Swaragini 24th November 2015 Written Update

Swaragini 24th November 2015 Written Update

Swaragini 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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Swaragini 24th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swara saying she still cares for Ragini. Laksh asks if they come to know anything about Ragini. Swara says no. Laksh says we shall go and find out. Swara thanks them for trusting her. Sanskar says our relation is of trust. They decide to search her in different places. They search in different places. Durga Prasad calls Shekhar and says we have to wait till tomorrow. Dadi and everyone reach Maheshwari house. Dadi asks why they didn’t inform them when Ragini’s memory came back. Laksh calls on Ragini’s phone and says it is off. He says people saw her in market, but by the time I have reached, she was not there. Durga Prasad says where she could go? Sanskar comes and says somebody saw him. He says ration shop owner saw her going towards Kali Baadi and shows the CCTV footage on TV. They see Ragini going inside the PCO and then she went missing when a truck went from there. Swara wonders how can Ragini go missing?

Dadi thinks why did Ragini go to PCO when she has her phone with her. She cries thinking about her. Swara says nothing will happen to her and she will return, asks Dadi to have something. Shekhar asks everyone to check their phones for Ragini’s phones. Swara says she didn’t have money as she left angrily. Sanskar says she might have get money from someone near the PCO. Durga Prasad says we have to call Police. Everyone searches for Ragini in the market. Police officer says there are many fingerprints in the PCO and tells that Ragini might know the kidnapper. Shopkeeper identifies Ragini and tells that she borrowed some money to call someone. She was very distressed. Sanskar holds Swara’s hand. Laksh looks on helplessly. Durga Prasad says she wanted to call whom? Shop keeper says she wanted to go home. Dadi says why she didn’t come home then. Durga Prasad says something might have happened with her, and she might be kidnapped. Dadi asks why and when? They make Ragini’s poster posted on the streets. Laksh tells Durga Prasad that they wil get Ragini soon. Swara sees the video footage again and thinks she is not understanding. Annapurna comes and says this is inauspicious thing to have happened? Sanskar asks her to calm down. Durga Prasad says we shouldn’t blame each other.

Swara thinks something might surely missed from her view, and asks God to help her. She closes her eyes and imagines. She thinks shop keeper said that Ragini was unwell, and thinks something. She calls Sanskar. They reach near the PCO. Swara tells that Ragini might fainted and fell down and that’s why they couldn’t see her. She says we don’t have CCTV footage after 2 hours. She might be unconscious for 2 hours. Laksh says where did she go then.

Ragini gains consciousness and finds herself tied up. She recalls her fight with Swara and then asking money from the shop keeper. She recalls someone throwing something on her face, and then she fainted. Swara says we have to find her soon. Ragini pleads asking the kidnapper to let her go and says she is scared. She folds her hand and asks to let her go.

Ragini is in kidnapper’s place. Swara is shown removing the mask from her face.
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