Scene 1
Randhir enters the room in anger. jiggy says whats wrong i told you such a good website. Randhir says i don’t wanna do tha stupid work. Parth says whats wrong now? randhir says you better forcus on your studies. Parth and jiggy start studying. randhir says these girls are always so stupid. They are not listening to him. Randhir says parth i am talking to you. parth says oh i thought you were talking to your ownself. Randhir says now you will also taunt me. Parth says i was just asking. randhir says whats more important college fees or where it is coming from? he says she is right as well. Admissions should be given to the people who deserve it. You will hack and give admissions to non deserving people. you should talk to vardhan he helped me with my fess as well. randhir says i don’t want anyone’s help i will do it myslef.
parth goes to library and see vidushi sitting on a corner in despair. he recalls the conversation he overheard. He says in hert no i don’t have to interfere but then he goes and sits with her. Parth says vidushi.. she is not listening. he shakes her and asks her are you okay? He says i know you will feel weird but i heard about your wedding and divorce. i am not here to pass any judgement. i am just here to say that i am always here for you.; you can share anything you want. She stands up and says why should i share with you? i don’t want this sympathy. he says i am just stating the fact. she says you are not alone strong in this college. He says i just wanted to say that you can have my shoulder. she says listen i was just a problem for you. what happened now? i can handle my past and future and you don’t have to worry about it.
Scene 2
sanyu is doing something and says i hope this idea works. i will get my fees. she looks at her phone and says he just have to fight. sanyu shoves her chair and it hits vidushi. She screams. sanyu says i am sorry. are you okay? is your mood off? you neer told us about your parents. vidushi says why should i? Why you have to interfere,. sanyu says i ws just asking generally. vidushi says why do i ahev to tell you? sanyu says you said you are dead for them. if you don’t wanna tell i respect that. vidushi says you better do and do play this quiz with me.
Sadda Haq 6th November 2014 Written Update
Sanyu is hungry. She says what can i eat at this point of time. Randhir is talking to chacha and asks him if there is some work in his garage? Sanyu texts him this anger won’t remove your hunger. i am really hungry. he says all restaurants are not open for you at this point of time. He says in heart i am hungry too but i won’t eat with you. Sanyu texts i am hungry if you don’t reply i will come to yourb room. He ignores her text. sanyu comes with a torch under his room. He comes in the window and says you? sanyu says come out. he says no i won’t and closes the window. sanyu sees up and says what can i do now. randhir comes there. sanyu says i am sorry i know you are mad at me but i am really hungry. he says there are no chefs for you here. Sanyu says i know where to go. She takes him to the canteen. he says yeah someone will make you a pizza at this time. a guard comes and sits there. they hide. sanyu says i know what to do she throws a glass outside. He follows the noise. They go in. sanyu says i will cook. i still remember the taste of what you made me last time. sanyu is cooking while randhir roams around her. security guard says who is there inside? They hide under the table. He comes in and says i think i am drunk no one is in there. Sanyu makes burger for both of them and they eat, sanyu says i hope you will never be mad at me. randhir says yeah i want it to be normal. he says tomorrow is the last day for fees have you thought something? she says not yet but i hope something will workout. SAnyu says in heart i can’t tell you what i am yet to do. randhir says in heart i will do something for you sanyu. They go in the corridor holding each other’s hands. Randhir holds her closer. he caresses her face and hugs her. sanyu asks him to go while she walks in her room.
Scene 3
next morning, parth is in canteen. vidushi comes to him and says hi. She says i am sorry for being so rude last night. he says its okay we are all weak sometime. she says i shouldn’t have talked like that. i hope you will understand and no one gets to know about my past. He says i wont tell anyone. parth says you have to talk about it. you take this mental stress alone., vidushi says i can’t let it go. its not that easy. He says i know. maybe this is making you this irritated. she says you never knew about my story and you always hated me, now you know my story and are so concerned about me. she leaves.
Some guys are watching sanyu’s video. randhir watches it too. she says i am offering online courses for mathematics and physics. i will charge only 5k. randhir is about to throw the phone in anger but the guy stops him. He says now the whole world will know that you need money and i can’t help you.
Precap-a man comes to sanyu and says i have been looking for you to tell you that your time is over and you have to leave the room by evening. randhir says no one can throw you out. sanyu says where will you bring the money from?
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