Parvarish 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Parvarish 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Parvarish 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update:

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The episode starts with Surinder coming to Delhi from Amritsar with her husband Kulvinder, in-laws and children with a hope of better living. She walks out of train and walks on platform with family. Son drops achar pot and daadi scolds him. Surinder sees daughter Jassi missing and gets worried. Jassi comes and says her leg was stuck in hole. Kulvinder scolds her and asks to hold mom’s hand. Jassi holds Surinder’s hand and they all walk out of railway station. Taxi drivers surround them. Kuljeet says he needs single taxi which can carry them and their luguage. One taxi driver agrees. They all drop lugguage in taxi. Dadaji says bahu was right, their life in Amristar finished and their new life in Delhi will start from today. Kulvinder says he always takes his bahu’s side. Surinder says Kuljeet he can sit with her. He shyingly says papaji and mummyji are watching them.

Daadi asks Surinder to get her water and Surinder sends Jassi to bring water from nearby shop. Jassi leaves. Kulvinder asks where is Jassi. Surinder says she went to bring water and will be daring like tigress in delhi. They all get into taxi and leave before Jassi could sit. Jassi runs behind taxi but could not stop it. She calls Surinder and Parminder via PCO, but their phones are not reachable. Surinder and Parminder check their mobile and see zero network. Parminder then sees same signal passing repeatedly and asks driver why is he revolving around same signal. He says signals look same and they are taking U turn. Parminder starts fighting with him. He stops car and asks to search address himself and gets all their suitcases out.

A girl passing by helps Surinder and asks from where they are coming. Surinder says railway station. Girl says it takes not moer than 300 rs. Surinder says he demanded 1500 rs. Girl confronts driver takes pics of his taxi and lincense number. Driver gets afraid and requests to pay 500 rs at least. Girl asks Surinder to pay 350 rs.

Family then sees Jassi missing and panic. Girl says she will help them and get her car. Surinder and Kulvinder get into car and leave with girl. Jassi continues calling via PCO, but phones are not reachable. Nikki clashes with her. Jassi apologises. Nikki says it is okay and sees her crying. she asks if she is fine. Jassi says yes. Nikki says she is not and asks if she eloped from house. Jassi says no and tells she came from Amritsar and went to bring water for her family when taxi left her alone. Nikki takes Surinder’s phone number, calls and scolds how can she leave her daugther alone. Surinder apologizes her and asks her to be with her daughter while she comes there. Nikki asks to give her address, she will drop her daughter home. Surinder gives address and Nikki says even she stays there and will bring Jassi in some time. Surinder informs Kulvinder.

Servant calls Nikki and informs that baby took car. Nikki angrily calls daughter and scolds her.

They reachback to Punjabi chawl. Girl asks her to tell her mom that she took car in emergency. Surinder asks what is her age. Girl says 16. Surinder scolds how can she driver before 18, she will complain her mom. Girl says she took car to help her. Surinder calms down and says she will tell her mom, not to worry.

Jassi reaches with Nikki, runs and hugs Surinder. Nikki scolds her.

Precap: Nikki and Surinder identify each other as their childhood friends.

Parvarish 23rd November 2015 Written Update

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