Sadda Haq 25th November 2015 Written Update

Sadda Haq 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Sadda Haq 25th November 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Vidushi yelling on Sanyukta and asks her to leave captaincy… Sanyukta answers back and Randhir supports her too… A furious Vidushi leaves canteen… Parth requests Sanyukta once again give up but Sanyukta leaves the canteen too saying she won’t quit… Parth asks Randhir to talk to her…
Sanyukta was working on the experiment… Randhir finds her in the Lab and is shocked to see her working on the experiment in-spite of everyone against her… Sanyukta refuses to listen to him and starts pushing him out of the Lab… Randhir notices Sanyukta’s engagement ring was missing… Sanyukta is shocked while Randhir is upset and leaves… Sanyukta searches the ring in the Lab and headed towards her room…
Vidushi enters locker room and hides the ring in her locker… Sanyukta meanwhile searches the ring in her room… Vidushi enters their room and Sanyukta asks her about the ring… Vidushi shows fake sympathy…
Randhir receives a message from a company and goes to visit the CEO for sponsorship… The CEO of the company asks Randhir to provide him the designs of the generator that was to be launched by Sanyal Industries… Randhir refused to do so and leave the office… Sanyukta searches her ring in Library and class and was chided twice by Ranawat and PKC for disturbing the students… Randhir was rejected by another company…
Randhir returns college and finds Sanyukta on the stairs… He ignores her but Sanyukta hugs him and tries to pacify him… Randhir refuses to speak and leaves… Vidushi watches them from a distance and feels happy… Randhir returns soon and hugs an upset Sanyukta and suggests her to check the CCTV footage… They leave for the control room together… Vidushi hears their conversation and become tensed… She runs to the locker room and takes out the ring… Randhir and Sanyukta were watching the CCTV footage and Vidushi reaches the control room with the ring and gives back to Sanyukta… Randhir asks where she found it and Vidushi lies that she found it in the room between the books… Vidushi watches Randhir and Sanyukta together and vows to plan something better next time to separate them…
Sanyukta works on the experiments next day and finally succeeds to crack it… She is excited and shares her happiness with Randhir…

Precap: Randhir, Parth and YoYo heard a blast and everyone finds the blast was in Dream Team Car… Ranawat asks if anyone has change the fuel… Vidushi finds a jar that contains the fuel Sanyukta was working…

Scene 1
Parth is in ground. He takes off shirt and plays basket ball some girls watch him and says he is so hot. I wish I had a bf like him. Vidd overhears them. She says what are you saying? He is your senior. They say why are you so jealous? They says you are his ex.
Vid says get away from here. Parth says why are you bothered? They were talking about me. He says bye girls. They wave bye. The girls taunt at Vid and leave.

Vid sees sanyu and Randhir in lab together. She says I will put and end to your story like you ruined mine. Sanyu says I am going. He says where? sanyu says to sleep and you should rest too. He says kiss me again. Sanyu says greedy. She kisses his cheek and says bye.
Sanyu goes out, Ranawat stops her and says sanyu? The captain. I thought the captain thinks about team and then himself. You think about yourself, your finace, your projects to waste resources. Sanyu says i am doing this for team. he says no you don’t. I cant control what you think. If this harms the team then I will forget that you are my student. We dont have time dont waste it.
Sanyu comes to room and drinks water, she faints. Vid recalls coming to room and mixxing something in her water. She sees sanyu’s ring and says oh I forgot you are engaged. What a grand proposal it was. He will be mad when this ring will be missing from your finger. She takes it off.

Scene 2
Next morning. Ranawat asks members to report to the lab. vid wakes up and sanyu is on her bed. She goes out and says sweet dreams. Ranawat asks where is sanyu? Vid says she is asleep. She came late last night. Randhir says let me bring her. Ranawat says we dont have time. We will do this task without her today. He says you have a car in front of you. You see the driver. You can meet an accident. You have to take out the driver in case of accident in little time. this wont be easy. to check your focus, two people will keep hitting you with soft ball. You have to open the door without keys. vid says how will we open it? he says you will have to crack a code. You’ll open the door and take out the driver.

the task starts. They all start taking the tire while the balls hit them. parth fixes the tire. They try to crack the code. Vid says its last attempt. They crack it. the door opens. They take out the driver. Ranawat says well done. Sanyu comes and says i am sorry sir i couldn’t get up. Ranawat says don’t disturb. he says well done vid. I hope people are motivated by seeing you. He says but whole team will be punsihed because of sanyu. sanyu says this is wrong sir punish me. Ranawat says you couldn’t get up because you kept working on your silly project. He says she wont do any paper work. You three will. I hope this will build team spirit. Sanyu wont help you. He leaves.
Vid says to sanyu you have added so much tension. Parth says this is so tedious. Vid says please stop doing this. Randhir says we have talked about it. Vid says we are suffering. If you can’t handle it why dont you leave it.

Precap-Randhir comes to sanyu and says you came here again? Sanyu says yes i am selfish. She says would you have given up? Randhir says where is the ring?

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