..
Mehar:what’s going on between dad&son
Ishan:mamma. give a kiss on papa’s right cheek

Abeer smiles at Mehar.

Mehar:what is this Abeer? don’t u feel shame???
Abeer:what is shameful in this? he wants not me
Mehar kisses on Ishan’s cheek
ishan and Abeer looks on
Ishan:mamma I told u to kiss papa not me
Mehar:but he told u want.
Abeer: if I told I want will u give me mrs.Abeer Malhotra
Mehar:no mr.Abeer Malhotra
Abeer:Ishan am going. .say to ur mamma that I don’t want to talk to her..
Abeer starts walking
ishan:mamma call papa…pls mamma
Abeer smiles. but he act like he is angry and turns
Mehar comes to him..
Ishan:I can’t see anything. .
Abeer and Mehar laughs.she kisses on Abeer’s cheek
Ishan:ho gaya??? (is it done)
Abeer:ho gaya beta ab ankhe khold de (done my son nw open ur eyes)
they three hugs

kuber promises rati I will bring back nisar and I will do all arrangements for ur marriage. Rati thanks him..

Akshat punches punching box..”I won’t leave u Abeer..mehar is mine..she is only mine”..


thnx a lot for supporting me friends. .lv u all

“Every day I face problems with a smile.
because I know one day everything will be ok”-Ruby

keep smiling and be happy.

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