Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th November 2015 Written Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th November 2015 Written Update

Manvi is shocked to see Rahul at the door. What are you doing here at this hour? How dare you come here? Stop following me. He pulls her closer. Romantic songs play in the background. He keeps his finger on her lips to shush her. Do you even know what guys like me do? He kisses her on the cheek? Manvi wakes up with a start. What has happened to me? He has started to come in my dreams? I cannot let him overpower me. I know his reality. I cannot change my opinion about him at any cost.

Rahul reaches Manvi’s house. Manvi will have to change her opinion. It has become her habit to think wrong about me. I kept quiet till date and she took advantage of it. I will show her today what I can do!

Manvi washes her face. Why do I feel it wasn’t just a dream? Why do I feel as if Rahul is standing right outside the door? It cannot be! She comes closer to the main door.

Rahul stops before knocking on the door. Would it be right to come here? Manvi is wrong about me. But this would just prove her thoughts right. Manvi calls it a bad dream. Why do I still feel he is here? No one can be there. Rahul stands outside thinking. He finally heads back.

Manvi takes care of Shilpa as she is ill. Manvi checks her. We should take her to doc asap. Upmanyu says Shilpa never visits a doc come what may. Manvi insists. Nothing is bigger than you. I will get free as soon as you get yourself checked.

Doc tells Manvi that Shilpa’s BP is high. She is taking a lot of stress. Shilpa talks about kids growing up and so the stress increases. Doc advises Manvi to keep Shilpa away from any kind of stress. Manvi nods. Outside, Manvi understands that her mother is worried about her marriage. I only need some time. She notices Mala sitting there. Mala gets scared to see her. Manvi introduces her to Shilpa. Nurse calls Mala inside. Mala leaves with the nurse. Shilpa notices Mala’s purse. Manvi calls out for Mala. She then notices Mala heading towards Maternity Ward. Mala takes her purse and goes inside. Shilpa is shocked to know that Mala is unmarried.

Rahul scolds his juniors as Mala and Manvi are still not here. The sound recordist is still not here. Manvi enters. Rahul walks aside without saying anything. The other girls are surprised to see Rahul super angry. We never saw him like this before. Mala joins them too. Rahul starts the practise. The chorus girls are unable to sing together properly. Mala coughs. Rahul scolds them for not taking it seriously. Come an hour early if you are unable to sync things. He orders his assistant to sort the problem and then call him.

Twinkle asks the girls to rehearse properly. Manvi realises that she met her Miss Khurana during Rupa’s accident. What are you doing here? Rahul’s assistant asks Twinkle what is to be. She assures him that everything will fall in place. Manvi asks Twinkle again. Twinkle accepts that she lied in the hospital. Not I but Rahul Sir had helped you. He asked me to step forward to hide from publicity. Sir is like that only. He does a lot of charity work but he never comes in front. Sir has a lot many mad friends, who cut their wrists or write letters in blood, but he always tries to help others. He doesn’t like to show it though. Manvi is shocked to know that Rahul jumped in water to save Rupa. Twinkle adds that Rahul Sir made sure your friend’s engagement does not break. I feel light now. She leaves. Manvi thinks of it all. He helped Rupa so much. Who helps people in these days? Maybe I misunderstood him. Maybe he isn’t as bad as I thought him to be.

Rahul coughs during practise. He asks for water. Manvi gives him water. He asks Mahesh to increase his rehearsal time for today. He appreciates Mala for singing well today. Take the pitch a little higher though. Mala vomits. Rahul helps her. He takes her aside. Manvi realises that she thought so wrong about Rahul. I scolded him so much but he is completely opposite of that. I made such a big mistake in understanding him.

Rahul gives water to Mala. She apologizes for vomiting in the studio. Don’t fire me. He denies. I am not a devil. I have called doc. You will get treated. She refuses to meet any doc. Rahul tells Mala not to worry. Everything will be fine. Mala says it is I only who is to be blamed for this. I just want to die. I am pregnant. Rahul is taken aback. Why dint you tell before? It is good you dint tell anyone. Don’t tell anyone. It is a serious matter. Don’t worry I will sort out everything. Reputation shouldn’t be affected. Manvi overhears the last bit of convo. Why Rahul told Mala to hide the matter? Is he the father of the kid? He impregnated her and is now telling her to keep quiet? This man can never change! I was right about him.

Rahul finds Manvi standing outside. What is it? She gives him the medicines for Mala. He closes the door from outside. He tries to make her understand but she doesn’t let him talk. I know your secret and the kind of person you are! You don’t worry about anyone’s respect! You are going to get engaged with someone. You are still involved with another girl whom you made pregnant! You don’t think about anyone. I knew you just pretend to be good but are actually no less than a devil. You just show off. You try to hide your misdeeds using your power and money. You think nothing of anyone other than you. He tells her to shut up. I pay you for your work and not for interfering in mylife. He warns her to keep out of his personal life and matters. Get out of here.

Precap: Manvi approaches some legal authority for taking an action against Rahul.

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